the reporter found Cao Taiping

Newspaper January 24 hearing for Chenzhou father Cao Taiping,air max pas cher homme, this is his life one of the coldest winters. 4 days ago, his hard upbringing son Cao Meihua 23 years in Changsha falls dead. No last words, no signs, rumors of suicide death to the family brought a huge confusion: in the end is how his son died? This morning, the reporter found Cao Taiping, he urgently wanted to find out his son's death.

Falls and a half ago just finished research

23-year-old undergraduate Computer Science Department, Central South University, and graduated in July last year. After graduation,giubbotti woolrich,, as has been unable to find work,hogan scarpe, Cao Meihua while working in software companies, while studying for graduate school. January 1 this year, Cao Meihua attended graduate entrance examination. January 20,air jordan pas cher femme, he had a part-time in Changsha, Hunan domain Wuyi Road Central downstairs,woolrich outlet, his body was found.

According to Cao family introduction,nike tn pas cher, Cao Meihua original local first two scores were admitted to the Central South University, is the pride in the eyes of the villagers. "From high school to college,hogan 2014, he was very strict requirements on their own, the results have been very good." Cao Taiping said.

Because Exam has not been announced, Cao Meihua's death and also about whether something was lost not start. But Cao parent and students are considered unlikely.

"After he finished even told me that if this did exams,piumini moncler outlet online, after New Year to go to Shenzhen to find a job." classmate Xiao Wu said. And Cao Taiping said that the family never any pressure to his son. "Select PubMed his own progress, we just expressed support, and did not force him."

Died commitment home New Year

Central South University, near Peach Blossom Village,giubbotti peuterey, Cao Meihua of rental. House, everything remains the same: to dry clothes still hanging in the window,chaussures tn requin pas cher, messy bed, as if nothing happened.

According January 19 sent text messages sister show, he will ride home in the 21st. His landlord Lee also confirmed this point: "Xiao Cao told me on the 19th that he had bought a train ticket,,hogan outlet, ready to go home on the 21st, over the years,hogan online store, but also to renew my house."

During the interview, Cao Meihua more than friends and relatives, said Cao's words,,air jordan france,, while small,hogan scarpe, but enthusiastic filial humorous conversation, unlikely things too hard.

"Every time I met him on the stairs,basket nike tn, he will be very active to come help me, I'm afraid to fall." The landlord Lee dad said he liked the young tenants.

There are indications comprehensive,, Cao Taiping think: Son can not be suicide, falls behind certainly a novelty.

Wages have been alive, economic constraints

According to the reporter,, last 3-6 months,,louboutin femme,, worked in a software company on the 10th floor of the central domain Gordon hit 3-month day laborers. "This software company owed wages did not give him a few months, he also did not go up." Cao said the father.

From the mouth of the landlord dad Lee, reporters learned that Cao Meihua this time of economic hardship, also owes some of his utility bills not paid.

Domain Central Building in Hunan, the reporter tried to understand the situation from when the security falls Cao Meihua mouth, but were answered "do not know." Reporters then entered the 10th floor of the building, trying to find Cao Meihua worked for the software company failed. "A few months ago, closed, people are gone." Cleaner said.

The only contact with the deceased Gordon domain central building is: He has played here three months of day laborers,hogan prezzi, and was outstanding wages. At home the day before he entered the building, for unknown reasons.

Cao family speculated Cao Meihua enter the building, is to be paid in order to discuss the results triggered a dispute that falls dead. But the reporter visited the building in a long time, did not find evidence of the witnesses can do this.

It is reported Chaoyang Street police station has been involved in the case,spaccio woolrich, is focusing on investigating the cause of death of the deceased. Readers,scarpe hogan uomo prezzi, if you happen to be witnesses to this incident from the falls,louboutin uomo, to understand where the facts, please call our hotline immediately.

■ intern reporter Liu Gong of Lovells