the investigation team set up on the 22nd night

"Hello, this is ideal where five elderly in junior high flying, successful start here; here have the most dedicated teachers, the most lovely students ......"

Weifang City, Shandong Province Linqu turned Goi high school office phone, a melodious tones floated slowly. But in December 18 students who started the school was found Zhang Jixin,prezzo moncler, this is no longer the sweet sounds ring tones, because the life of a dying bloom students will no longer cute.

This high school students around the death of opinions: freeze to death, died unexpectedly ...... but anyway, Zhang Jixin's death campus management and teachers' ethics topics become heavy again.

23, reporters rushed to the home of Zhang Jixin Village, Zhang Jixin home,, only five elderly in the elderly grandmother. Neighbors said the child's parents to the school, "discussing" go.

In Goi school,peuterey torino, Zhang Jixin stepfather Zhang Yong told reporters: "at 7:30 on the 18th, the school called to say the child is some things, so we hurried past couple rode our motorcycle to school rush, go for a while, the school has. called to say the car to pick us up, and finally took us to the hospital morgue Linqu,scarpe hogan uomo prezzi, did not expect a child suddenly jump into a cold body,woolrich outlet padova, we really can not believe it ...... "

Linqu handling the case, said the Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade Menghai, 18 pm, Qu Zhang Jixin police to notify relatives and school identification results preliminary cause of death: corpses found no apparent injuries, ruled out homicide, suicide, food poisoning possible, is accidental death. 24 afternoon, the relevant departments Linqu Weifang Municipal Public Security Bureau also invited to do a forensic examination bodies early appearance, initially suspected to be due to their own physical reasons, coupled with the cold weather that night, and over the wall out of school cause heart irregularities and other tensions reasons.

The police should be made to determine the specific cause of death, autopsy and pathology must pass inspection, but the deceased has not agreed to do an autopsy.

Earlier in an interview with the student in a media interview, said Zhang Jixin night out shopping over the wall was on duty teacher found out, the teacher hit him a few times and asked him to stand up in class, then the teacher on duty to go out drinking, he was forgotten. This statement is true?

Hu Road Act was on duty the evening of 17 teachers in a student dormitory area. He told reporters: "It was just an accident." In the evening after the gates locked dormitory area, he went to the office,sito ufficiale moncler outlet, did not hit Zhang Jixin, do not know the students out. Hu Road Act denies 17 evening out on my own drink, "Absolutely not," Zhang Jixin played.

In teacher Liu Xuedong impression,woolrich parka grigio,, Zhang Jixin learning in general, people are very honest, but the most recent leave more. Liu Zhang Jixin provided to reporters in December of three fake article, the reason is a cold or fever.

For the children's sudden death, the mother of Pan Wei Zhang Jixin red is naturally very sad. For widely circulated child "already sick," the rumors, the 22nd night, she cried and told reporters: "household child died, and had enough distressed,woolrich bologna outlet, and now some people say that he is sick, my heart Tai Weiqu up! "aside and said, while she took out a bottle of medicine from the coffee table, his mouth a few pieces Congcong Wang. Silent child,, she lifted her head and asked the reporter: "If the child really sick,, we have to let him go to school?" She said Zhang Jixin very honest, often bullied in school,giubbini donna moncler, this time always want to go home money, do not say why.

County Public Security Bureau Criminal Brigade chief human detection until next war, said: "Under normal circumstances, clothes or drink less easy to frostbite,moncler outlet trebaseleghe, but like Zhang Jixin should have the ability to help themselves Zhang Jixin We prefer death because there is the potential for disease. does not rule out the participation of constituents frostbite. "It is understood that the day of the local minimum temperature reached minus 10 degrees Celsius.

Zhang Jixin sudden death in schools, no less than in the local Linqu dropped a heavy bomb. For "corporal punishment student froze to death," remarks folk vibe, the local 22 pm, has come forward to set up a joint investigation by the county government,woolrich ragazza, a thorough investigation on the matter.

