cheated the most is her.

This is the third time the company Shen majestic and seen the money reported.

He is the "Media Arts exam enrollment event," the protagonist (B1 newspaper March 8 edition of "36,geospirit peuterey,000 yuan bribe the media arts test?"),scarpe tipo hogan, His company is also played over 250 000 online Jie Du Hang two ad (this A6 reported July 24 edition of "intermediary offer 250 000, to Jie Du Hang II?"). Recently, the news has been sudden, many people, he was deported from the field back to the police station, criminal detention. The reason is that more than three months ago, he took his parents call him the money, playing the missing.

& Gt; & gt; & gt,hogan donna blu; 1 Shen majestic run

Shen majestic company called "tree people home", in Hangzhou talent market place upstairs, a few hundred square meters of office space, decoration,woolrich milano outlet, quite delicate, door and reception lady.

The first is that the situation does not find that the parents have Zhao Ling (a pseudonym),scarpe modello hogan.

His children reading achievement is not very good, has been a tutor. In the test on the eve of tutoring and ZHAO Ling chat that has a friend (ie Shen majestic), his brother in the education sector has a relationship, as long as the money, engage in a key middle school in the top eight places Jie Du no problem. Zhao has a soul heard overjoyed and immediately ran to pull strings in the tutor and the "tree people home," the vice president, "Jin always" meet (this person is the person reporters Front reporter unannounced visits during July), the other a promise to say no problem . So Mr. Zhao payment 80,000 yuan, and promised to do after another to tutor 40,000 yuan "referral fee."

However, until mid-August, Jie Du things that message has not yet. He went to the company to find someone, the clerk told him boldly, "We certainly can be done,collane tiffany, Shen, and some is a week after school to get into the."

August 31, the last day before school starts, find Shen Ling Zhao has majestic refund, he said: "! Give me your account number."

September 1, the money not to, ZHAO Ling asked, majestic Shen said the company's financial side is just no money. After he came back to hit the money to travel to Ningbo.

September 2, then call,tn requin pas cher homme, said Shen majestic, strange, we do not have the money to fight the financial to you?

September 3, Zhao Ling catch companies have suddenly found the door closed, empty. He knew trouble,misure woolrich parka, immediately reported.

Then, a series of parents also reported a deception.

& Gt; & gt; & gt; 2 most astute businessman, he was also cheated

Who would have thought, always known as the road is very wide, majestic backing will play a large sink missing.

Some parents send text messages to reporters cheated, asked reporters to participate in their meetings,, only the amount they cheated nearly 700,000 yuan. In all the big legal services office director Li Decheng, the pay to pay crowded crowded enraged parents, which most can not accept this result is a clear (a pseudonym).

Road to the clear is a shrewd businessman building materials, live forties, first planted in the hands of crooks. In the report of the parents in contact with Chen Xiongwei most is her work is her most cautious, cheated the most is her.

"Five years ago,outlet woolrich verona, I heard about this man." It is said that Shen majestic deep background, education circles have a lot of friends, it is always on hand to give to the leadership said to have piles of supermarket shopping card: "I know A friend said that he had indeed accomplishing something. "

Write down the phone rang five years ago, Shen majestic immediately to a clear assurance "can accomplishing." However, a clear accompany him to meet with Shen majestic friend said: "This man spoke hesitated,moncler giubbotto,, feeling unreliable." Lawyer friend reminded her too much like fraud, must be careful. Between being hesitant one thing college admission happens before the announcement, so that a clear full trust Shen majestic.

"I have a few friends in advance to find out the next child to be admitted to the University did not, I let Shen majestic help check." Soon, Shen majestic message came back. After a few days, college admission cases published information on all the right messages.

To clear this conviction. She asked Shen majestic places to help her get a hang outside or Millan, the first payment of 10 million,outlet hogan roma, and even did not want a receipt. Since then, she often ask Shen magnificent dinner, tea,outlet hogan on line, commensurate with friends. Until September 5, she found that the company closed the door, but also comforted himself said:. "Should not go to work on Saturday, so I did not open the door."

Perhaps because of too much stress, after the incident, she said one sentence: "I finally cheated!"

Sitting across from clear to Ms. Qi said that she was the most stupid person, before Zhao has a soul until a report of the day,moncler immagini, she is still to sink majestic play money. Her nephew did not go to college, get a heavy Hunan majestic promised her three school places. "September 2 Shen majestic suddenly called and said he was in Beijing,, just got five places in Beijing Institute of Technology, and to then quickly hit 20,000 yuan in the past. He also specifically asked, 20000 to hit his personal on the account, then hit the company's turnover on the account inconvenient. "This 20,hogan olympia donna,000 dollars have become the fool in Hangzhou Shen majestic last money.

& Gt; & gt; & gt; 3 mysterious disappearance, it seems premeditated

And Chen Xiongwei dealings with parents, for he is very trust. "He always said that education circles, somebody is his brother (a pair of caliber parents, he said,moncler originale, some people found it was his younger brother, said to some people is his friend)"; "his company's sales to wear quite simple,peuterey giubbotti uomo prezzi, when we talk about, they always tell us: '.. spend so much money is not worth reading high school, I do not really have money, do not borrow money to do' look for us sake (the original reporter to make unannounced visits,, the salesman said so). "

A clear conclusion, it is perhaps Shen majestic deceptive trick. "He was always the first to tell us not to do (Jie Du),tiffany portachiavi, two days suddenly called to say there is a place ......"

Shen majestic missing parents cheated on him with his own forces were re-investigation.

Originally,scarpe uomo hogan, Shen majestic past "unclean." He has worked at Zhejiang University in Granville company, reportedly due to misappropriation of funds and leave.

Shen majestic original identity card registration Tsui's house had already been sold. Before he and his mother lived in a house more than 40 square meters. Before missing, Shen majestic mother said his trip to go to the field,, three months before coming back. In addition, according to the parents, said Shen majestic also borrowing to buy cars.

So far, Shen majestic name seems to have nothing.

Shen majestic Why can lie

"Why will not lie to you I believe Shen majestic?" After the parents talk excitedly, one reporter asked in the past. Initially they said all sorts of reasons:. "! He was in Hangzhou,, I came up with the trouble can not run." "He said he turned out to be civil servants, and that the total network of relationships, things can be done," "I checked the Internet registered capital of 5 million yuan, the company will not be such a big lie. "...... But gradually, but GuiLong to two key factors:

First, the matter of their children's future, has lost rational.

Liu said deceived parents,moncler saldi online, her children had good results, the test to be smashed, she and the children were not accept such an outcome. June 24 near her home,, saw Shen majestic distribute leaflets, June 26 she would pay up. Now think about it really possessed. Become clear that at that time almost all of my friends are around against her and Shen transactions,woolrich nero, including one when the president's friend, but she is a plunge, and said plainly, is majestic heavy heart want to believe, so their children well into the elite of hope.

Second, a new term, "Jie Du" is not heavy majestic creation, Hangzhou has long been. According to previously published information,, Hangzhou Jie Du high school class has four places, popular private junior high school in addition to Diannaopaiwei, but also more maneuvering remaining places. These places do not have a clear leverage admissions, decided by each school. The resulting "relationship by hard you can enter" impression in people's minds. This is Shen majestic provides an opportunity to defraud.