the contents surprised him

When customers purchase insurance to steal credit card information and passwords, Guangzhou police have arrested seven suspects

Express News correspondent correspondent Jiang Yongxin Zhangyi Tao Tan Huan customers to take advantage of the credit card to purchase auto insurance coverage, the clerk actually clone the customer's bank card and wild brush 1.56 million yuan.

Guangzhou police yesterday informed that recently destroyed a Weika fraudulent gang,moncler milano outlet, arresting seven suspects.

Last August 27 evening 10:40 or so,giubbino moncler, all of a victim received a series of two messages,woolrich costo, the contents surprised him,,negozi woolrich,, his name a bank savings card row was transferred out of 800,000 yuan,ciondoli tiffany prezzi, 760,woolrich uomo prezzi,000 yuan two monumental amount funds. All of a rushed checked and found himself still in the bank card,peuterey jacket, bank card stolen brush realized,piumini woolrich outlet online,, he immediately call the bank customer service phone and alarm calls.

Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment received a huge amount of fraudulent cases after this case. After the exclusion of multiple time points, the police found a suspicious link: Last March 31,, an insurance company salesman about the initiative to call all of a travel credit card to purchase auto insurance and pay premiums. At 0:00 on April 1, the card balance Jibei others queried.

Two aspects linked to the direction of the investigation aimed at the police suspect a major insurance company clerk Dengmou. After around Dengmou investigation, Wie and other suspects have entered the police's attention. After a lot of forensic work,,scarpe hogan sito ufficiale,, police finally locked the main suspect. In mid-November last year,giubbotti bambino moncler, the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment conduct unified action, deng has captured seven suspects and seized skimming devices,,moncler chevalier, readers,tiffany bracciale cuore prezzo, portable computers and bank cards and other tools for committing crimes.

Preliminary investigation, when the victim, who Dengmou all of a credit card to buy insurance,moncler collezione 2011, the use of pre-prepared side recorder fraudulent bank card magnetic stripe data and peeping password. Back to the temporary office,tn requin pas cher, the reader through laptops and other cloned victim's bank card and check the balance of 100 million. Subsequently,scarpe hogan uomo prezzi, deng contact Wie,piumini moncler outlet online, who help cash card,, shared equally between the two sides. Wie,scarpe uomo hogan, who then gathered Limou contact POS machines and cash party. Last August 27, deng,giubbotti moncler outlet, who went to Zhongshan, Zhuhai,outlet cadriano woolrich, swipe 1.56 million yuan,maglioni woolrich, after the adoption of the "underground banks" convertible into nearly 2 million Hong Kong dollars.