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Like Fu told reporters,air max pas cher

Yu Hui Jiang Hulin Changsha correspondent reports

Dark jacket, black slacks,moncler piumini donna, his face relaxed Chen (a pseudonym) yesterday entered the province Welfare Centre Duijiang room, calmly told the staff, "I'm in the 30 million to Duijiang." Awarding staff check the relevant information quickly: Yes, he is the first cattle province color city, once was 5 Note first prize,louboutin pas cher,, gains 32.93 million yuan, after-tax bonus of $ 2634 million.

As usual most secretive different winner, Chen seemed very relaxed,nike tn, neither wearing sunglasses, masks,moncler outlet, nor will erect collar Lao Gao. He was accompanied by his wife and his father came to the provincial Welfare Centre,scarpe hogan outlet,, the city took the prize in the history of our province Scholarship highest bonus. Next to his wife and his father always smiling and silent. Chen said he was from Jiangxi, knowing the jackpot deliberately let his wife and his father came to Hunan, to share the joy.

"Undercover Lottery" for years lottery

In awarding room,, the young winner Chen told the staff, five years ago,hogan, he began to buy welfare lottery, since 2007 saw 113 million yuan in Gansu ShuangSeQiu grand prize of news in the newspaper after they began focusing on times vote bets. He said:. "Because times more likely to vote in the super prize" He is like the times the investment and machine selection, each machine he must choose two note number and purchase five times, respectively,hogan outlet milano,, and then modify their own basketball. Speaking modify basketball,moncler uomo outlet, Mr. Chen's face filled with a confident smile: "I have selected 11 consecutive basketball, choose the feel of it is their own." In addition, each Chen also an optional note "8+ 2 "double,moncler outlet, so you figure, each investment should be more than 100 yuan. "I bought a lottery ticket for so many years,woolrich outlet online, his family did not know that this in more than 30 million later, I told them."

Became a multimillionaire, is still to complete the work before the award

. "I knew that night winning 30 million is mine," Mr. Chen calmly tells pass: "That night I just saw on TV lottery, that he won the lottery, strange to say,escarpins louboutin,, I'm actually so calm nor sleep. "Chen was preparing to travel,hogan sito ufficiale, but the thought of the work should stay the course,woolrich outlet roma, he still finished the work on a business trip came to the provincial Welfare Centre to receive the grand prize. Probably his colleagues did not expect to actually have a multimillionaire around it.

Many different with the previous winner, Mr. Chen's face is very calm, almost do not see the excitement and emotion after winning. "Buy lottery to maintain peace of mind, he never thought would prize,, winning really came, actually do not feel unexpected!" Speaking of his calm state of mind,tn pas cher homme, Mr. Chen replied very calmly. The 32.93 million yuan in the face of heaven lucky huge bonus,chaussures nike tn, chicken/images/pair_food_wine.php?food=register.cgi, can escape to maintain such a good attitude, really let the presence of both admire each and every endless, this attitude is worth every Lottery learning.

After winning ready to find investment projects

Chen was from Jiangxi, Hunan to work for many years,nike tn, has been largely settled here. Speaking of future plans,scarpe hogan outlet, Mr. Chen has planned a blueprint: "Once handle some things, I will end the present work, and then find a suitable investment business." He is always going to work before the country runs He said that would like to settle down,tn pas cher, a good run their own business. At this point,air max pas cher, Mr. Chen's wife and father,, nodding at the side, but not too many words.