Zhu Wen yesterday responded

Yesterday,woolrich prezzi,http://contest.japias.jp/tqj1998/10098/yybbs.cgi, in a program to record the scene,piumini moncler, "coat man" Zhu Wen held a live auction of love, and finally to the high price of 518,piumino moncler,000 yuan will coat shoot. Zhu Wen Field said he would donate 10 million, all donations to help needy families and disabled children.

"Coat man" Zhu Wen sell coats,louboutin femme, "the coat brother" in the future to become a "suit man"? Yesterday, the "coat brother" Wen Zhu own fame coat auction 518,000 yuan donations for needy families, but also their own money and then an additional 100 000.

Also questioned the hype to sell coats

Recently, the "coat man" Zhu Wen announced plans to auction its own coat of Fame news came out, immediately attracted widespread attention. Some viewers expressed their support for the move,abercrombie milano, but there are a lot of people question this is a speculation. Yesterday,tn pas cher, the In the "return of the king? Because love,http://data-red.com/cgi-bin/categorias.cgi,louboutin homme pas cher," the to record the scene, "coats brother" Zhu Zhi-Wen personally fulfilled his commitment, on-site held a coats of love auction activities.

From the Hebei Amoy come of this pieces of of second-hand "military coat", for the grassroots star Zhu Zhi-Wen speaking, as early as already become a symbols and signs, it is accompanied by and witnessed the Zhu Zhi-Wen's growth and fame,http://www.gymfan.com/board/step.cgi, for him, significance extraordinary. Zhu Wen told reporters that he was wearing this coat walked north and south China,abercrombie soldes, "out of the show,woolrich prezzi, they asked me to wear a coat,http://www.lionbrandyarnstudio.com/cgi-bin/faq-search.cgi, I have to wear. Singing in Xishuangbanna and Hainan stage, I cover out of a prickly heat. But I have to dress like the audience. "

For all of his coat auction questioned, Zhu Wen yesterday responded, "I do not care how people say, do not care about other people said I hype,http://utomir.lib.u-toyama.ac.jp, I just want to do some real good things,scarpe hogan outlet, the reason will make the move this amazing coat fame auction because the last time in the program to record the scene, I saw a small child can not see anything,http://www.syarou.net, so cute little girl can not walk normally, I felt very uncomfortable. So I decided to auction the temporary coat, my coat in addition to the auction,giubbotti moncler, Which hospital if there are those who are willing to help sick kids optimistic, I am willing to do publicity for them for free, as long as there are difficulties to help people,woolrich prezzi, I am willing to do anything,piumini moncler, even if the hype is said I do not care. "

A few minutes coats soared to 400 000

On that day, column group purposely will text of Zhu zhi to fame overcoat a starting price of set at 20,114 yuan 1 angle 2 points. Speaking of the reasons for choosing this price,piumini outlet, part group said that the figure is actually a date,woolrich donna, it is "coat man" with a stage win in the "I'm a big star." Second day championship. This auction has attracted special love love 12 units and individuals to participate in the auction, the scene is unusually hot and intense,http://www.kansaikai.jp/bbs/light.cgi?res=543460,louboutin, just a few minutes the price will soar to 400,000, part group also aired a country girl with cerebral palsy desire to walk Changning, steel Juxing Hao boy,tn requin pas cher, suffering from leukemia a few dreams principal clips Gong Shan and Heze quadruplets,scarpe hogan outlet shop,http://www.stadtjugendfeuerwehr-neustadt.de/forum/thread.php?threadid=3062849&sid=, etc.,nike air max outlet, touching story of their infected audience and love business, after several rounds of exciting contest, the final coat is a fertilizer industry The company looks to the high price of 518,000 yuan.

Love to see a dozen or enthusiastic bidding companies,bracciale tiffany, Zhu Wen Field said he would personally donate 10 million, all of these donations will be used to help needy families and disabled children.

It is learned that the whole process of coat brother Zhu Wen coat auction this Saturday night at 20:00 Shandong TV Arts Channel and Sunday at 21:30 in Shandong TV television channel broadcast. Reporter Zhu Edmund