it should be the child's mother

Express News (Reporter Wang Mi) the day before yesterday evening,, set Hing Road near Nanjing Laifeng Street farms, under the watchful eyes of a woman, street bike mad slapping a guy in the face, because when the woman's son to run,woolrich outlet, and ride car guy hit and fell down. Later,nike pas cher france, many passers-by on the outrageous behavior of the woman's angry.

"There have never seen such rude people!" When reporters arrived, the scene has been around over a hundred members of the public,scarpe hogan outlet, many people witnessed this incident outraged. Witnesses Chen said more than 5:00 in the evening, a guy riding a bike has never been close to farms Fung Street, suddenly,basket nike tn, a 70-year-old boy from the alley next to jump bulkhead ran out on the road, "bang" and look After just hit the guy on the bike ride, the car carrying the man guy knocked to the ground,nike air jordan femme pas cher, the boy also fell. Witnesses said Ms. Ma,moncler pas cher, the guy is a normal cycling driving,, a child on their own bike collision.

"At that time,tn nike requin pas cher, a 30-year-old woman standing across the road,chaussures louboutin pas cher,, it should be the child's mother, the little boy out of the alley, is directed at the woman ran past." Chen said, he saw the child hit the guy's bike last fall, women apart from anything else,piumini moncler outlet,, rushed from the roadside in front of a fall guy,air jordan pas cher, "pop" a slap in the face fan in the guy's face. Everyone perplexing,louboutin pas cher, followed by another crisp slap sound.

At that time, the late city farms,hogan outlet, many people nearby, many people have seen this scene. "Guy from the ground up, had to move, and that woman after another fan face that guy." Master Li stall nearby, said he heard at least four or five sound slap sound.

Witnesses said that in stark contrast to women's outrageous behavior, cycling guy's move appears to be too "weak and reason." "The lads have been playing silly, standing motionless, they let the woman slapped." Against women quickly aroused public anger, the woman surrounded by passers-by,escarpin louboutin pas cher, let it go. But seeing this, women called the police, in the Third Brigade police rushed to the scene of accidents group of women with a child actually took the opportunity to leave the scene,moncler piumini donna,, leaving only guy that were beaten.

It is understood that guy surname segment,,nike tn, the day before yesterday afternoon after work,louboutin femme pas cher, through here encountered this scene. After the incident, the guy family members rushed to the scene, in the face of the batterer disappeared, angry family members and the public gathered at the scene, reluctant to leave,woolrich sito ufficiale, causing the road was congested until 19:00 and more, the traffic police only The guy brought to the accident and their families deal with the matter set.

Subsequently,, the reporter in the traffic police brigade accident three groups saw a guy segment, the reporter saw a trance segment at this time, nothing. His family said in a segment honest honest nature,abercrombie outlet, "faced with this situation,woolrich outlet, certainly are playing stupid."

That night,, the police beat women drove to the residence, "with some people," but the batterer is not home. Until yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned that police had found a woman that were hit, and on the matter of the mediation. According to police reports, the woman is a teacher. Because the woman's son also suffered minor injuries,abbigliamento peuterey outlet, through mediation, each party is not liable, and the woman has to apologize to the guy on the "slapped" behavior.