Although the mouth to say

In addition to the same hard work in Shanghai, Nanjing, 31-year-old man and 44-year-old Liu Jiaping Anhui high fertility bears no intersection. Two nights ago, the Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital emergency room, are suffering the pain of Liu Jiaping see dying mother dying in urgent need of 30,000 yuan bear high fertility help, do not hesitate to lend money to each other. Bear simple family back home the same night to raise money, yesterday morning to 30,000 yuan back to good-hearted people. Bear high fertility surgery, although successful, but late treatment costs hundreds of thousands of families from the countryside who is astronomical.

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One side is good

She helped injured workers advance deposit 30000

Bear high fertility Jiro Town Anhui Quanjiao people,, June 27 in the afternoon, he took his 12-year-old son to a relative's house for dinner Xiaowei. Around 19:00, he was the son of riding electric car to go home, when the car driving to pump combiners, as the roads are relatively dim, high fertility bear suddenly found the car ride to the middle of the road, then hurried to the side of the road on the list, but the car carrying the man accidentally one hit a roadside tree. Son in the back seat of pop to the ground, but fortunately only injured leg, but bear high fertility but head touch the ground, his head bleeding.

The injured were sent to Nanjing rescue

Xiaowei scared silly, stop calling, "Daddy, Daddy," but bears no reaction high fertility. Xiaowei cried and pulled the bear high fertility phone call the mother. Subsequently, a small Weiqiang endured the pain go middle of the road hailed the first one did not stop, and then a big truck stopped. "Uncle, my father was injured, could send him to the hospital?" The driver to see the face of tears Xiaowei, looking at the unconscious bear high fertility, nodded yes. At this point, the bear high fertility Keung and cousin's wife hurried over and found her husband was seriously injured, Keung dialed 110 and 120.

I heard the truck driver willing to send her husband to the hospital, Keung very grateful, but boxcars too high, people will have difficulty loaded onto trucks. High fertility also bear cousin stopped vans, begged the driver to help the person to the hospital. Van driver a promised down, "people hurt like this, do not save their conscience."

Subsequently,Chaussure Louboutin, a portion of the cargo van driver moved to the front seat, the car would make in such a piece of open space, and a bear, and truck drivers as well as the high fertility cousin injured carefully lift the car, just five minutes arrived in town hospitals. Doctors said the injury can be serious, must go to the county hospital, and the proposed county hospital is: will people go to the hospital in Nanjing.

Strangers lent 30,000 yuan

Bears reach a high fertility Provincial People's Hospital,hogan sito ufficiale, is already more than 10 points that night, after the doctor checked that the operation must be carried out immediately. Family decided to surgery, but I heard first pay a deposit of 30,000 yuan, began to tangle up: where to go so late as to raise so much money?

Thus, the Provincial People's Hospital emergency room door the evening of June 27 around 11:00,, they took place this scene: a group of people standing at the end of the corridor to discuss things, mingled with the cries of the woman,, "Where to take so much money out, or forget,peuterey sito ufficiale, go back. "" No, we must first save, then think about the money thing. "

These people argue, aroused the attention of the citizens of Nanjing Liu Jiaping. Liu Jiaping was sitting in a chair in the hallway,woolrich outlet online, her mother is trying to rescue the sudden serious illness. Subsequently, Liu Jiaping stepped forward to ask,scarpe hogan outlet, that bear high fertility severe brain injury, in order to undergo an operation must first pay 30,nike tn,000 yuan deposit, but home to a dozen people at most leans over 6000 yuan. The doctor said the surgery even if you can, at most, only 40% chance of also can return to normal, even if unsuccessful life may not hold.

Bear high fertility cousin thought, Liu Jiaping just kindly ask circumstances only,, but something surprising to hear the words -. "I take you 30,woolrich parka outlet,000 rescue deal" Subsequently, Liu Jiaping tell the doctor hastened to save people, and go Pay at the brush of 30,000 yuan.

Thanksgiving side

Migrant families of well-intentioned people to borrow money to return

Bear in educating people about to despair high a critical juncture, Liu Jiaping lent a helping hand. When I heard will lend money to a stranger, the presence of people are afraid to believe. Ms. Dai people witnessed the whole process, deeply moved, she scored Express hotline 96060, to let more people know about this. Yesterday, the reporter in front of the hospital emergency room to see the ,tn pas cher, at first she was a little embarrassed, "just little things, nothing good reports."

