plus 260 million

Beijing Times (Reporter correspondent Huang Shuo Zhang Shuling) Li Yang Crazy English founder of the divorce case of strong execution and then turmoil. Li wife (Kim) Li Yang did not also apply strong enforcement funds, Li said the opposition put 12 million yuan has been fully repaid. Both algorithms,chaussures louboutin hommes, Chaoyang Court has opened hearings investigation. Yesterday morning, Chaoyang Court ruling on the implementation of objections identified, Li actual payment of 7,323,792.09 yuan.

Yesterday, 8:30,,louboutin, Li on a yellow windbreaker, look confident smile appeared in court in front of the sun. Reporters found that waiting to pay tribute to her side security side. Li Yang himself did not appear in court, sentencing was delayed half an hour because of a lawyer.

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12 million have been paid

Li Chaoyang court to strong enforcement, Li mention opposition said that he has actually paid off discount section 12 million yuan of property decisions.

Li Yang said that he and Li signed a "property to fulfill the agreement." Own property in the Edinburgh area in the name of Li, Li paid off "Edinburgh Property" loan of $ 82 million; Li sold "Edinburgh property", won 5.4 million yuan; entrust myself to sister Li Ning Li Gold 4 million yuan; Li himself through the courts gave 2.6 million yuan. So, they have to pay off the 12 million yuan.

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Li Yang gave only 3.42 million

Li argued,, Li only paid himself 3,woolrich donna,423,louboutin femme pas cher,792.09 yuan, which contains 2.6 million yuan Li Yang delivered through the courts,tn pas cher, and Li Yang as "Edinburgh Property" loan payments 823,louboutin pas cher,792.09 yuan. In addition, the remaining funds should continue.

Li said,tiffany outlet, "Edinburgh Property" this is registered in their own name, their own personal property, it has nothing to do with the selling of 5.4 million yuan Li Yang. In addition,air jordan homme pas cher, the first trial that he received 3.9 million yuan,moncler outlet,, Li Ning, Li Ning, but the money is to own, nothing to do with Li Yang.

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Li Yang has paid 7, million

Chaoyang court that the two men signed the "property to fulfill the agreement" is not in the lawsuit or execution reached,louboutin homme pas cher, non-enforceable. If a party fails to perform or not fully comply, the other party may apply to the implementation of a final judgment in the first instance.

The two sides in accordance with the application, "Edinburgh property" does not split when the couple divorced. Li Yang,hogan sito ufficiale, Li advocated selling 5.4 million yuan of funds shall be set off against the property as part of its judgment, the court shall not be supported.

Court hearing,air max pas cher, Li Ning Li Yang testified four million yuan is subject to the judgment of the property entrusted money off against Li and Li Yang should be identified as paid by the court to pay Li Yang,abercrombie france, plus 260 million, as well as Li-approved Li Yang to pay 823,792.09 yuan Edinburgh property, the court ruled that Li Yang has been paid 7,,chaussures louboutin hommes,323,,792.09 yuan.

After the ruling,boutique louboutin paris, announced Li said it would consider whether to go back for reconsideration. She insisted that the Li Ning to own 400 million, not on behalf of Li Yang finds its payments. Meanwhile, Li said he was doing well and the kids, the kids at the same time,hogan outlet, they will be trained on early childhood education to parents, also wrote a book about early childhood education,air jordan homme pas cher, "I do not stop him see the child," Lee Jin said Li Yang will and their own contact via SMS,, "Valentine's Day also send text messages,, I wish a happy holiday."

(Original title: Li Yang, the court finds that more than 4.0 million owed to his ex-wife)