Yesterday,peuterey junior,, reporters learned that the relevant information regarding the death of Zhang Jixin been taken over by the county Department of Education. Deputy director of the county propaganda department news briefed reporters on the joint investigation by local police departments Qu, health, education and other coalition, the investigation team set up on the 22nd night, on the incident to the principal secondary Goi Yang Guangsheng,cuore tiffany,, vice president in charge of school safety Dongping to mismanagement grounds suspended from their duties. Relevant responsible person said, there is no corporal punishment regardless of the teacher students, died suddenly during the school,giacconi woolrich uomo, the school can not get away naturally.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter called the Weifang City Board of Education, the staff council office Qingliang Zhang told reporters that the first time they made contact Linqu education sector,prezzo moncler bambino, and clearly require investigation as soon as possible.

For the "corporal punishment leads to student froze to death," the rumors were denied Linqu Department of Education, said that their investigation did not find the phenomenon of student teachers have corporal punishment. But when a reporter asked if the rumors are true, how the education department of the treatment, a person in charge of anonymity,woolrich blizzard jacket, said: "This is an issue of vital days, if the rumors are true, then it is not only involved school leaders, and related teacher should be severely punished. "

Goi Middle School is a middle school,giacconi moncler,, due to far from home, there are more than 300 students live on campus. According to school rules, teachers must rounds before lights out, turn off the lights,outlet moncler online, four teachers were on duty outside the living quarters and quarters tour. Zhang Jixin no dormitory that night on the 17th, more than 10 small, he was not a teacher found.

"This incident, is to visit the teacher misconduct." Chancellor Yang Guangsheng admit school management is not in place, but when a reporter asked how to deal with dereliction of duty teacher, Yang Guangsheng said that the current school still no regulations.

As of press time last night, reporters, Zhang Jixin's body is still parked in the local hospital morgue Qu, Zhang Yong Ping villager's house on Linqu five Jingzhen, nor set up the hall for the children, for the funeral. There are well-informed sources said that at present the relevant aspects of working with the family to discuss how to deal with Zhang Jixin funeral, schools and families of the deceased has reached a preliminary "Compounding" intention.

Yesterday morning, more than nine,moncler outlet bologna, Zhang Jixin stepfather Zhang Yong told reporters, "The village temporarily not let us go to school, saying the government to coordinate this, we agreed." Yesterday afternoon, more than five points, when a reporter tried to contact Zhang Yong, ask Does he agree that the time for the children to do an autopsy, but found that his phone has been shut down.

For schools and families of the deceased sides "Compounding" amount, which is the name of informed sources, said to reporters that the two sides have not reached a final agreement, but the amount initially is "twenty to ten thousand."

14-year-old Zhang Jixin teenagers sudden death, although a lot of people sad and concerned. But Weifang Linqu Goi a high school teacher in an interview, to say the words "die very comfortable" and allows more people to be shocked and puzzled.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter lose "die very comfortable" words in the Baidu search when, in just 0.030 seconds, to find the relevant pages 33000. In a number of forums and comments, many users have this phrase as "the last one in 2009 Ray language", some netizens expressed, "the teacher impersonal at all," "almost speechless ......" .

Interview, the reporter learned that,stock scarpe hogan, for this sentence, Qu local teacher in fact a lot of people think that no malice. A taxi driver told reporters: "I think the teacher's intention may be to say there is no pain like the dead face, only to use the wrong word it ......" he said to reporters: "I've seen the video, the beginning teacher say is very calm, serene and later a reporter asked what it meant,, that the teacher was saying comfortable, and followed behind to say a 'no pain on his face'. "

When a reporter tried to contact the interview to say that that teachers, staff Linqu education sector, "said Zhang Jixin after the accident, the media across the country are coming to the interview, the teacher himself stuck in a whirlpool of public opinion His pressure is very great,woolrich spaccio veneto, and now work has been suspended. "

According to "Shandong Business Daily"