Yu Jing was a little high so happy

"I can not explain it open to children, parents should do a failing marriage ruin the future of the child's school?" After attending high school parent interview a famous small rise early, and Ms. Yang grief stricken. In an interview before the teacher when she admits that she's divorced status,offerte hogan, immediately felt the other side of the question clearly and coldly: "I later learned that some schools do not accept single-parent families, children,peuterey uomo prezzi, even if the child is very good, they think children have psychological shadow, Education is not easy. "In this case the reporter from the mouth has been confirmed over the parents,giacca uomo peuterey, so the parents in a small rise in early spread of" divorce have to wait until after the interview "argument.

According to statistics,stock woolrich, in 2011 the country to break the couple divorced two million pairs per year to 1 million increments single-parent children, these children faced with various difficulties, some of them were abandoned once their loved ones, they are confronted with abandon society, was thrown to the community way to the edge, who can pull them out? Although there are public service who lend a helping hand, but the weak force is not enough.

The assassination of his father twice

Professor daughter's "secret"

Those kids out of school and left home parent is different, Lin Yun (a pseudonym) has been a girl was the envy of their peers, young and beautiful, with honors,stemma moncler, his father was a university professor. However, no one knows, the 18-year-old girl's "secret", she had determined to personally killed his father and then committed suicide.

After two attempts to assassinate his father,hogan outlet sito ufficiale, desperate Lin Yun wrote a long letter, sent to Gao Jing. Gao Jing is a legal worker,hogan torino,http://www.cnd2.com/d2home/space.php?uid=97048&do=blog&id=1353156, founded in 2004, "Beijing single child intimate hotline" to persist for many years the identity of relief charity single child. Lin Yun is in the newspaper happened to know of her existence. "To see her twenty thousand words long letter, I feel very shocked, a girl suffered domestic violence for so many years, no one to help her, if I can not in time to stop her patricide plan,http://www.68.lt/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=60812, a family certainly would be finished. "Nearly 10 years on the high Yu Jing help single-parent children million, while cloud forest is to make her one of the most impressive.

In the long letter in the cloud forest tell their "secret", although she is well-off family, the father is Kochi, I did not know she was at home face is how violence. "From an early age,http://www.ynjoy.cn/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=30406, I was often beaten by his father, he was a little small breach, it will inevitably physical pain. Elementary school, I often scared afraid to go home after school, I once hid in the dark on the outside, is After my father, like being caught like carry chicks carry her home, after the meal kicked, I was him a heavy slap knocked to the ground, the next day after waking up in pain Huoshaohuoliao ear, to the hospital to check the eardrum bleeding, but my father is not even a little uneasy guilt, since I never called him Dad opening ...... "

Why do that to her daughter a professor? According to Lin Yun father later explained that it was all due to the suffering of marriage vent, causing some hasty marriage of two people of the tragedy, to save face, he has been reluctant to divorce, the character has become more and more violent, the child into his "punching bag." For many years, to the cloud forest, the most feared thing is to go home,negozi peuterey, because the parents are not at home waiting for her father's endless bickering is kicking, she often have to wait for my father to sleep dare to go home, just to find in the kitchen points leftovers to eat. Until three days, the parents finally divorced, but because my mother already had remarried objects being thrown cloud forest father.

Father after the divorce irascible character more withdrawn. After again being beaten gratuitous, Lin Yun moved to kill, she took a kitchen knife, went into his father's bedroom, a knife in an instant, she screamed uncontrollably awakened father, she was seized under the knife and hit the nose bleeding. After this incident, the father of the chopper at home locked up, Lin Yun secretly bought a knife hidden in a drawer, plan of action again. Before acting, she went to her mother With the last glimmer of hope, has remarried after her mother heard her crying, although very sad, but has not said that to take her away, she was devastated. Late one night a few days later, remove the cloud forest had prepared knives,http://bbs.0546jz.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=148746, striking the father to bed ......

From victim to evil

The tragedy could have been avoided

Lin Yun ultimately failed to kill his father, in the stabbing of her father at the moment,http://www.eetops.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, did not sleep a father suddenly stood up, knife stabbed in the bed of a deep hole.

Standing in their own downstairs, the girl cried and tell the face of high Yu Jing more than an hour. Lin Yun's father, was an unhappy marriage torture has gray hair are not 50 years old, he begged Gao Jing: "Please help me persuade you and so on,hogan uomo, never stop to kill me,woolrich cappotti, I'm really afraid." Gao Jing agreed to his request, provided that the child can no longer fight. Faced with her knife, the "violent man" tearful vowed: "I will not move a finger and so on ......"

Finally do not have to live in fear, Lin Yun final honors admitted to the university. Put down the knife in his hand, her heart to set aside hate it? These years of experience will leave the hearts of young girls in what? No one knows.

