18-year-old youth Xiaojiang Jiangsu Shanghai to work,giubbotto woolrich prezzo, thirties suffering from breast cancer surgery twice. When she was worried for surgery or even abandon the desire to survive, Shanghai Sister landlord has ignited hopes of her life. The Sister Guo generosity, not only eliminating all rent Xiaojiang sick four years,spaccio woolrich cadriano, but also bear the child's living expenses Xiaojiang, has come up with nearly 80,peuterey junior,000 yuan for medical expenses, accompanied by about day and night, are taken care of.

Yesterday, the reporter came to interview the ward,moncler giacca donna, Guo now discuss dinner with Xiaojiang: "Tonight I'll give you cook Laoya, the duck skin peeled off, light a little bit?" When I heard that everyone in the eyes of the sisters, in fact, just after the relationship of landlord and tenant, all excited and nervous patients praise, strongly urged to reporters: "! Such a 'Shanghai-intentioned people' be sure to let everyone know."

16 years of renting two special compatibility

In 1993, Xiao from Shanghai, Jiangsu Siyang home, rented a small wooden bridge in a dozen square meters of private houses. Since then, this has become her home in Shanghai, completed in love,giubbotti moncler, get married, have children and so many great things in life,,woolrich kids, and witnessed the whole process of the landlord Guo although 12 years older, but also became close friends with the Xiaojiang .

I remember just met with the Xiaojiang, Guo felt two special compatibility: "You say it happens,, I,, my daughter and Xiaojiang is a rabbit,prezzo woolrich corto, and we are very straightforward temper, all tenants in I most like to talk to her. "This fate has continued ever since, sometimes Guo's wife was not at home, they will sleep in a bed, said caring words.

Landlord tenant sick to come forward

2005, 30-year-old was found suffering from breast cancer Xiaojiang late. Doctors saying "the surgery 40000" Let her shocked:. "! I do not work after illness, her husband salary of 2,orari spaccio woolrich bologna,000 yuan, to feed a family of three and their parents,moncler italia outlet, it is money that the disease did not hand rule of the"

Xiaojiang Guo was uneasy look in the eyes, she and her family talk: "I have been doing part-time,, although wages are not high, but we rely on a few private houses for rent,peuterey logo, fairly decent life, as help Xiaojiang, otherwise they will stay not anymore. "very supportive wife and daughter do good" Jide ",hogan scontate, she again took out the money to the hospital, more than 30,000 yuan of money makes Xiaojiang six months of treatment where a needle is not broken,, do not stop and a bottle of medicine.

Moreover, Guo see Xiaojiang lover can not drive a truck all day, chaperoned,, she also took the initiative to start the "personal nanny." Although a few families every day she was going to do part-time,woolrich costo, arrived at the hospital at noon still must attack to help Xiaojiang brush,, sometimes covered with excrement hand wash linens. Evening work was done, she bought a turtle, duck soup, etc., and then sent to the hospital to Xiaojiang make up the body, and sometimes also accompany all night ......

"At that time I was lying in bed unable to move, every mouth soup to feed every spoonful sister ...... I was 12 years old his mother is gone,aire max bw pas cher, I did not expect 30 years old, the eldest sister made me feel like a sister back again Like mother's warm,cappotti peuterey, "recalled Sister Guo help Xiaojiang moved. Guo told reporters,hogan interactive outlet, but just shy smile: "his sister is sick, can not be saved?"

IV contains the son determined to benefit gratitude

In April this year, Xiao traditional illnesses recurrence. Guo come forward again,giubotti moncler donna, all of a sudden take out 50,000 yuan of money, let Xiaojiang ease treatment. Doctors estimate that today was discharged after a period of recuperation, Xiaojiang still need to be hospitalized several times chemotherapy, Guo sister has indicated that she will continue to be free to come up with medical expenses.

Xiaojiang often said: "Sister kindness, this life I have not cleared up." Guo call the "good mother" Xiaojiang son does not think so: "In the future if I earn 100 dollars,piumini donna peuterey, first ! sub 70 yuan for a good mother, and then divide 30 yuan to the pro-mom "Every time I hear the phrase on the phone,giubbotto uomo peuterey, Xiaojiang couple very pleased:" My son,moncler acorus, we are owed,,tiffany milano orari, we rely on you to have a "!

Patrick lintel newspaper reporter intern Rain