issued a written proof Jiangxia six built

(Reporter Chen Qixiong) and his son,offerte giubbotti moncler,, who lives in Jiangxia Zhu Dexing very angry, the court awarded them more than 50 million for projects, of which more than 340,000 yuan was they hired attorney led away.

Huangshi City,tiffany brescia, Huangshi Port District Court handles cases this from enforced. Yesterday, the hospital staff said they're looking for the whereabouts of attorney, and strive to find out the truth as soon as possible, to restore the loss of his son Zhu.

Hardships Yingliaoguansi

70-year-old man is Jiangxia Zhifanggou Street, in the 1990s, he was the sixth Jiangxia Construction Engineering Corporation (jiangxia six built) middle-level cadres,parka moncler, the company's overseas project contracting business.

1996,,collana tiffany costo, Hubei Huazhong Underwater Engineering Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Central Company), by bidding too Huangshi City,,negozi peuterey torino, a water underwater engineering. Central part of the project will be one of the company subcontracted to of Jiangxia six construction, engineering funds collected by the father and son. After the completion of the project, the company for various reasons, Huazhong outstanding payments more than 340,hogan italia,000 yuan.

In 2004, his son Zhu Dexing Huazhong company will sue to Yellowstone City Court, attorney law firm is available Hubei Lu Hao, eventually won the case. Huangshi City Court ruling at the date of the judgment delivered Huazhong company within 10 days to pay 340,000 yuan for projects.

The empowerment and Lu Hao lawyer attorney signed clearly stated: Lu Hao agent entrusted only to appear, debate and mediation matters, Lu Hao is not authorized to receive execution models.

Lawyers receive 340,000 yuan slipped

The next few years,outlet hogan firenze, after Lu Hao lawyer repeatedly back and forth, Huangshigang District Court Executive Board in early 2008,woolrich nero, will perform its first paragraph 157,000 yuan to the son Zhu Jian Yun. Plus interest, the total amount of money the entire execution has reached more than 50 million. Zhu Jian Yun Yellowstone personally receive its first execution models. Executives told him that the rest of the money will be paid gradually.

Zhu Dexing one can build and jiangxia six,tiffany a torino, never received the money to perform. Zhu Yun was built in October 2010 went to Yellowstone,outlet serravalle woolrich,, executives told him: "! The rest of that money more than 340,moncler sito ufficiale 2013,000 yuan of execution has been granted to you the whole counsel of Lu Hao, Lu Hao money you go to it."

Executives said Lu Hao is holding six built jiangxia issued power of attorney to the court twice took the remaining 340,000 yuan to perform paragraph, first in December 5, 2008, took the seven million yuan; the second was in March 9,moncler lans, 2009,giubbotti moncler donna, took the 27 million.

Zhu Yun said he and his father built and jiangxia six built, never authorized commissioned paragraph Lu Hao lead generation, "Lu Hao to recipients power of attorney,, power of attorney on the seal, all false; issued to the court when the recipients of receipt,hogan interactive bianche, nor is issued Jiangxia six construction companies! "

Court is also a lawyer

The day before yesterday,giubbotto donna moncler, issued a written proof Jiangxia six built, said Lu Hao executed when collecting the remaining section of the show's attorney, was not issued by their company, its content and top seal was forged, financial seal, is a forgery.

Yesterday, a director surnamed Wang Huangshigang district court to monitor the room,,modelli woolrich, said Lu Hao Zhu did this money to his son, it is very unexpected, "the court does not want to happen!"

Huangshigang district court in charge of the implementation of a vice president, said Chen, Lu Hao to collect the remaining money when executed, produce the relevant documentary evidence, whether it is fake, it must identify the third party. "I really like the presence of hospital staff errors or omissions, we will certainly be dealt with according to the law in accordance with regulations."

Charles Ming Lu Hao court a few years ago to leave Hubei, in Shenzhen as a lawyer, but in the meantime I can not contact Lu Hao. Lu Hao is Yellowstone. "If Lu Hao suspected of crimes,moncler uomo outlet, we will report to the public security organs."

Expert: The court should first advance

Sen Hubei Health Law Firm lawyer Zhang Guozhen: In recent years,outlet firenze hogan, due to the body in the field of application executor can not travel to the courts to collect funds to perform, so that execution shall be forged power of attorney who took the things occur. The court, in issuing execution models,,orari spaccio woolrich bologna, should strictly examine proxy materials should be verified by the principal and other ways to protect the money safe offsite applicants. If the applicant is going to perform a lawyer to receive money, you should take the initiative to advance their own ID cards, bank accounts and other materials provided to the court for the card for executives.

and many legal experts said,prezzo moncler bambino, Huangshigang District Court can first be impersonator perform partial advance money to Zhu and his son. Yesterday, Zhu and his son to Huangshigang district court made this appeal. Chen, vice president of Huangshi Port District Court, said the court they are grassroots courts,, one to advance this much money, is unlikely. But he said the court will treat the matter as quickly as possible.