In order not to affect the other passengers

Yesterday was originally feidong boy Xiaowei (a pseudonym) to report to the University of the day, however,piumini moncler sito ufficiale, Feidong train station ticket office door, his mother puts him stop,,outlet milano hogan,, and finally tore up the share offer.

Mother and son stalemate and a half hours

Happened at about 10:00, witnesses recalled that, when a boy dragging a suitcase down from the cab,peuterey torino, ready to enter the ticket office to buy tickets. I did not expect it to play a middle-aged woman from the car followed the boy stopped outside the ticket office,piumini moncler outlet, seems obviously did not want to let him go.

In this way,giubotti moncler, the two deadlocked at the door, the woman kept talking to her boy, agitated, and the boy is deadpan, head down and said nothing. Women always pulled the boy's arm,, several wanted to take him away, but the boy is very strong, although not throw off the woman's hand, but is not willing to even move.

After half an hour at the entrance station,sito moncler ufficiale, they have no intention of yielding. There visitors feel wrong, notify the police on duty. Police to the scene after the two men asked that mother-child relationship,,piumini moncler sito ufficiale, the same day the boys are ready to take the train to Xiaowei a tertiary Jiangsu report,, the mother was blocked.

Entrance deliberately played disorders

In order not to affect the other passengers,, the two men back to the police duty room. In the duty room, the mother tell the whole matter. Xiaowei students take the exam this year,saldi moncler online, before the results have been also,outlet peuterey roma, "though not on one, two present no problem." The mother said,woolrich giubbotti uomo, but after the results came out, the only son of a college.

Initially, his mother thought it was Xiaowei play mad,nike tn requin 2013, they asked him to repeat, but Xiaowei mother heard the words, but is a direct reporting Jiangsu colleges and universities,hogan uomo outlet, and received a letter of acceptance. Later, Xiaowei told his mother that he liked to have a girlfriend, is registered for the institutions, so he deliberately played disorders,piumino moncler outlet, which can and his girlfriend went to the same school,, "if the test was high, and you certainly will not let I read college. "

After learning the truth, the mother repeatedly to persuade Xiaowei then think about it,riconoscere woolrich originale, but do not listen Xiaowei,woolrich outlet verona, self-serving bags packed. In desperation, the mother had before Xiaowei on the train, it stopped.

Mother tore admission notice

After a clear understanding of what has happened, the police had to comfort both sides, both sides want to think clearly. At the police mediation,moncler branson, the mother pulls the package from his son notices directly to tear up,outlet hogan torino, "There is no notice, and see how you go to school."

For mother's behavior, Xiaowei silent under the mediation of the police, he also promised to go back and think about it,hogan alte, "so the family opposition, in fact, I have been very hesitant." Then they left the station.

Reporters learned from the education sector,saldi woolrich roma, even if there is no admission notice, Xiaowei can also go to report, but would have some trouble on the process, and if he gave up the report,prezzi giubbotti moncler, next year can still be normal to take the exam,, no effect.

(Ideal Reporter correspondent Chen Li Meng)

(Original title: Mom son Station anger tear acceptance letter)