Pingdingshan City

"" The real case suspects have been formally transferred to the prosecution, the current is still suspected fraud charges.

Reporters were told,, Beijing billion Ka law firm lawyer Mr Patrick Wong has been entrusted "Henan astronomical tolls" case suspects relatives when the military front, to provide legal assistance,hogan uomo, Wang lawyers believe that the case should not be re-scheduled for fraud sin.

The latest developments

Real suspects have been transferred to the prosecution

Relatives commissioned by the parties, the Beijing lawyer Mr Patrick Wong billion Ka law firm for the real suspect when the military front to provide legal assistance.

January 27, 2011, Mr. Wang met in Lushan County Detention Center when the military front, it is understood that during the criminal detention,hogan uomo, when the military front to the authorities handling provides new evidence,灏忚寜鑾塻hdeargod&PHPSESSID=06096806b1d425a224b21dd984499e6e, in addition to providing the time to surrender and armed police detachment in Xuchang car outside the contract,scarpe hogan, he also presented him with Lushan County, soup toll station and the armed police detachment staff Xuchang telephone recording, in order to elute defraud.

This morning,, the reporter learned from Wang Department lawyers,piumini moncler, the case has been confirmed by the public security organ to prosecutors, but has not yet received a formal arrest notice, in accordance with the law,woolrich donna, probably within 10 days, prosecutors will make the case related arrest decision.

Still current when the military front to conduct criminal investigations of suspected fraud,hogan sito ufficiale, but the relevant personnel revealed in later transferred to the prosecution charges may vary.

Because the case has not been convicted when the military front,air jordan, so for him when fucking brother Jianfeng currently still in the custody of the state.

Lawyers said the case

Should not be given to defraud

Mr Patrick Wong lawyer said the evidence presented during the military front display,,moncler donna outlet, military vehicle license its use is not fake,air max tn pas cher, from the armed forces. "Army brand itself is true, when the military front and no subjective intent to defraud other people's property, they do not constitute fraud, forgery and more should not constitute the crime of armed forces vehicle license plate." Mr Patrick Wong said the lawyer.

If the military card is false,, since the military front and the Armed Police Force signed a "contract",chaussures nike pas cher, according to the contract paid for 1.2 million yuan, it does not constitute an illegal use of armed forces vehicle license plate sin.

In addition,nike tn requin, although the Criminal Law Amendment seven illegal offer, use military vehicle license plate and other special signs is defined as a crime, but the amendment was in February 2009 began to implement the behavior occurred when the military front in May 2008 to January 2009 According to "no legal provision is not a crime" principle, he does not constitute a crime.

Event Description

Yuzhou farmers escape when the military front high highway tolls,woolrich spaccio,, so that after the incident when his brother Jianfeng scapegoat.

October 17, 2010,tiffany outlet, Pingdingshan City,woolrich online, Henan Province People's Procuratorate accused Feng Jian when to reap illegal profits, illegal armed soldiers buying counterfeit card, driver's license, driving license and other documents,parajumpers jakke salg, and buy two pairs of fake military vehicles license suspension to buy their own two self-unloading the car,hogan donna prezzi, hire someone else to drive the vehicle, transporting gravel highway traffic Zheng Shi, a total lie to avoid tolls more than 3.68 million yuan.

December 21, 2010,louis vuitton outlet, Pingdingshan City,bracciale tiffany, Henan Province, the Intermediate People's Court sentenced for fraud when Jianfeng life imprisonment and fined two million yuan.

The verdict of the case has aroused strong repercussions in the community,, known as the "astronomical tolls case." Built to withstand the pressure at the front, confessed his brother when the military front is the party of this case,louboutin homme, the Court decided subsequent retrial Pingdingshan.

Since then surrendered when the military front,louboutin homme,, open to the media in the hands of its own armed forces and signed a contract to prove he did not counterfeit military card. He issued the contract indicates that he and the armed forces are working relationship, he paid 1.2 million yuan Armed Forces annual management fee, the other formalities to provide free passage of military vehicles licenses needed.

Text / reporter Wang Wei