Xie Yao Tong is one of indifference.

A victim awareness villagers were picked up and sent to hospital,http://www.ma.ccnw.ne.jp/deai/asobi/bbs2/joyful.cgi; two were thrown grass; one person died due to excessive blood loss

WASHINGTON (intern reporter Linxia Hong Zhaoqing Mei) six years ago, three gamblers in the Baiyun District of Guangzhou City, a casino winnings,Hogan outlet, is suspected of "the old thousand",abercrombie pas cher, the boss who then beaten with three people and injured two abandoned in the grass leaves,scarpe hogan outlet, after a man was killed. Casino boss Xie Yao fled through 5 years after surrender. Yesterday, Xie Yao Tong in Guangzhou City Intermediate People's Court for trial, the prosecution accused guilty of intentional assault and its casino crimes.

Suspected of cheating gamblers beat the boss

July 2006 to November period, the defendant Xie Yao Tong and Xie Jin, Xie Yi Zhen (handled separately), who opened in the Baiyun District Longgui Charlottesville Liangcun 12 teams Jiang ancestral casino, gambling,moncler sito ufficiale, from tap to profit, but also usury.

The prosecution alleges that,air jordan pas cher, November 8, 2006 16 am,http://bbs.bensewuyu.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=39836&fromuid=2696, Xie Yao Tong and Xie Jin,http://mail.bioar.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2266129,woolrich piumini, Xie Yi-chen, when gambling, gamblers suspected victim Xumou Ping,peuterey online, Li Mouhui Chen in gambling,woolrich sito ufficiale, "the old thousand" cheating, he called people to co Cao Kunming et al (handled separately) holding iron pipes,woolrich outlet, sticks and other tools of crime,http://bbs.xingchen168.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=111995, beating three victims,nike tn pas cher, causing the victim Xumou Ping, Li Mouhui, Chen injured. After the beatings, because too many people shrine, Xie Jin also drove three people to the floor ashes summer Liangcun let them demonstrate "the old thousand" of the process, continue to ,moncler uomo outlet, Chen were beaten and forced Xu Mouping demo called "cheating" process.

10 o'clock that night,louboutin pas cher, that Xumou Ping Xie Jin, Chen seriously,http://www.dazhoutian.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=116918, it directs others to abandon the two victims in Guangzhou City,abercrombie outlet, North Second Ring Expressway Longgui segment ashes floor on the north side of the grass. Due to his injuries,escarpin louboutin pas cher, Xu Mouping death. After identification, Xu Mouping suffered multiple fractures, excessive bleeding, shock and death.

Defendant: "I'm just in the crowd."

Court yesterday, when Xie Yao Tong was brought to court,http://keiso-cube.com, several of his female relatives in the gallery Kuchu sound. In stark contrast, Xie Yao Tong is one of indifference.

For allegations of beatings, Xie Yao Tong denied all the blame for the accomplices. He said the scene was very chaotic, is playing in the open space outside the shrine. "Yes Xie Jin as people hit anyone,http://www.lzwenlian.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=597377&fromuid=80815, and I'm just in the crowd, they were beaten lying on the floor, hands and feet seem to be interrupted."

Pulled to ashes in the process of building,peuterey outlet, the victim Li Mouhao feel his legs were broken,air jordan 6,http://2029.znjz.chinaccnet.cn/news/html/?1168296.html, in order to avoid further "torture",hogan 2014, he said he recognized Xiemou Rong village, he begged them to stop playing. Later, Xie Mourong arrived, called the car the other person will Limou Hao sent him to the hospital. But Li Mouhao's two companions, he is not so lucky. With serious injuries, they were abandoned to a remote and desolate grass, Xu Mouping was killed.

For Xie Yao Tong excuse, associates said Xie Jin, Xie Yao lead through the first beat, and directing other thugs beat. Currently,scarpe hogan outlet, Xie Jin has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Families of the victims and daughters pressure

Yesterday, relatives to thank Yao Tong claims more than 40 million. His wife has been crying in the trial. After court, she told reporters that their home in Dongguan, Xu Mouping never gamble more will not "out of the old one thousand,peuterey 2013," is also the first time that day he got me to the casino with friends.

Lift daughter, Xu Mouping wife's eyes turn moist. "When my husband died, her daughter was 7 years old, the family's economic burden of the total pressure on me. Now people are dead,nike air max pas cher, so many years we have confiscated a penny of compensation. Now for my daughter, I hope the defendant will pay compensation as soon as possible . "But the defendant Xie Yao Tong's mother accused the families of victims as one" Just wanted to compensation. " She said they only pay a maximum of two or three million homes.