informed the police on the 15th

BEIJING,woolrich outlet verona,, August 15 Chengde Electric (Zhang Fan Zhang Li Yan Zhende) Longhua County, Hebei Province, informed the police on the 15th,moncler doudoune pas cher, the county step ancient village on Chengzi Town Sohn kill father-in-law case, after 35 hours of police war careful investigation and night,moncler veneto, around the mountain hunt. 14,hogan uomo prezzi, cornered the suspect Sohn rural housing in the base obo hill Ziyishenwang wrists.

According to reports, at 22:09 on August 12, Longhua County Public Security Bureau received a Chengzi step ancient village villager Zhao Town police said: Lu underwent village,sito ufficiale moncler,, a particular couple was killed at home. After receiving the report, police rushed to the scene to work.

After the scene,,giubbotti moncler outlet, confirmed that two victims LvMou,moncler prezzo, certain persons have been killed. Following extensive investigations visits, initially confirmed the suspect line-law of two victims Sohn, Sohn then immediately organize implementation of the arrest,outlet piumini moncler, but Sohn has absconded.

Police started a major case detection mechanism to the incident as the center,foto woolrich originale, the physical characteristics of the case and inform the suspect to the police station and the surrounding 12 three traffic police squadron,woolrich spaccio online, based cards intercept at major intersections. After the war the police and the masses of all 35 hours of relentless fighting,outlet peuterey milano, August 14, 9 am,giacconi peuterey uomo, police found Hill base in Longhua County Rural Housing obo hill mountain tree ditch suspects have been found dead Sohn body, there is a rope connected with the tree on the body's neck, wrist has edge. After the autopsy confirmed that the suspect committed suicide Sohn.

Further investigations found that: the suspect Sohn, male,chaussures tn requin, born in August 11, 1979, live on Longhua Town Chengzi step ancient village, Lu underwent to victims,,woolrich prezzi giubbotti, certain of the door-law,moncler saldi online, with his wife,,woolrich giubbotti invernali, two children and victims of Lu underwent certain live together. Sohn usually several times due to household chores and education for children and Lu underwent a particular conflict.

August 12 21 am, the suspect Sohn drink again because of the children's education and father Lu underwent (60 years old),spaccio woolrich bologna indirizzo,, a particular mother (57 years old) dispute,giubbotti bambino moncler, Sohn irrational use Shazhu Dao Lu underwent,nike requin 2013, certain persons killed after escape from the mountain village Tuchengzi step Ancient Town has fled to rural housing obo hill mountain base trench, first cut his wrist with a knife,,woolrich parka bambina, after hanged himself with a rope. At this point,, "8.12" intentional murder successfully solved. (End)

(Original title: man convicted of child education anger her parents committed suicide after killing an old married couple)