afraid to tell the child's father

Foshan newspaper (Reporter intern Bo Su Yi) yesterday, social concern, newborn baby was his mother, three 19-year-old woman in water trip hotel staff Zhou in Sanshui before the court. This is the first public hearing of the case. Sanshui District Procuratorate accused Zhou guilty of intentional homicide, but the plot has surrendered to draw more than its three-year court sentenced four years in prison.
Source: Shenzhen TV "High Noon 30"
Packed day of the trial, who have been involved in the explosion actress Zhou was abandoned by his parents,doudoune moncler, was brought to the adoptive parents brought. Trial,, Zhou court to tears, and cruel to their own offspring cutthroat event twice made repentance: "! I'm sorry."

Procuratorate accused: Cuts children froze letting children starve

Yesterday around 9:10, the third courtroom packed court Sanshui, Sanshui District Procuratorate Zhou court accused guilty of intentional homicide. When the crime because of its direct child's throat cut and other parts. In addition, she threw the child upside down in the trash, easy to suffocation. Meanwhile, prosecutors also accused its "not as" the killings. After the baby is born,mulberry sale, she did not provide breastfeeding,, did not provide other food,, enough to starve the child. In addition, it does not provide insulation measures. These "not as" easily lead to infant deaths.

Zhou's lawyer said that Zhou did not exist direct and indirect intentional homicide intentional behavior, Zhou's behavior is to stop the occurrence of crying children,piumini woolrich, out of fear and panic and take actions aimed at avoiding others know his birth to a child,woolrich parka donna, but not to kill the child.

Parents plead: childhood is abandonment psychological shadow

On the day of the trial, defense counsel submitted to the court two birth parents and adoptive parents Zhou pleading letter.

Zhou's father said in the letter, Zhou was born soon after by their own take home upbringing. Zhou is very small parents know that they are not born, due to family economic condition is not good,hogan 2014, Zhou junior high school drop out half read.

Chow said that they always ignore Zhou psychological feelings, did not think she had identified themselves abandoned his parents,moncler outlet, she grew performed better than the other children are well-behaved, in fact,peuterey online, because she was afraid of being abandoned by parents. "It is because of our negligence, making Zhou has failed to untie knots,,basket louboutin pas cher, forming a huge psychological burden of long-term, when she met not solve the problem,, made a move to the extreme."

After cases

April 11 at 5 pm,Doudoune moncler pas cher, Zhou to a baby boy at Sanshui CTS 704 Xinhua Road dorm production,moncler piumini, then a knife to cut the baby's neck,Chaussure Louboutin, etc., and the baby stuffed into plastic bags,basket air jordan pas cher, abandoned in a black trash.

At 0:30 on April 12 Xu, the baby was discovered, sent to hospital after the survivors,,woolrich parka donna, the forensic identification of minor injuries.

April 13,basket nike tn pas cher, confirmed that the murderer is the baby's mother,talon louboutin pas cher, 19-year-old hotel sauna department cashier Zhou, unmarried.

At 17:30 on April 26, the baby Sanshui police extracted DNA test results came out, the identity of the biological father of the baby is confirmed, the Sanshui Smyrna some local business people, married and had children.

April 27 evening 9:00, the father Jimmy boy two female family members of a commission from the baby picked Sanshui District People's Hospital.

Party: "I'm sorry!"

Throughout the course of the trial,, Zhou have been very quiet. When the presiding judge asked whether the murder, the Zhou quickly looked up and said: "! I did not kill anyone."

The judge asked why Zhou before and after the production does not seek the child's biological father and his own parents who help, Zhou slightly hesitated a moment after,abercrombie, said:. "They are not my biological parents," adding that suddenly gave birth to a child at the time, he is very fear, afraid to tell the child's father,scarpe hogan outlet, worried that he would not himself, did not dare to tell their parents,hogan interactive, afraid her parents do not own.

More than 40 minutes after the trial, the presiding judge announced the end of the prosecution and the defense debate, when asked whether there is a confession Zhou,,woolrich sito ufficiale, Zhou always refused to speak. Since then five consecutive times to remind the judge and told that this trial will be the last time she self-defense when Zhou looked up and replied, "I'm sorry."

No day in court for sentencing judge,woolrich milano.