In Gao Jing's help, Lin Yun ultimately did not resort to self-destructive path, however, and the cloud forest in some similar story, the real tragedy happened. Gao Jing is most reluctant to recall a single called rustling boy, he and cloud forest, as the father of the family have been subjected to violence,http://www.changshabaoyang.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=268473, even after her parents divorced, and my father would come home drunk and beat her mother still smacking, the rustling had been played fainted to the hospital for treatment. In the case of assistance to no avail, the rustling decided to "self-help", he personally hacked his father. This is the case when the shock from the patricide Beijing.

It is the story of rustling, just let Gao Jing germination of the idea of helping single child, and shortly after the opening of the "single child intimate hotline." She said: "In the children to me for help, and never again be a second rustling." But for many years in the past, in many single-parent families, the tragedy continues.

"Compared to the previous single-parent children suffer more destruction of domestic violence, the situation is more serious suffered sexual assault, both boys and girls, after they have been infringed, do not know who to turn to,peuterey prezzi 2013, do not know to protect themselves, and finally go against others A child so ruined. "Not long ago, Gao Jing exposure to a single boy,riconoscere woolrich originale, actually in the online" selling "themselves, ask for help and nurturing, and after the boy talked to Gao Jing know why he would come to this. "He had run away from home experience, wandering over a period of time in the community, being a grown woman raped, and slowly he felt betrayed by their own tastes delicious exchange also seems good, so always wanted to go to indulge." Other children were raped after psychological twist, day nostalgia nightclubs,tiffany portachiavi, and even participate in gang sex crime. "Single parent from the child's suicide crime rose 40 percent in 2000 to the current 50% to 60%, if we can intervene early, they may not go down this road." Gao Jing deeply worried.

Welfare assistance

How much force volunteers

Yu Jing was a little high so happy, now that she is not alone, there are already volunteers to join her ranks.

In a dilapidated residential area Dashanlan, high-Yu Yu Jing and volunteers came to the small red strong single child home. Due to bad homework, school, he was sentenced to "death" - "definitely not get into high school", in order Zhengkou Qi, Xiaoqiang hotline for assistance to single parents. After chatting for a while, I quickly familiar red and a little strong, and she Xiaoqiang said: "little brother, I am also a single parent a child, I had low self-esteem, have thought about suicide, but in the end, I still want to know the truth You want to hear it "curious eyes at the little stronger, I had to change the red to say a word in her life:"? You do not have the right to choose their parents, nor the right to choose a happy family, but also the right to have the ability to choose their own way of life . "This sentence is more than a few years ago when the red Gao Jing to help first time I heard of, then, she was a regular girl truancy problem.

From callers into helping others, was the major turning point in life than red. Elementary school, because the class once filling, I did not follow the requirements of red fill her mother,borse woolrich, was in front of the whole class teacher asked: "Why do not you fill my mother?" The students, "she had no mother!" Burst of laughter, the remainder red speechless crying because she did not have her mother's life, where there is no account of this, after her parents divorced and her father live together. Since then, she was often absent from school,woolrich sconto, sometimes one week gone forever.

After understanding Gao Jing, in her encouragement and help, more than red knot slowly opened, the results from the original class last slowly caught up, and finally admitted to the North outside. Over the years she has been and Gao Jing to keep in touch,http://yxhtjwh.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=553242, and eventually decided to make a child's parent volunteers to help, because she knows best single child that feelings of hopelessness, "they too need someone to pull one up."

Registration initiative to help children in single-parent volunteers of them, the largest number of legal workers and law school students,moncler donna outlet, high-Yu Jing said they had helped some kids playing a lawsuit, sued their irresponsible parents,moncler giubbotti donna, asking them to do obligations dependent, assume the child support payments. In addition, a lot of single-parent children with mental disorders, some volunteers are a psychiatrist, they will in their spare time and these kids talk, the main work of student volunteers are the holidays, when some obligations to children in need makeup.

Professional social intervention

Can copy rescue mode

According to Gao Yu Jing,scarpe hogan interactive, at present there is no government or social welfare agencies tube single child's questions, the reporter learned that,http://bbs.fobhost.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=204784, in the Haidian District of public welfare assistance programs have been implemented, although the face is idle unemployed youth out of school community, but a large part of single-parent children.

"In 2010, idle youth crime rate has reached 50%. They are a group of school children families thrown into the margins of society, only one step away from crime, and some children had been forced to transfer 10 times, many from divorced families. "Haidian District Youth League's project leader, told this reporter that they and professional social firms jointly implemented" Operation Rainbow "is to provide help and rescue these children a public project.

Such aid is more psychological level, professional social workers to their jobs Yang Yuanyuan summarized as "accompany growth", not preaching, not the management, but these children become trusted friends. 6 years,woolrich offerte, more than 200 of the 403 social workers help children return to school and social edge.

However, hovering in the margins of society single child may need more. For Gao Jing deeply concerned that runaway homeless children, Haidian Weinrib firms are also trying to rescue, but still in the stage of investigation thoroughly. "Our strength alone is not enough, if there is no government interest and involvement,hogan a poco prezzo, the child's parent does not fundamentally change the situation." Gao Jing said.

(Original title: Social Assistance intractable dilemma single child)