the mother has more than ten years of paralysis

New Year fireworks originally Morning News is a festive affair,tn requin pas cher, however,, Jiang Jizhen Dingyuan a village home has a New Year's Eve fireworks display tragedy occurs - an old man, "go."

After the incident, Dingyuan police after investigation that the fatal fireworks did not go through the store from a business license. The store is still operating in the village cadres,abercrombie outlet milano, the current owner of the shop has been under criminal detention.

Discharge ceremony fireworks master of the house were killed

February 4, Xie Jiang Jizhen Jicun Dingyuan,woolrich donna, and Li Chang Ying is handling the funeral for his father,nike tn, his father was the night when the New Year's Eve fireworks display has been killed.

Li Chang Ying said his working outside year round, only to go home New Year reunion, and his father Baba long anxious wait at home, prepared to celebrate. New Year's Eve night around 18:00,moncler outlet, the father Lee column ceremony fireworks come already prepared,woolrich uomo, ready to set off. This ceremony fireworks inside each box with a cylindrical shape of the barrel and six grenade shell. After about 50 meters away from the front of the place dug pit,,hogan uomo, the third pillar Lee barrel buried underground,giubbotti moncler, and then placed into the barrel of the shell.

Li Chang Ying said that he was holding a child standing in front of watching,peuterey outlet,, seeing his father bent light lead,woolrich donna, not enough time to run away, I heard a "boom" a loud noise. After a loud noise,giubbotti woolrich, he saw his father fell to the ground,hollister soldes, Li Chang Ying quickly ran forward to see,, I saw my father Manlianshixue.

Frightened Li Chang Ying quickly dialed the emergency number to the local police station the police. Feidong 120 medical staff rushed to the scene,louis vuitton sito ufficiale, said the injured after checking no signs of life. Jiang Jizhen police station,scarpe hogan, the police officers will also be on-site ground fireworks residue is back after taking evidence.

63-year-old Lee columns have four children, three daughters already married, the only son of perennial working in Zhejiang.

"My father has been very good body, usually in the home also planted more than a dozen acres of land, the mother has more than ten years of paralysis,air max outlet,, usually count on him to take care of life, Oh,louis vuitton borse, how to do it?" Column of a daughter Lee cried.

Wholesalers and sellers jingfangxingju

Li Chang Ying will house the rest of the fireworks box out, this shell is slightly larger than an adult fist, the shape of the grenade,peuterey uomo, the manufacturer of Liuyang Fireworks Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Xiang Xin, the back of the packaging were marked with discharge instructions and warnings, warnings labeled "This product must be set off by professionals" and so forth.

"Now I just want to know that fireworks is qualified,, the manufacturer is formal. Since it is a professional before the fireworks,nike tn, why in the market at will be able to buy? That fireworks is the father in the village canteen to buy." Li Chang Ying said. " Who The for my father's dead responsible for? "

Reporters learned from Dingyuan police,spaccio woolrich,, Lee pillar ceremony fireworks are set off from the village cadres Xie Moumou operated store bought,nike air jordan soldes, and this store did not apply for the operating license. According to the investigation, the store sells Shell stock in Anhui a wholesale Bo Moumou Department,, while wholesalers Bo Moumou did not handle the relevant documents. They are suspected of illegal business has been under criminal detention on February 3 was given away the police, the case is under further investigation. Suddenly Yan-our newspaper reporter