Intentioned people: so also helped

Although the mouth to say, but this time Liu Jiaping also languish - mother four days before sudden brain stem hemorrhage, in critical condition to the hospital. "The doctor said that people have not saved, and now can only maintain vital signs by machine, but we hope there is a miracle."

Liu Jiaping that bears his family to worry about money scene touched her: one day a dozen years ago,hogan, her father had appendicitis pain was terrible,nike tn, but then there was no money, how his father refused to be hospitalized, the last being the mother pulled hard to hospital. A doctor said the surgery to be 5000 yuan, the father immediately say "dead" because 5000 yuan for the time that it is a large sum of money at home. "Mothers who only 300, she cried and begged the doctor save my father." Doctor finally agreed,woolrich sito ufficiale, but also to help advance the surgery. Liu Jiaping sorry mother, the doctor gave four to borrow money.

"If there are good people to help, I can not think now would be like my father." Liu Jiaping wiping away tears, said, after his father's body is very tough, and basically had no experience of illness. Now, with the year they presented a similar scene in her eyes, "Now that you know a person could save 30,000 lives, would feel bad if I did not hesitate." Coincidentally, his brother and sister, and she also has the same idea, discuss a few simple trio decided to help the bear family.

Raise money for the families of the night to go home

No IOUs, leaving the address and telephone number, Liujia Ping said the bear family learned from the countryside, and my heart did not intend to let them also,chaussures nike tn pas cher, "Mother, if still awake,louboutin pas cher, would do the same." But he just would bear family and her phone bank card to go to, say certain to repay the debt.

Surprisingly, the next day, which is 8:00 yesterday morning, Liu Jiaping receive messages sent to a bank, said the account has scored 25,moncler outlet online,000 yuan. After a child, bear high fertility relatives found her, the 5,,000 yuan in cash stuffed into her hand, "Thank you benefactor, the operation was a success."

I heard the news, Liu Jiaping also very happy, but when she asked how the bear family in a short time to raise so much money,moncler online outlet, the other is somewhat ambiguous statement, but said the injured body of bank card money,, but the family did not know password is the number, not to mention the money that night. Later took to prove to the bank,tn pas chere, it will remove the card money.

However, when the reporter interviewed the family bear high fertility, they turned tells the truth, the original money was borrowed. Two o'clock yesterday, bear high fertility cousin back to Anhui night,,abbigliamento peuterey uomo, knocking on doors to borrow money, and finally in the morning to cobble together the money.

Love appeal

Subsequent cost hundreds of thousands

Allow workers a worry

Bear simple family said the reason they do not want to tell the truth, because they are afraid for their benefactor to worry about. It is understood that the high fertility Bear knee surgery has been sent to the intensive care unit were observed, need four days or so. Bear in fertile plateau capitalists on the poor,air jordan pas cher, the wife Keung has been home to farm, raising two children, one who bears the livelihoods rely on high fertility. "The doctor said that the latter may also cost hundreds of thousands, do not know where to go to raise so much money."

Letters to appeal to readers to help educate high bears a people, but also for the good-hearted people Liujia Ping's mother praying. If you are willing to lend a helping hand, please call the Express hotline 96060, or direct remittance give your love. Agricultural Bank of China Xiong Account: 6228480393385239610

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Ordinary people "noble"

In Shenzhen, a young working girl a kiss rescued commit suicide, won the people's respect. We can put this ordinary "sublime" magnified look at the substance, they poor or even nothing,piumino moncler outlet, but the quality is not frivolous spirit. The moment,air jordan soldes, the moral community, especially the needs of ordinary people demonstration.

Nanjing and bears high fertility Anhui story provides us with the most fresh samples. The former life-saving next to the greedy without the generosity of righteousness To our surprise, the charity is not just a handout, it is a trust; and the integrity of the latter relative, it is now scarce social resources, ordinary Lutheran intersection, make a lot of social warmth . It tells us: can not afford injuries kindness,, kindness will not dry. Letters commentator Westerly