people Guanchiguanzhu

October 19, 2009, the woman and two children lying on the door of the supermarket is not up crying, saying that security was four dozen myself,air max pas cher, one black man and slapped slap a kick at her abdomen.

Three days ago, when 30-year-old suffering from peritoneal tumor with daughter niu begging in front of the posterior horn of Pokka urban shopping malls filled with malls loss prevention staff conflict. Witnesses said four men set up the day Zhou Xianchan, threw her in the middle of the road. The next few days, Zhou Xianchan day at the mall entrance and keep plugging want to have a say, yesterday morning, the two sides clash again, beaten bloody nose fall to the ground. Mall, said Zhou Xianchan begging at the door blocking the traffic impact of the mall customer order, from the failed repeatedly to persuade also ask for 2000 dollars. Police involved in the investigation.

17: The man lifted thrown on the road

Reporters learned that the morning of the 17th of this month, 30-year-old with two young little girls start at the urban roadside corner Pokka Sheng begging at the back door of the mall, their daughter who has obviously raised the build-up. Zhou told passers-by,woolrich outlet milano, he is Heyuan people, two little girls are her daughters, the eldest daughter, 6 years old, two years old daughter suffering from peritoneal tumors, begging for his own daughter to cure. Zhou's experience led to a burst of regret,, soon effort, its foot boxes scattered a lot of notes. However, after the mall entrance weeks where little space, shopping malls charge that affects the customer out begging week,moncler sito ufficiale, there were loss prevention staff approached the negotiations but did not bother week, the two sides clashed. There are several witnesses said the aircraft was carrying four men Zhouxian Chan, she was thrown into the road.

Shopping malls,abercrombie & fitch outlet, told reporters after the climb up the claim week $ 2000, stood by the door after the mall after being rejected. Police rushed to the scene, Zhou Xianchan parties and shopping malls were taken for questioning. Zhou was then sent Huizhou City rescue shelter. "I thought,woolrich, can help rescue shelter, asking to know the results, people Guanchiguanzhu, but regardless of the doctor." Then leave the rescue shelter Zhouxian Chan, said to continue to beg for her medical expenses.

18: The Mall alarm less than 10 times

Early in the morning on the 18th morning, the mall has not yet open for business, Zhou Xianchan keep blocking position again in the back door. Shopping area, said that no less than ten times a day they alarm, the police rushed to the scene several times, Zhouxian Chan has refused to leave. Nearby residents said the day Zhouxian Chan and malls loss prevention staff repeatedly shoving occurred, but the two sides are not drastic action. A person in charge of the mall, told reporters,louboutin pas cher, Zhou Xianchan recently in Huizhou city begging in front of major shopping malls, extortion malls were expelled. This Zhouxian Chan said: "I have never had the mall blackmail."

Yesterday: female was kicked by the security arm injuries

Yesterday morning, Zhou Xianchan came again. Shopping malls,hogan uomo outlet, said Zhou Xianchan day two girls take the supermarket grapes and oranges to eat.

10 am,tn pas chere, three loss prevention staff and conflict again. More than an eyewitness, told reporters in the mall pushing out a tall black man,woolrich outlet online italia, heels kicking against the abdomen go after a slap fan,chaussures nike tn, turned quickly into the mall and then did not show up. Zhou Xianchan bloody nose down to the ground immobile, two little girls is not sensible, learn her mother's looks, overlooking lying on the dusty road, and sleep in the past.

Shopping area,, said a number of loss prevention staff was Zhouxian Chan scratched bites. Two security guards were demonstrated to reporters scars on his arm. Police arrived on the scene. Zhou Xianchan reluctant to go to the hospital, they did not go to the police station, she told reporters, was sent to rescue shelter to fear again, "I would also like to ask for money to cure my daughter."

Progress: has been to the hospital for medical clearance

Yesterday, five hours after the clashes, the Pokka Sheng Zhou Xianchan been lying on the back door of the mall floor. 15:00, the police rushed to the scene again, and shopping malls require went to the police station mediation.

