Sike seal fraudulent medical expenses.

These two days,, Liu Dan has been an uneasy waiting for Beijing Dongcheng District People's Court ruling last. To make his wife suffering from uremia dialysis twice a week to complete, Liao Dan Sike hospital official, forged bills, four years escaped the treatment costs of more than 172,000 yuan. In 2011, Liao Danfu women's behavior was discovered and hospital visits in Beijing reported.

July 11, the Beijing Dongcheng District People's Court held a hearing Liao Dan Sike seal a case,hogan sito ufficiale, the Beijing Dongcheng District People's Procuratorate that fraud should be prosecuted criminally Liao Dan.

After the July 11 hearing back, Liao Dan in the corner of the room bulkhead often smoke. Court asked whether restitution medical expenses,louboutin milano, Liao Dan are now wondering how this can now live more than 50 square meters of small property to sell. Neighbors you made me a language to talk with: He really did not recruit children, and whenever there is a way, are not Sike seal.

Liu Dan's case on the network caused by hot, was the most discussed issue is, is it suffering from uremia wife do not have health insurance,sito moncler ufficiale, so that disadvantaged groups, their doctor how to solve difficult problems?

Sudden uremia

Before the illness, Du Jinling in Beijing a salon Body division, two or three thousand dollars a month salary is the main source of income a family of three, Du Jinling know people say she began to live to life. Liao husband Dan has no fixed job after being laid off, mainly at home housework,hogan donna, child care.

The first half of 2007, Du Jinling often found face edema, eat often vomiting, urinary symptoms also often, then more seriously,, it will have to Maibu Kai Tuisuan step. Du Jinling always thought it was too tired to work,woolrich donna, take a break can be good. Until fainted once only to the hospital at work. Finally was diagnosed with uremia, the doctor said to be a kidney transplant.

To transplant several hundred thousand dollars, do not necessarily have a kidney, for this family prohibitively difficult, the only treatment is dialysis. May dialysis soon ran out of savings at home.

2007 just when hospitalized, half of hospital charges, surgery and dialysis costs about to spend more than 30,000 yuan, while only 20,000 yuan savings at home. Since then, Liu Dan has a patchwork find "life-saving money."

Du Jinling often midnight disease,nike tn requin, "breathless, like water, like swimming choked." Ambulances often visited,, neighbors gradually know this couple's experience trouble. Once called an ambulance to spend 300 yuan, Liu Dan,spaccio peuterey, often called the car, but no money to pay. Anxious, hate, uncomfortable, feeling like Daojiao often tortured Liao Dan.

On one occasion, Du Jinling midnight onset, Liao Dan neighbor knocked on the door of Sister Lee: Tears rolled down instantly, no excessive exchange, Sister Lee knew what happened. when reticent, because a good face, opening rarely ask for Lee, who was called Liao Dan, "Sister," said he openings, must have been experiencing in the past does not carry things.

Two or three times a week dialysis, dialysis 420 yuan each month to treatment costs nearly 4,000 yuan. When the doctor asked the couple if there is health insurance, Liu Dan and Du Jinling discovered in their lives before, has no concept of "insurance" in.

Office of Medicare dilemma

Liao Dan began to shop around to find how to do health care for his wife. This year 41-year-old Liao Dan is a native of Beijing, 39-year-old Du Jinling account in Hebei Province. According to take refuge in the home of the couple between Beijing provisions are: married for 10 years,hogan outlet, applicants over 45 years of age to apply. In other words, do not yet Du Jinling Beijing accounts. Beijing accounts also can not do no health insurance Beijing.

Du Jinling over 20 years old to Beijing battles: sold lunch, work done at the factory, and later to achieve salon Body division,tn pas cher, but the owner never gave these units on Du Jinling had health insurance. No Beijing hukou, there is no fixed units, serious illness strikes, many unfortunate superimposed pressure in Du Jinling body.

Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau staff at the introduction of medical insurance, no Beijing hukou, but those who work in Beijing, Beijing can apply for medical insurance for urban workers, but also to enjoy the ill health insurance policy, but this non-Beijing Ji Du Jinling No work situation, you should go back Medicare account for the location.

Beijing can not do health insurance for urban residents, Du Jinling no return to the Exit - Yixian handle NCMS Medicare. County hospitals can not do kidney dialysis is not to say,tn requin pas cher, even if do not need to go through a bunch of referral procedures,woolrich prezzi, the most important is the son to school in Beijing now, these obstacles, let Liao Dan wanted to take his wife did not dare to go back to something Hebei treatment .

Although Beijing home and a mouth, have a job, but Du Jinling, her identity is a migrant workers in cities. Whether or medical insurance for urban workers, NCMS, her identity so people who are inappropriate.

Because busy and pressure,moncler donna outlet, Liao Dan began sick, diabetes,, chest water and tuberculosis, but has not taken any drugs decent. Last year,, Liao Dan only heard that they can also apply for health insurance Beijing. However,, the application for almost a year, did not run down.

Liu Dan, in addition to enjoying a three month more than 1700 yuan guaranteeing payment outside, Du Jinling also enjoy a hardship for farmers and subsistence allowances for medical assistance, relief ratio of 60% per year, amounting to 30,chaussures louboutin pas cher,000 yuan reimbursement cap . Six Mile Village, Chaoyang District Civil Affairs Bureau staff streets surnamed Zhang said that at the end of 2011, Beijing issued a "Notice on Further Strengthening the rural and urban poor who major diseases medical assistance related issues," up from 60 percent the proportion of aid to 70%, the annual cumulative total relief from $ 30,000 up to 80,000. If Du Jinling belong to end-stage renal disease, the annual total amount reimbursed more than 30,,000 yuan, they can apply for a higher level of aid.

But Liao Dan Monthly detailed accounts of various types of subsidies to get back from the street MinZhengKe,moncler outlet, but now his wife is not clear what percentage of Medicaid, but I heard this year,, a high proportion than before, "How can these utopian, money back to have hastened the dialysis, help .3 reimbursement claims submitted to the streets, to now not to report, he said, such as a phone call. "

Counterfeit bills evasion over 170,hogan outlet,000

Has been struggling in poverty and disease, the couple physically and mentally fatigued, had the idea of moving off dead,basket nike tn pas cher, but to his son,woolrich donna, "adhere to the teeth," not made a tacit agreement between the couple became. Wedding 15 years ago, has been placed after being framed Du Jinling bed, Du Jinling weight was 106 pounds, her friend also boast a long Fuxiang. Now weighs only 70 kilos of Du Jinling, 39 years of age appears to look like a 50-year-old. "How can I do, but also capable waiting for her to die," one comes to money,giubbotti moncler, Liu Dan will head down.

At the end of 2009, Liao Dan found that every time his wife pay,chaussures louboutin, health care and less attention on a single charge stamp. "Everywhere engraving advertising" in the eyes of the neighborhood, "people are particularly at ease," Liao Dan, decided to gamble. The first time the bills handed to him, "felt very nervous," said Liu Dan, if the first was discovered there would be no continuation of things. But Liao Dan's first single successful escape to succeed, this escape is 4 years. In the meantime, the hospital charges replaced the chapter, from round to oval, bursts to observe changes in the seal of the hospital change, Liao Dan followed replaced. Du Jinling wonder where's treatment of money, every time I ask,abercrombie femme, Liao Dan will make quick temper, said its own way.

Earlier this year, the government rescue destitute persons increased the proportion of fee reimbursement, Liao Dan decided to stop the escape charges, start a normal payment. The re-payment, but showed his true features, Liao Dan rubbed his face with both hands: I think early on that money also, if I go to jail, who take care of the mother and son.

February 21 this year, Liu Dan was detained. At that time, did not know her husband Du Jinling treat for yourself, Sike seal fraudulent medical expenses.