Woman says husband

January 11 near 10:00 pm, Ms. Dai,modelli moncler donna, who lives in Nanjing Rehe Road call 110, "I put a person at home, stabbed, and you come." Police and emergency doctors arrived on the scene,sito tiffany, saw the man Dongmou covered in blood lying on the ground, died due to injuries too. Ms. Dai was then taken away by police. Her family told the Modern Express reporter,giubbotto simile al woolrich, Dongmou promised high interest rates, so that Ms. Dai Dongnuexijie,http://comcom-10.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3545098, invested more than 100 million around the Dongmou a project,scarpe hogan outlet donna, the results of the drain. In the evening, to discuss repayment Dongmou matters, the two sides quarrel. "The man pushed a mother, my mother picked up a fruit knife, stabbed him down." Ms. Dai's daughter said. Currently Miss Dai has been under criminal detention.

Modern Express reporter Zhao Shoucheng

9-year-old daughter says

Dispute, the mother picked up a fruit knife

That night the cold weather, the neighbors in the house heard police cars and ambulances outside sped to realize that the murder happened residential buildings. Yesterday morning, the Modern Express reporter came to this building residential buildings near the road,http://tukipie.net/audiobook/index.cgi, near several boss mom was a lot of police and doctors rushed up the stairs, and have a will to lift a man down, and then saw the female police headed away.

Insiders said that when the police went in, I saw a large share of blood on the ground, the man lying on the ground, left chest has a few centimeters long hole in the blood, the body is full of blood. Female heads of households hold him, trying to give him first aid. Man boobs pressing emergency doctors do cardiac resuscitation, but because of his injuries, did not rescue came.

The houses of the living room with an open ward,woolrich blizzard parka, laying wooden floors, the reporter saw,woolrich 2013, there are not wiped clean of blood on the floor. Male head of the household that night of the incident, he has something out, Ms. Dai home only his wife and 9-year-old daughter. Then listen to her daughter, said the man and wife quarrel, a man pushed his wife, the wife must be very angry, picked up a fruit knife stabbed in the past. Unfortunately, just poke in the heart of men, to see the man fell down, terrified wife, and quickly dialed 110.

Woman says husband

Man borrowed more than 100 million, has been dragging not yet

The two sides dispute the rumor triggered by economic conflicts, Ms. Dai Dongmou lent more than 100 million. In this regard, the father told the Modern Express reporter,costume moncler, wife really lend Dongmou over 100 million Dongmou promises to pay much higher interest rates than banks, but has been dragging not honored, "the family is very difficult,http://www.gfgjylpingtai.org/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1825370, the money is from relatives borrowed,http://etx.galaxies.jp, not yet long delay, his wife has been very anxious. "

Male head of the household, said his wife in a plastic factory work before, 67 years ago the factory closed down,scarpe hogan interactive, she would at home with children. The second half of 2012 was introduced to the Dongmou Dongmou lives manufacturers, about 40 years old, Ms. Fudge Dai said he had a good project at hand, much-needed funds,peuterey scontati, leaving the money in there to get much higher than the bank interest. Miss Dai believed, took home more than 30 million cast all their savings into it. Start Dongmou also disloyal,http://www.yournewstartup.com/forum/profile.php?id=15917, sometimes ten thousand yuan to pay interest, so Ms. Dai tasted the sweetness point. Stand up Dongmou flicker, Ms. Dai successively from her mother brought $ 400,000 from her mother where she brought $ 200,000, brought from the child aunt at $ 100,000. "The money is everyone all their savings at home, some still take the total of more than 100 million, all invested in the project Daimou." Said the head of household.

In addition to the pre-payment of interest may Daimou outside,collana tiffany, then it can not honor their commitments, even the principal is not yet played. After Ms. Dai dropped more than 30 million, he threatened to have to continue to invest an additional,scarpe hogan donna prezzi, otherwise he left Nanjing, it is hard to find him. In this way, the hole is growing, Ms. Dai trouble. New Year approached,anelli tiffany outlet, relatives were forced to repay creditors outside, Ms. Dai has also stepped up to Dongmou Dunning debt. 11 evening, when Dongmou come to discuss this, the two sides clashed. Male head of the household,giubbotto moncler, said Dongmou big man, strong, and if the wife is not a rival rally, the wife is accidentally stabbed down before him. However,rivenditori woolrich bari, these claims have not been confirmed by police.

After the incident

Children are always crying

Urgent need of psychological counseling

Male heads of households said that now he is very worried about her daughter's safety old daughter was 9 years old,http://www.lager.co.jp/blog/sb.cgi, primary school. Time of the incident she was at home,parka peuterey, witnessed something in the process,http://www.prco.jp/~shake/apeboard/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=10/, and that will hurt the bloody scene hearts of young children. "After the event, the children just cry, we are afraid to ask what was happening, for fear she will stimulate memories."

Male head of the household, said her daughter particularly "sticky" Mom, wife, housewife, do not work, these years have been at home with her daughter. I usually pick her daughter from school to school,moncler giubbotto donna, and sometimes pick grandmother, she would ask how my mother did not come today. Mother was taken away after the accident, I do not know what kids these days, adults often ask, "how my mother is not home, and when she came back to it,woolrich outlet italy, I think my mother."

"Last night when you sleep,http://soumousin.seesaa.net, the child is still old asked her mother where, and how not to come back, I could not help listening Zhi Tang tears." Grandma said red eyes in the side.

Schools have psychological counseling teacher,peuterey hurricane, male-headed obey Modern Express reporter suggested to contact the school to prepare teachers for the children to do psychological counseling, to reduce it to the child caused by psychological shadow.

Lawyers say

What charges facing allegations

Depends on many factors, such as motivation

Lawyer Jiang Su Xuanbo item Bin said Ms. Dai debtors stabbing at home, it must be held liable. Faces charges of which should refer to a variety of factors. If it is a man made an appointment to talk about things,peuterey baby, we should look at what the situation is headed maid picked up a knife stabbing each other is self-defense, or active attacks? Under what circumstances will depend on each other in the assassination, in general, a single woman can not fight the able-bodied men, because the physical disparity between the two sides. If the parties to a conflict, stabbing a man in women's defense, there are over-defense problem. This woman in the men's knowledge of the initiative would like stabbing each other, not the same sentence.

Xiang Bin lawyer said Ms. Dai could face charges of three kinds, namely negligence causing death, two intentional injury, three intentional homicide. What exactly is facing charges of,spaccio woolrich veneto, to the details of each other's motives in accordance with stabbing her with a knife.