They always get along harmoniously

College students were inexplicable slash

● series of four knives! The bone knife! Although lucky life insurance, and discharged in the foreseeable future

● In case of disaster when a part-time,; police say move from small knives to injure the conflict between colleagues

"Shoulder knife! Back knife! Abdominal knife! Finally, his face still added something knife!" Ten days ago, Sun Yat-sen a sophomore Kong Chai (a pseudonym) in Haizhu District Sand Park Pizza Hut to do part-time when suddenly another one Staff even four knife wounds, life was dying. Today Kong Chai has been out of danger,scarpe hogan, but the pain caused by the wounds are still tormented him all the time.

This indignity let him quite odd,hollister, because he still does not know, what is the reason for no injustice Wu Chou, under pain of his colleagues so murderous.

Bizarre colleague was chopped four knives

This year 23-year-old Sun Yat Kong Chai is a sophomore chemistry major. In order to save money to go to Africa to support education,sac chanel, he found a part-time job at Pizza Hut Park in Haizhu sand,scarpe hogan, is mainly responsible for the kitchen Qiebi Sa. Due to the work atmosphere is better,scarpe hogan,, Kong Chai at Pizza Hut is one to do four months. According to Kong Chai recalled that two weeks ago,woolrich donna, the store came a new colleague Liang, in his thirties. Because of their previous experience in cooking, like Kong Chai Liang after duty and was assigned to work in the kitchen.

They always get along harmoniously, until June 1 in the afternoon. "That is more than 15:00, is already preparing to work in time. Because I'm going to the final exam,, so that the good done for the time being do not do that day." For what happened that day, Kong Chai remember. "At the time I count a total of three individual kitchen. A busy making bread, a salad busy doing,louboutin pas cher,, because it was going baked pizza,, I'm cutting the cake."

At this time,, the original break in the kitchen Liang suddenly rushed towards Kong Chai neck knife hack past. "At that time everyone was busy, rushed to see him thought it was a joke." Kong Chai said, but the knife down, he found his neck full of blood, scared he : "! Why are you ah", then also did not finish,moncler outlet, Liang second knife down again! This time in the back, side cut also telling them: "I told you string ah it!" (Cantonese: told you so arrogant). Kong Chai twice after his body fell to the ground immediately,sac chanel, but has not ended Liang atrocities. "My son was already sitting on the ground, the man still in his abdomen position drew a knife,abercrombie pas cher, and finally do not vent, a knife in his face again." The mother heard the news came from Huizhou Schilling afterwards learned something in the mouth son colleague After hair.

Was hovering in front of the gates of hell

According to a colleague Kong Chai said, Liang fled after the violence, "and later learned that he turned himself in to the police station." The Kong Chai is down in a pool of blood. Everyone immediately be sent to the restaurant near the Pearl River hospital. Kong Chai was in critical condition due to excessive bleeding. "The doctor had told us that the children can look at it through the night,air max pas cher, if not very likely in a vegetative state." Here, Schilling can not help choking. According to the hospital afterwards provided to families in which a surgical report,, Kong Chai cheek obvious facial wounds, cuts leading to some under the cheek bone is exposed, the left part of the blood vessels of the neck wound exposed, "bleeding obvious" and other words many times .

Fortunately,scarpe hogan, due to the rescue in time,nike tn pas cher, Kong Chai finally out of danger, in a coma for two days after woke up. Reporters at the hospital the day before Pearl saw Kong Chai, although the situation has begun to stabilize, but the body is still very weak Kong Chai. Has not been able to walk, every cough will cough up blood,scarpe hogan, and pain caused by wounds still tormented him all the time. "At night have to fight analgesics to sleep, sleep often nightmares, dreaming someone stabbed him in the back." According to their mothers photo shots, leaving minimal scars Kong Chai around the body has three centimeters long,louboutin pas cher, left cheek that period was as long scar on five centimeters, "the doctor says the scars are permanent,, to be restored to rely on plastic surgery in the future, and discharged in the foreseeable future." Schilling sighed.

What actually rancor fatal knife,abercrombie pas cher?

What are the causes of the risk of such murderous Kong Chai? "I really do not know!" Kong Chai said the issue since he has been plagued by injuries after him. "I told him quite good ah." Kong Chai said, because Liang newcomer to the kitchen of his colleagues special care, "What do not we will teach him. He is in charge of noodles, and sometimes he busy I will help him to do, how will the contradiction? Is not I always help people to work, so that he feels I am string it? "Kong Chai baffled.

Another colleague ay Kong Chai said Liang since entry work very hard, but have been reticent. Kong Chai usually will talk to her colleagues from the other restaurants, but never showing any resentment against Liang and contradictions. "Even if we have any conflicts,louboutin, you hit him several punches no problem, fatal knife you need it?" Schilling said the mother, now she hopes police can solve the case as soon as possible, to give an account of Kong Chai.

Police say:

Small conflicts brewing trouble

Pizza Hut aspect confirmed to reporters that the restaurant does have a sand garden stores similar incidents. The restaurant staff quickly afterwards Kong Chai to a nearby hospital,hollister pas cher, due to the rescue in time,hollister, Kong Chai finally out of danger. Pizza Hut on the matter quite seriously, as an employer promised to assume responsibility and moral.

For the case of development, Haizhu District Public Security Bureau yesterday responded that the suspect has been detained. According to his account, the reason for such behavior is due to a number of small conflicts. Because the case is still in the investigation stage, the police also need for further investigation. (Text / Yangcheng Evening News reporter He Weijie)

(Original title: When college students were part-time colleague slash inexplicable series of four knives,hogan, knife the bone)