gave him a chance

Text / film reporter Zhang Kun Sun Guoxiang

From Heilongjiang to Qingzhou Shen Changhui working in a car accident a "vegetative state." 3 years after the accident, Shen Changhui miraculously recovered,,moncler everest, but when he applied for related injuries because of the aging extended rejected. Qingzhou Court considered an application for restoration after injury has not extended Shen Changhui,scarpe hogan interactive donna, the labor department ruling accepting the application. 6, the judgment takes effect.

Sleeping six months after he suddenly smiled - next

Workers 0 2006 2 April, and with hydraulic factory in Qingzhou yidu work colleagues after dinner, riding a motorcycle along with the return unit dormitory. When the camel car traveling from south to north along the mountain road, a truck suddenly rushed up to them.

after being admitted to hospital for two craniotomy, still unconscious. Even by Shen Shen Changhui father said,outlet bologna woolrich orari, more than three months in hospital,tiffany milano indirizzo, Shen family carrying nearly 30 million medical expenses.

The doctor told even by the applicant, if the six-month unconscious, Shen Changhui no "hope." But Shen family did not give up, even by the applicant to sell all the items in the home every day to accompany her son. "6 months and 20 days," Shen Changhui suddenly smiled, which makes Shen family pleasantly surprised.

In June 2009,outlet cadriano woolrich, more than two years in bed Shen Changhui already freely, his first thing to do is to apply for related injuries.

Related injuries twice rejected

After Shen Changhui awakening from patients at that,, in March 2009,spaccio woolrich roma, his father Shen even increase once the labor department requested related injuries,giacca uomo peuterey, but the labor department believes that the applicant even by applying related injuries, it is already more than the statutory limitation work year, it issued no notification to accept.

"It is my right,, I have to fight." Shen Changhui think my father do not understand the law, the matter was delayed. In 2009, workers in February, he made an application related injuries.

Shen Changhui think, before June 2009,outlet hogan, his inability to assert their rights,hogan outlet roma, recovered consciousness after six months,hogan bimbi, he applied for a related injuries, should not belong to the deadline. But the Labor Department does not accept his argument.

Still according to the labor department,rivenditori moncler, "Injury Insurance Regulations" provides that inform workers has exceeded the statutory limitation year,peuterey outlet milano,, injuries that are no longer applicable,moncler jacken, pursuant to the application inadmissible. Shen Changhui apply for administrative reconsideration, also got the same results.

Bureau of Labor court accepts the application

20 workers beginning 0, Qingzhou City People's Court filed a suit,,peuterey italia, prosecution Qingzhou City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the council asked the court to accept their applications for work-related injuries.

The court held that 2006 0 February injured workers, parent application related injuries in time for March 26, 2009, work has indeed over-year statute of limitations. But his father over the application time, does not mean necessarily lead to the rights enjoyed Shen Changhui itself and therefore the loss,luisaviaroma moncler, it is not a causal relationship. Shen Changhui reason why there is no time to apply for related injuries,peuterey parka,, has been in a coma since unable to claim their rights,outlet hogan milano, this should be classified as "force majeure" range. resume thinking consciousness in June 2009,moncler bady,, aging related injuries should be counted that day. Then the labor department ruling accepting Shen Changhui injury to apply.

7,peuterey outlet online shop, not to undertake heavy work of Shen Changhui told reporters that he was lucky,, the court's decision by a provincial rare, gave him a chance, so that he could defend their rights,sito ufficiale moncler outlet, even though there is still a long way related injuries, but he will stick to it.