only recently moved into rental housing

(Reporter Han Dapeng Wang Penghao) 8:30 last night, Changping District water Tuncun an alley rented room,, a man with a knife to his wife and 6-month-old daughter murdered man's relatives found that the situation After the alarm, the current suspect has been under criminal detention.

According to local villagers Lee said last night 9:00,parka woolrich outlet,, both sides were cordoned off streets,hogan outlet, more police cars parked outside the line,nike air tn requin, police and investigation officers kept out in a rented room. Subsequently, a police officer from the house and brought out a transparent bag,giacca moncler donna, fruit bag fitted with a bloody knife. Half an hour later, a man with his hands in handcuffs,prezzo moncler, covered with blood out of the door, after being taken away by police investigation. Shortly afterward,modelli moncler uomo, the survey carried out of the house staff and from the two bodies,moncler bambini outlet online, a hearse to be transported from the scene.

Yesterday morning, the rental of the door closed, the reporter saw through the glass, the house of furniture placed confusion,moncler outlet ufficiale, leaving blood stains on the bed,outlet moncler italia, bedding, blood on the ground has been solidified.

According to neighbors, Ms. Wang was taken away by the police man surnamed Shen (voice), more than 30 years of age,punti vendita moncler, the early years and his wife married, gave birth to two daughters, the eldest daughter,,braccialetto tiffany costo, 6 years old, in the vicinity of primary school, due to road farther, every man's brother is responsible for pick-up, take care of his wife every day in the room six-month-old daughter, no job.

Wang said the incident happened,,woolrich ragazza 16 anni,, she did not hear any noise next door house. Came outside after hearing a man cry,orari tiffany bologna, she hurried out to see, saw Shen led the eldest daughter of a brother,moncler sito ufficiale, they hurriedly ran outside alley,moncler sito ufficiale, shortly after police began an investigation into the room .

Another tenant Mr. Ban said after the incident,outlet moncler milano, he met a brother Shen outside the village, the other after a moment,moncler official site,, took out his cell phone alarm, "he and the police on the phone said his brother to kill his wife and daughter "and in addition, a brother Shen also said recently estranged brother and his wife and,, often quarrel at home, their quarrel is suspected cause of the incident. According to the landlord for rent, said Shin Hunan,woolrich outlet firenze, doing renovation work in shuitun market, only recently moved into rental housing, weekdays honest man, of few words, so little exchange. Within shuitun market, a man said, playing odd jobs day in the market, good stitching water pipes,hogan sito ufficiale, but there is no fixed working hours, because little contact, it did not find anything unusual.

Water Tuncun village said the incident occurred Shin did not escape, has been taken in for questioning by police. Last night,woolrich vendita on line,, Changping District Police confirmed the matter is now under criminal detention by the application of a specific motive is still under investigation.