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Incident: a once in 163 year flood attacks Guang'an city, take advantage of the early morning downpour , pry ATM machine Theft of 56 million yuan

Possession of stolen goods: After succeeding, Luo Yuanbing notify relatives to help count the money, put some pressure cooker sink reservoirs, put some bamboo buried in the ground

Verdict: Guang'an City Court sentenced them to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life and confiscation of all personal property; he pleaded guilty in court service contracting

July 18, 2010, a 163-year flood struck once in Guang'an city. It was in the early morning downpour the day among the 61-year-old Luo Yuanbing to a bank automated teller machines to pry open, stolen 562,200 yuan of money. After succeeding, Luo Yuanbing carrying the money in his backpack, car rental return to his home country, notify relatives to help count the money, of which more than 460,000 yuan put into the pressure cooker sink into the pond, put another part of the bamboo buried in the ground. After the stolen money deal, returned to the city to see the 100 years flood of epic proportions.

Yesterday, Guang'an City Court disclosed, Luo Yuanbing theft of financial institutions, and the huge amount, recently was sentenced to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life and confiscation of personal property. Luo Yuanbing pleaded guilty in court service contracting.

Incident: pry teller stole 56 million yuan

July 18, 2010 morning, storms Guang'an city. Luo Yuanbing came Guang'an old town pond Fort Street branch of a bank, after entering the room forced open the shutter doors fitted notes, and then forced open a teller, stole 56 million yuan huge amounts of cash.

The incident that day, 163 years of experience in Guang'an city not seen floods, including the crime scene, including the old town has become the ocean. The local police in just three days time, the Luo Yuanbing arrested and recover most of the stolen cash.

Verdict: Pan Wuqi first instance sentenced him in court dress

Recently, Guang'an City Court verdicts: Luo Yuanbing theft of financial institutions, and a huge amount has been sentenced to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life and confiscation of personal property.

Yesterday,, the case to the trial judge Chengdu Business Daily reporter, illegal possession for the purpose of financial institution ATM cash within secret theft, amounting to 562,;/,200 yuan,nike tn requin, and its actions constituted theft, theft belong financial institutions, in particular the amount huge, should be punished according to law. Luo Yuanbing justice after a good attitude,, a positive return the majority of the money, as appropriate sentences.

said: "After the verdicts, Luo Yuanbing court said the service contract,,scarpe hogan outlet, and within the statutory period of ten days and then not appeal the ruling after the entry into force, in any form, Luo was escorted to a prison sentence in northeastern Sichuan, he will be in jail. spent long years. "

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A dumbfounding thieves

is concentrated Guang'an District Town farmers,chaussures nike tn, illiterate, when the incident 61 years, long-term rental housing in the old city of Guang'an, but had been treated repeatedly breaking theft. According to investigators, together case is the largest of the national bank ATM theft occurred. An illiterate farmer, why commit such major? Verdict in force, not yet publicly revealed details.

Dumbfounding 1

Anti bank monitoring equipment

Spring pants legs do headgear

One day in June 2010,louis vuitton sito ufficiale, watching a television program, it was learned from a TV show with a simple tool to destroy the ATM machine theft of large sums of money, he then produced in the same way the theft of a nearby bank ATM machine rental ideas . After a period of time,hogan scarpe, he began to pay attention to the bank staff to work laws, and preparing the tools of crime.

"Pliers in late June last year to spend 50 yuan to buy, is to find a crowbar in the nearby town blacksmith Yuechi fight." account at the time of trial.

People feel funny is when the crime headgear. said,tn requin pas cher, "you know the bank has surveillance equipment,louboutin pas cher, not to be taken in order to block his face down, so cut trousers pants Spring in the rental, also cut two holes on top of the eyes exposed."

Dumbfounding 2

Possession of stolen money buried in the ground

Reservoir pressure cooker with the money sink

After succeeding, Luo Yuanbing carrying the money in his backpack, car rental return to home country. He insisted not to disclose large sums of money in the antecedents of the premise, older siblings and two nephews notice came to help count the money. Luo Luo Yuanbing nephew testified in court,louboutin pas cher, he was the number one side while cleaning up, half an hour before the count of 12 million. "When I left,, he (referring ) to my brother and thousands of dollars per person."

Luo Yuanbing's sister-in-law,giubbotti woolrich, Lee confessed to the police afterwards: help her hide a lot of money. "I'll spread a layer of plastic film in a pressure cooker,hogan donne 2013, add the money,woolrich parka, and filled a pot, cover the lid again after the whole pot with plastic film wrap, then put the pressure cooker sink into the pond behind my house in. But then there were a few stack of money,outlet moncler, I was trying to chop up two bamboo, put your money to put bamboo buried in my home ground. "

After the incident, according to Lee's account,louboutin femme, the police from their homes and crops in the pond to find the total proceeds of 462,200 yuan.

Dumbfounding 3

Resist arrest, said the whereabouts of the money

Said had never seen so much money

July 18, 2010, is located in the old city of Guang'an riverside canal were flooded most. Hydrological data show that this is 163 years Guang'an biggest floods.

After settle the money, the same day at 2 pm, I heard that the city of Guang'an up flood nephew will get on a motorcycle,moncler uomo, hurried back to the city.

"Back to the city is to see the next hilarious, watching the water rose exactly where, and to see a previous assault on the freedom of walking through the streets, very interesting." Luo Yuanbing explanation. According to the police, when they are busy with flood race --- to catch crime scene forensics work completed before the flood, the afternoon will be the scene of flood drowned. Luo Yuanbing several times to pass from the incident, the police are busy, in his view, far less flooded city so exciting.

Three days later,moncler sito ufficiale,, be controlled by the police. Justice after he refused to explain the whereabouts of the stolen money, said he thieves life, never seen so much money. Police later by his older siblings and nephew start work successfully recovered the majority of the money.

Behind the News

Why succeeded lost sirens sound of heavy rain,giubbotti moncler?

July 18, 2010 morning,woolrich donna, in heavy rain among the Luo Yuanbing go step prior ATM machine at a good point, forced open the shutter doors to enter the room, and then the iron bar to pry open the gates will be installed banknote compartment,woolrich prezzi, and then open the cash machine, will be one of a package of cash and empty.

accountable in court, after entering the ATM machine installed banknote room, he was in a safe with an iron bar to pry,nike air max outlet, suddenly sounded the alarm. "My fear of being discovered,, it brought up all the tools of crime to leave the scene, hiding not far from the observation of the movement. At that time estimate is too much rain, no one heard the sirens, nor were there over a long time ago, I was wearing Good caps on her own tools,woolrich donna,, an umbrella past pry bird safe, so only then picking the money. "Lee Wei Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporter Deng Chengman

(Photo by Lee Wei)