but now no matter win or lose the lawsuit

Hong Beijing Feb. 10 news (reporter Yang Jun Tian), according to Voice of China "News" reported yesterday, two in the afternoon, the courtroom Shunyi District Court, former stewardess Wang Tianhui (pen name: Wang cream) and the agent sitting plaintiff seats the opposite is his old club Okay Airways agent. Media reporters packed public gallery,woolrich donna, the camera shutter sound constantly ringing.

The veteran flight attendant whose real name is Wang Tianhui, but it is also a minor celebrity photographer, who brought her dual identity joy of success, but because in trouble. Because privacy is accused of leaking colleagues, Wang Tianhui grounded by the company,louboutin femme, and then not to renew.

Repeated fruitless negotiations, Wang Tianhui the old club Okay Airways court. How a group of photos will give rise to so much trouble?

Flight attendants and photographers have always been a favorite of young career,hogan donna, Wang Tianhui once proud of myself at the same time have these two identities. In the 1990s,louis vuitton bauletto, she began working in the business flight attendants, 2005, Wang Tianhui enter Okay Airways, flight attendants,hogan outlet, in addition to their own work in the outside,http://www.sa.sakura.ne.jp/~dh/bbs/lightbbs.cgi,spaccio moncler, inside and outside the company is also a minor celebrity photographer.

2010, Okay recruits since his life for my colleagues shot photos organized into albums on display at a professional photography site. However,moncler outlet, the development of events far beyond her imagination. According to video description, photos linked to the Internet in a few months,moncler outlet, a period called "the stewardess was leaked secret" in the beginning in the online crazy pass, the video content on display are from photos.

Wang Tianhui: There is color film loudly net, (what happened) before done at this site online film festival.

Reporter: I know who made the video?

Wang Tianhui: If I knew, would sue him early. Are they in color film loudly online map ripped to do this.

Ambiguous title and some too "life" of the screen,louboutin homme, so this video to get ultra high click-through rate, ask the site to delete posts Wang Tianhui until it's too late.

Wang Tianhui: It adds a title, "the stewardess was leaked secret", accompanied by some sad music. Some users a message, for our colleagues,http://www.prco.jp/~shake/apeboard/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=40/\"/,woolrich sito ufficiale, the photo has vilified. Youku colleagues online to see this (video) have the reaction. March finish line festival, nothing happens.

Gradually,http://www.all-5.com/baby-gdetective/clinic/talk/talkbbs.cgi, she began to feel the pressure from colleagues and the company, the most difficult to accept, or the company's attitude,http://www.thiefmissions.com/search.cgi, eventually leading to the two sides broke:

Wangtian Hui: colleagues appear on the picture (video) for their bare backs were seen others,http://www.sqlcourse.com/cgi-bin/interpreter.cgi, a little embarrassed or ashamed. This is the beginning of September, the last one when I fly. Week behind me there are two flights canceled gave me, that (flight) is my last one, so I have the impression.

From September 2010 to be grounded starting Okay Airways and negotiate on the issue of compensation after termination of employment, while the labor arbitration by the conclusions are not satisfied, seeing the "peaceful break" hopeless, Wang Tianhui paper petition Okay Aviation court. Yesterday, Wang Tianhui and his old club for the first time in court.

Now that you have legal recourse, both down the feelings, and the rest to the law to resolve. Courtroom,nike jordan pas cher, both sides put their grasp of the evidence, but can not convince each other. Debate focused on leaked photo,hogan donne 2013,http://www.auto-tsukamoto.com/hpgen/epad/epad.cgi?mode=view&no=592&res=1&page=0, Wang Tianhui stressed that he is a victim, but on behalf of the defendant Okay Airways said they did not agree with this statement:

Okay Airways representative: the reason we do not arrange scheduling has said very clearly, is Wangtian Hui has repeatedly stressed that she is also a victim, but she did not notice a thing,hogan outlet, whether she is not a victim, she is a photographer, the other Because she's accidentally or negligence, though that may not be intentional, has been a great deal of psychological pressure on the other flight attendants. In this case, if you continue to arrange Wang Tianhui flight,nike tn, it not only affects the mood of other flight attendants, and even a security risk. In this case,moncler sito ufficiale, if you continue to arrange the flight scheduling is inappropriate.

For from labor disputes, Beijing Blue Peng,peuterey spaccio, director of law firm lawyers Zhang Qi Huai that the plaintiff Wang Tianhui does have acted improperly, but the employer trouble grounded approach also hard to say justice:

Zhang Qi Huai: workers have the right to the labor contract,nike tn requin,http://coordisnap.com, also have the right to the "Labor Law" given. If the employee violated the law or regulations,hogan outlet, can handle, but to follow the democratic process,scarpe nike air max, through the union to discuss or punishment. Wrongful dismissal, is not desirable.

Each side insisted before the appeals court saw no hope of mediation,louboutin homme pas cher, the judge announced the end of the day of the trial, Wang Tianhui and the original company's story will continue. Out Shunyi District Court, one just happens to be passing airliner taking off from the top of the head. Wang Tianhui had wanted there as a lifelong career,http://www.tsuyamaoa.com, but now no matter win or lose the lawsuit, she could say goodbye to beloved work.