Persuaded the crowd several times,, Zhouxian Chan finally agreed to go to the police station to accept mediation. I do not know of his injuries was numb for too long, she was standing firm, a police officer helped her to a police car. Before leaving, said: "I do not understand French but I was wounded,abbigliamento peuterey outlet, and must have a result of it I'm afraid I left, when nobody has to..." She said a delay worried repeatedly delayed the daughter's condition. Week he did not know how much her daughter needed surgery again in the end,moncler outlet sito ufficiale, going to be held to discuss the 9000 Guangzhou hospital dollars to consult. "If people think I asked for the money is not used to cure his daughter, you can report me."

Yesterday, 20:00,hogan outlet,, Zhou Xianchan call reporters that police have been sent to hospital for medical clearance is fluid,, all compensation and other matters that need to come out and then discuss the results of an injury.

Treatment suffered Yituo stall advised her to beg

Reporter survey

In order to confirm that they are not professional beggars, Zhouxian Chan told reporters after she had Lek market selling vegetables in Jiangbei Wangjiang, selling pot of herbal tea herbs, last month to ask for money to come out on the 5th. This reporter yesterday rushed Jiangbei Wangjiang over Lek market research. Found that almost all know Zhouxian Chan stall, stall owners who mention Zhou said: "! Poor"

Daughter had surgery but relapse

The market stall owners told reporters, according to their understanding,moncler sito ufficiale, early in 2006 husband in a car accident near the train station in Huizhou death, the driver fled the car, Zhouxian Chan did not get a penny of compensation, the dead husband just left her a son and daughter. Zhou Xianchan raising his son back home with her daughter and a foreign man to live with. Two years ago, gave birth to daughter, the youngest daughter was suffering from peritoneal tumors. May this year, Zhou Xianchan with sick daughter to Guangzhou treatment in a hospital door encounter Yituo, spent 4,000 yuan to buy a bunch of useless herbs. Later, at a hospital in Guangzhou,,scarpe hogan outlet, in addition to do surgery, but after surgery and long build-out.

Lek had market stall say,moncler uomo outlet, after weeks and occasionally bring their own kind of little vegetables and herbs in the mountains to the market to sell the roadside picking. "The market never closed her management fees", stall owners say, Zhou Xianchan picking vegetables every day food stall leaf litter, pick the meat stall cut off the long build-up to go home to eat pork. Meat stall Zhou sister said, she felt uncomfortable, occasionally pork cut points to Zhou Xianchan home. "You die, better than your daughter is dead."

Market stall owners say,hogan outlet milano, see the build- daughter belly is growing again,moncler outlet online, we advised her to give her surgery. Zhou said he really raise enough money, there is the stall so Zhouxian Chan Weapon let go for money. Initially,, Zhouxian Chan said he did not dare to ask for money, a stall sentence for money under her determination. The stall owners say "you die, better than your daughter to die."

Stall told reporters last month on the 5th, Zhouxian Chan to help the city government, has a staff donated 1,000 yuan to Zhou Xianchan. Subsequently, Zhou Xianchan everywhere in the city and he started to ask for money. Initially, she was almost no harvest day. There Weapon stall again let her go to the supermarket or the mall entrance for money. The next day afternoon, Zhou Xianchan back to the market to pick leaves at midnight,,moncler donna, will tell stall own day to discuss how much money she got the discussion to the change in the exchange market. "Sometimes we directly to fill up a fraction to her, gave her 8 cents into a dollar."

A few days ago,woolrich, she told a sell market Lucai aunt, he has to please more than 9000 dollars, ready next week with her daughter, go visit Guangzhou surgery.

Zhou Xianchan home because of his father's money to pay the fixed telephone bill, has applied suspended. A fellow working in Huizhou Laopeng told reporters, as Zhouxian Chan also utterly destitute home, relatives can no longer raise enough money to cure daughter.