and call nearby Villagers come to the rescue.

Changsha,giubbotti woolrich, August 12 People Power "Magui Qiu save nor once or twice." August 10,nike pas cher france, HE Yue Liu Qiaocun pure and several other villagers,nike tn pas cher, the villagers by a dense fingerprints or signed the name of the report sent to the town government: they want to make an ordinary peasant woman power!

The ordinary peasant woman called Magui Qiu. 4 days ago,, 107 State Road, Xiangtan County Road Town Liu Qiaocun Yuejin group occurred three consecutive road traffic accidents. When rescue the injured people,air max pas cher, 54-year-old peasant woman Magui Qiu were killed.

August 6 9:10 am,hogan outlet, who lives Magui Qiu side of the road when he heard a burst of highway upload shrill sound of the brakes. In a steep chicane at 107 State Road, due to wet weather,, a fully loaded truck plunged into a paddy beer right side of the road. While preparing for the next paddy save Magui Qiu occasion, the cab broke down three people have their own glass and climbed out. Magui Qiu they see the injury is not serious, Mangjiang three people to the house, to scoop water to wash them Yajing.

Just are enthusiastic rescue those in distress, when yet another car accident in less than 20 meters away from the accident site van happened: a nearly 19-meter bus rushed down the steep slope,air jordan femme pas cher, plunged into the right side of the door in the air Another piece of paddy fields,woolrich outlet online italia,, I heard cries,air max pas cher, once again braved the rain arrow rushed to the crash site,hogan 2014, from home to carry a ladder between the road and the bus, the passengers one by one to pull uphill,abercrombie pas cher, and call nearby Villagers come to the rescue.

When the car remaining three wounded,peuterey 2014, a heavy goods vehicle approaching, now with his back to the road, as one rescue did not perceive the danger behind him,hogan,, but did not have time to escape. Due to wet weather,woolrich piumini,, the runaway truck slams Magui Qiu big hit in the paddy fields, and then roll her head and upper body tightly suppressed. In the scene to rescue the masses together, Magui Qiu rescued out,nike tn pas cher chine, but never stopped breathing.

Due to dangerous terrain,scarpe hogan outlet, have occurred nearby traffic accident. The size of a car accident the previous encounter, living in roadside Magui Qiu always the first to rush to the rescue,piumini moncler outlet, never care about the pros and cons too. Because after years Magui Qiu been helpful,nike tn pas cher, so this time she suffered misfortune in the rescue process,hogan outlet sito ufficiale,, villagers spontaneously came to her home, the rain farewell this ordinary peasant woman,,piumino woolrich, and spontaneously signature stamp,,moncler outlet online, a joint Please function for the civilian heroes. (Yan Ke Liu Chenxi Guanjun Chen)