by the government-mandated health care

Police informed

22,woolrich sito ufficiale, the newspaper reported Pingyin a village dispute with his wife, two sons and daughters-year-old twins died. In the afternoon, pingyin police were notified of the case: suspects dispute over family dispute with his wife,hogan outlet, for PETTY huff a pair of 2-year-old twins and children killed.

Pingyin County Public Security Bureau, according to reports, at 14:10 on the 21st,abercrombie pas cher, Pingyin County Public Security Bureau, 110 service center received a public warning: In the town of filial straight Lvmou Ming Diao Eling village home, the couple is driving children to war and killed. Alarm, Pingyin County Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade and police quickly Alarming Takanao. Arrived at the scene, police found in home, a pair of twins and children have died,chaussure air jordan pas cher, hostess Wang hand injury. Police quickly arrested the suspect on the spot Lvmou Ming.

After preliminary investigation that police visited: suspects his wife Wang has repeatedly because of a dispute over family problems. The incident that day, after working in the field home again dispute with his wife, children huff their twins killed. Currently,, the case is under further investigation. (Reporter Chen Tongtong) □ newspaper intern reporter Liu Jingfeng Sun Huifeng

22, reporters once again came to the scene visits. Some villagers told reporters that Lvmou Ming had mental disorders, emotional problems may be due to the couple conflict, get stoned twins children.

Head hit


Man allegedly holding a stone child Manlianshixue

Into the end of the Prince, and then there are less than 10 days to go before the New Year. Perhaps looking forward to early child had a reunion with his family, the 42-year-old Mateo Pingyin Eling Town Village Takanao Lvmou Ming had a few days the villagers returned home from overseas. Working in the field,hogan outlet milano, he usually rare home once, but every time he would come home the New Year with their families.

January 21,, and his wife Wang clashed because of family conflicts, "14:00 when I heard the sound of a fight, knowing that they beat up a couple at home." In the next house lived a Passing Jia villagers heard the noise, but she did not care too much, thought it was just an ordinary fight.

21 evening, the villagers Diao Eling Village heard a shocking news: in conflict with his wife Wang, the only two-year-old killed his twin children. In the tussle,hogan interactive, Wang also injured hand.

The beginning of the incident,woolrich sito ufficiale, a neighbor boy Lvmou Ming just climbed on top of their own bungalow play,hogan outlet, this bungalow is only separated by a wall with Jia, standing flat roof can clearly see what happened Jia. The boy said,, saw that scene, he was terrified: "male hands holding a stone woman hand holding a child, shouting 'fast to save our children' boy's head, his face covered in blood. the girl's face was full of blood. "

Wang said the villagers, the incident that afternoon, police cars came Jia door, "There are 120 ambulances, when the child has to die, ambulance personnel with a yellow bag wrapped in a child sent an ambulance." At this point , Jia door around full of villagers, "too scary, the beginning of time we could not believe it. Later Lvmou Ming at home by the police caught and brought to the police."

Inner feelings


Man allegedly suspected mental disorders cited conflict wife want to divorce

For Lvmou Ming's move,piumini moncler outlet, Diao Eling village villagers almost all respondents said "probably not very good spirit."

The village more than 70-year-old villager Cao Jing Yuan said he grew up watching Lvmou Ming grew up, "he some introverted,basket tn nike, a few days ago in the morning I met him, he chatted a bit homely,, also gave I have a cigarette. "Cao Jing Yuan said, was covered with frost covered ," he could not come home one night,air jordan soldes, when talking to me also somewhat normal. "

Lao Zheng's wife Diao Eling village committee director, said mental condition as early as 45 years ago appeared abnormal, "Their family has three brothers, the boss years ago in the northeast of the mine workers were killed; youngest A few years ago in a car accident,, the family left a pair of twins. home accident after another big blow to him, and since then he would suffer mental stimulation, a manic episode, it ran over the village, telling anyone curse. usually when people in the village He met all stay away,woolrich outlet roma, lest he hit. "

Lao Zheng said the woman, from the field after home, his wife had filed for divorce, "the morning of the 21st, he also home to the wife's mother persuaded him to divorce his wife and do not let the afternoon at home, probably because of this thing before clashes . "

Probe visit


House has been empty villagers feel pity

At 11:00 on the 22nd and more,nike tn pas cher, a village south Diao Eling new house doors locked, the door is also littered with two blue medical gloves and a surgical mask. Reporters saw through the door, inside the cluttered yard,chaussures nike tn pas cher, wooden stools, basins and other debris mess on the floor, a motorcycle and fell on the wall. Vaguely on the ground to see some dry blood stains.

A villager said after the incident the child's mother and the twins were taken to hospital, "village director bought the lock to the door,, then no one went inside." Jia trouble for twins, the villagers Mr. Zhang Lian Unfortunately, said, "two children looked lovely, I usually strip alley from us running around the village people liked. Suddenly not so, let everyone feel pity." a village outside the village Maidou Fu came to the village,escarpins louboutin, and the villagers will be talking about the accident again and again sigh twins, "then there is no contradiction between the children can play it, the child is innocent. This kind of thing happened, not to mention the family can not stand listening to the people around them are uncomfortable . "

22 noon, the reporter contacted Pingyin County Public Security Bureau Criminal Brigade, a staff member told reporters that a preliminary investigation by the police, Wang and his wife on several occasions because of family conflicts dispute. Currently, Lvmou Ming has been under criminal detention, the specific circumstances of the case is still under investigation.

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If convicted, how mental disorders

It is understood that China's law, with full criminal responsibility for a normal person, the act constitutes a crime, should be punished under criminal law.

Criminal Law Criminal Responsibility of mental patients are also provided for. If it is completely non-mentally ill criminal responsibility, criminal law article 18,air max pas cher, paragraph states: "The results of a mental patient harm unable to recognize or control his own conduct when the identification determined by the statutory procedures,abercrombie online outlet, not criminally responsible, but shall order his family or guardian strict surveillance and health; when necessary, by the government-mandated health care, "the mentally ill can not recognize their own actions,, can not control their behavior as non-personal will, for the mentally ill and therefore not a crime at this time. criminally liable.

If you are fully mentally ill criminal responsibility, criminal law article 18 states: "the spirit of intermittent mental illness normal crime, should be held criminally responsible." Intermittent mental patient in a normal mental time, for with full understanding of their behavior and the ability to control,, and therefore for their crimes should be held criminally responsible.

If it is limited criminal responsibility of the mentally ill,nike tn, the third paragraph of the Criminal Law Article XVIII:. "Not yet completely lost control of their actions or mentally ill commit a crime shall bear criminal responsibility,chaussure air jordan, but may be given a lighter or mitigated punishment,abercrombie & fitch outlet," such mental patients understanding of their behavior and control capacity has decreased compared with normal subjects, but still be able to control their actions, their behavior in their own volition carried out under. Therefore, this type of mental patients can be given a lighter or mitigated punishment of crime.