Good thing to quantify

Learn good things of this is based on a voluntary, can Recently, employees Chongqing SAGEE IT service center network has felt "was Lei Feng" --- the company implemented a new assessment criteria, requiring employees to do something is not less than a month ten times, and incorporated into the performance appraisal. Employees were confused to say,nike tn, so good things become a burden.

In doing so employees

Good things fast track

Feels perfunctory

"Allison is becoming increasingly enthusiastic about this time." Mrs Yau Yan Qing Gan community director, said in Chongqing SAGEE network IT service center work Ai Jia, previously not very keen on public welfare, community organizations last month, two voluntary labor, Ai Jia have taken the initiative to enroll, call the community and often asked if there is no charity.

Keen to do a good job thing of this pretty good, Ai Jia 80 after the but told reporter that he is "been Lei Feng" the. It turned out that last month,, the company introduced new regulations requiring all employees to do a month of not less than ten good deeds activities, and the result is an important basis for a month as an employee performance appraisal.

"To complete the assessment of the amount of things I do every day,woolrich sito ufficiale, changing the pattern." Ai Jia said the company made good week for employees to register,air max femme, Friday is also a "lecture, two commentary, three publicity" concentrated study,moncler donna, my colleagues will do their own thing to show up this week, led by the comments. To complete the task, but also in order not to leave a bad impression on the leadership front, "only in life 'is Lei Feng' up."

"To complete the task, I tried a variety of methods." Same unit Zhou Lei told reporters that his GF to her friends, "battle", and even changed his signature "I was living Lei Feng,nike air max, called on me to do good . "

Zhou Lei also believes that because the unit to do good to quantify,louboutin homme, for the completion of the task, good things can only "quick", such as on a bus seat, help the elderly cross the street and so on. He said that a colleague had reported eight good thing, each man is in the car seat, but the seat of the object constantly changes between the elderly and pregnant women, feel like perfunctory.

The same unit of Mo Jian Dong said, like a colleague Zhou Lei,nike tn pas cher, Ai Jia, although there are good things to complain about, but at least seriously do. Some of colleagues in In order to cope with the, panic reported to oneself done a how much pieces of good thing.

CEOs such self-assessment

In this way

Training staff pride

Quantitative assessment activities on good deeds,nike tn pas cher, reporters yesterday sponsor, Sage network IT service center Wang Lei, general manager of the activities conducted the interview.

Reporter: Why did you want to launch such an activity in the company?

Wang Lei: My father is an old party member, I also have 20 years of party standing up. I think that the "gifts of roses,hogan sito ufficiale, hand left lingering fragrance" in the hope employees can understand this truth, to make a man willing to sacrifice in life. And, to my company to work is not only here to work, I have a responsibility to them.

Reporter: unit leaders to participate in the assessment it? What did you do?

Wang Lei: the company 17 people, including me, everyone is included in the assessment. I do good things is mainly for the benefit of employees this aspects, such as I do not have Apartments for Rent in Jiangbei Sanshiyiting's house, but to provide free of charge to employees of residence,piumini peuterey outlet, alleviate the their housing pressure.

Reporter: How do you quantify the good deeds of the staff assessment of it?

Wang Lei: Unit staff did not do good regulation, even if not complete the required amount is not punished, the staff did not want to increase the psychological burden, thanks to consciousness. Same time, the pair done relatively prominent of employees carry out spiritual and reward substance on of, such as publicity praise, rewards Huafei and so on. In addition, workers' congress of good deeds score, included in the performance appraisal,moncler uomo outlet, accounting for 30% of this part of the performance appraisal, about 200 yuan. Assessment to reward-based, want to train employees of honor in this way.

Reporter: how to effect the selection of activities,scarpe hogan uomo prezzi? Whether it is in form than content?

Wang Lei: not very ideal, most of my colleagues did not complete the the assessment the amount of, there are 60% of employee performance out of contravene the emotions. Today's young people comparison of impetuous,, there is no belief,,hogan sito ufficiale, lack of social sense of responsibility and self-consciousness. I hope in this way to establish gratitude, kindness, tolerance, happiness concept. In the practice process, the indeed there are employees pairs of this form of put forward questioned, but I hope they change their concepts,-oriented passive to active, able sunshine ground face life. Of course, but this activity may not be able to play a fundamental change, the unit will make efforts in other areas.

Reporter: This selection will continue?

Wang Lei: I think the poor are spared to reach and the world economy, so the idea of change,spaccio moncler, such activities will continue,giubbotti woolrich, but the form will be adjusted according to the practice.

(Newspaper news hotline 966 988 thank Mr. Chen provided clues)

Reporter Chen Jing Wu Xianjia

Such expert reviews

Encourage their employees to establish

Correct outlook on life

Good thing to quantify

Is dogmatism

■ Automotive Technology Co.,, Ltd. Chongqing-chairman Gan Shiyong

As a business,moncler sito ufficiale, in addition to considering the economic benefits,louboutin soldes, we must also consider the social benefits, fulfilling corporate social responsibility. Sage company to carry out good deeds assessment activities,louboutin femme,, and perhaps ways to be perfect, but a strong proponent of community healthy young employees,woolrich parka, establish a new trend, the spiritual civilization into concrete work, encourage their employees to establish a correct outlook on life and values,, are worthy of recognition .

Good thing to quantify

Is dogmatism

■ Chongqing Academy of Social Sciences, director of the Institute of enterprise Xiu mold

Companies want to assume social responsibility, so that employees understand Thanksgiving, known liability, and cured for a corporate culture, to implement a virtual shouting slogans, this spirit is worth promoting. However,, the number of mandatory practice good deeds,,moncler outlet, the performance itself is dogmatism, this should be easy for employees heartfelt truth becomes superficial perfunctory hope at boot time employees to take more social responsibility, pay more attention to the actual results .