in her view is very impolite.

"Let the nurses caring for patients, so that their families,woolrich prezzi, care workers leave the ward",prezzi hogan, which is initiated by the Ministry of Health "quality care demonstration project." Third People's Hospital of Honghe Prefecture as a "no escort" pilot hospitals, cancer ward in a hospital ward to carry out without accompanying demonstration. But the nurse Huang recently met a very embarrassing thing,spaccio woolrich, family members of patients to patients asked her to wash underwear.

Family members of patients presented an awkward request

Cancel accompanying family members, shall be borne by the nurse from the patient's life, primary care,woolrich sito ufficiale, which is the basic meaning no chaperone. In the absence of accompanying the process, the nurse basically replace their families, take care of the patient's life, and family members of patients only need to take care of the patient to eat, wash clothes,, you can go for a walk, etc., which is reducing the burden to the families of patients. Third People's Hospital of Honghe Prefecture request of the health sector, in July this year after it conducted without accompanying demonstration care hospitals in the oncology ward to carry out without accompanying demonstration.

One night in November, small yellow night shift nurse, her task is to give the patient face, feet,hogan prezzi, asking what the patient needs. Aunt Zhang Xiao Huang to wipe After leaving the body. The patient's daughter spoke up: "Mei, you put my mother rubbed the sweat pants." Hearing this requirement into an awkward little yellow.

Xiao Huang quickly convey to the patient's request Liang Zhengju nurse,tn pas cher homme, nurse immediately explained to the families,air max tn pas cher, and then the families have to understand, there is no longer proposed to allow the small yellow wash underwear requirements.

This thing had passed on the surface, but this news has reached every ward in the hospital a hot topic. Implemented without accompanying care, nurses care for patients living, basic care, help patients Xipi Gu, body rub, rub the stool, but it should not wash underwear? Most patients and nurses should not feel, there are a few people who agree. Mr. Zhao said the hospital is responsible for publicity, they are ready to conduct a discussion on this in the hospital,louboutin soldes, patients and their families to hear the argument.


Nurses not care worker not have to do all the things

Matron Liangzheng Ju said most of the patients are very satisfied with their service,, but requires nurses to wash underwear is the first time something happened. She believes that the nurses and all the accompanying proxy matters not. Then, after she carried no accompanying breakdown of care,, the work done by nurses to reporters. Operating room stood a shampoo machine, this machine is designed to help patients shampoo,louboutin pas cher,, one week wash a head. In addition, the hospital also carried out inspections ward nurse at any time, to carry out the infusion no ringtone service. To prepare the patient warm,, help patients urine,parajumpers gobi, providing free rice,hogan rebel, wash feet, nails, clothes, and other services to help the patient make an appointment. Hospital patient's care, at no extra charge.

Lin Hu nursing director, said Third People's Hospital of Honghe Prefecture, the authorities advocate quality care is given to the patient to make life care, primary care, is to do some technical service, to do the rehabilitation of the patient guidance. Nurses not care workers, not what you can do, she thought this approach a bit too family. This shows that the concept of accompanying family members for free care is not yet understood, the hospital should increase publicity.

Yesterday,moncler outlet, at the tumor ward, the reporter saw another patient Yang Xueying, 76-year-old, she was admitted to the cancer ward in September of this year. She said the nurse service is very good, just like his own children. Help her wash feet every day. Then she said that he was determined not to let the nurses to wash underwear. Yang Grandma's daughter said,,giubbotti moncler, everyone has their own personality, if you let the nurses wash underwear,hogan donna, in her view is very impolite.

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Since the end they end urine feces,air max femme,, then why not wash underwear

Mr Li said that since the end of the nurses even end feces urine living have done, there is no wash underwear,giubbotti woolrich, right? Families can not always let the nurses wash, may be too busy,spaccio woolrich, and we have difficulty making this request, the nurse should be based on the actual situation to deal with.

Chen believes that the situation with regard to wash wash underwear,air max femme, or look for a fee. According to the actual situation of Honghe Prefecture,hogan sito ufficiale, ask a carer 1,200 yuan to 2,000 yuan, if each patient to the hospital every month to pay enough money,, that the nurse should do. If not, then the nurse just do their job on the line.

Yesterday afternoon, when the value of nurses Xiao Huang said: That is really busy,air jordan femme, if enough time, you can consider to help patients wash. For family members of patients allowed to wash underwear, she did not feel after hearing the grievance, since launch without accompanying care, it should try to meet the requirements of the patient, as long as not too much on the line.

Wangzong Lin