" "My head of my regiment

Eight years ago, an "A World Without Thieves" made a star or extras Baoqiang,boutique louboutin paris, which carries so many people hesitate star dream come eighty-one film base, hoping one day to become the second "Shagen children . " Served as "flying the flag" deputy director Sohn is to seize this mentality, monopoly Bayi film base to recruit extras business, thus big money. After half a month of investigation, Fengtai police recently smashed the gang. Currently, Sohn was forced trading on suspicion of criminal detention, 22 associates were arrested for restriction of personal freedom, fraud and trouble in criminal detention.

Labor disputes attention of the police

Between June to October, Yungang Fengtai Public Security Bureau police station received a report on many occasions, is located in Fengtai Yungang region occurred more than eighty film base similar labor disputes, most of these people are film base of extras, because hiring party and the police do not give a reward. But after the two sides came to the police station, hiring party attitude changed significantly, they not only wage compensation quickly,louboutin femme pas cher, but also an apology consultation. Extras to get a reward no longer pursue the matter,http://www.investinginmauritania.org/index.php/forum/startup-queries/255957-his-greatest-desire-is-to-let-my-fellow-workers-safe-on-every-day-to-go-home#255962, but such cases of multiple in the same region, which caused the vigilance of the police station.

Police in the investigation that in the past two years,louboutin femme pas cher, business has been contracted by extras Zhuanghu brigade responsible for a company.

Police immediately start from the outside and call out for nearly four months related to 110 alarm, warning people to take other measures to individually visit gradually locked the gang responsible deputy director Sohn.

Rented farm house at the height of 8

According to police investigators, Fengtai Criminal Investigation Unit Zhang Mingming introduced Bayi film base extras market began a bit confusing, each crew is to site temporary recruitment,chaussures louboutin hommes, and the film base every day, hundreds of extras needed with the show. In 2009, the company responsible for the recruitment of a deputy director Sohn actor initiative to find the time to see the manager Zhuanghu brigade after the market,abercrombie france, hoping to contract under the base film extras business.

The two sides signed a contract soon, Sohn Zhuanghu brigade to pay a fee each year,http://www.midmopigskin.com/cgi-bin/guestbook/guestbook.cgi, while Zhuanghu brigade will recruit extras discretionary powers to Sohn.

Since then, Sohn in the name of the Screen Actors Guild's contract recruitment. She rented a family of four or five people can live in a farm house near the base film Jiafen village forest, named a peaceful courtyard. Zhang Mingming told reporters, Sohn business bigger and bigger, she gradually hire seven Jiafen farm house in the forest village, Fangshan District, Chaoyang Village and other places, and elected from each yard extras extras and his men responsible person, known as the "main hospital", responsible for managing the Court of extras.

This is only a selection of extras

Sohn Zhang men have been following her, so Zhang is both peaceful courtyard of the main hospital, the main hospital is also in charge of the other seven homes. Zhang Mingming said Sohn monopoly extras Bayi film base market, the use of film base Zhuanghu brigade security management rights, let the security gate to prevent other extras or groups besides her outside into the film base Lanhuo, if not her film crew extras, they must pay high fees.

According to police, the men's main hospital Sohn often beaten extras, once an actor because people do not want to shoot in poor health, but the main hospital has no men available, and he asked sick extras adhere to filming , but was refused, the name of the Lord angrily hospital extras shut up and find people and wounded him.

In addition, some main hospital relied on numerous extras badass men, one day in August of this year, a candidate to the film base candidates do camera assistant, two men with their visit to the film base in verbal threat to rob candidates by 200 yuan, and the other can not tell the police.

340 police officers carried out the net

Sohn mastered the evidence led by the gang after October 26,air jordan homme pas cher, at 4:00,woolrich outlet,http://www.autismecharente.fr, Fengtai police mobilized more than 340 police officers came to the film base station, the gang carried out a focused action to close the net. In order to prevent gang members fled Sohn, dozens of police cars surrounded the eight night rallying point Sohn farm house, on-site collection of controlled knives, sticks and other tools of crime.

Most of the "School of the Lord" have adopted a pseudonym, and eight total of more than 160 hospital extras, the police will include extras, including more than 160 people back to the police station all night investigation.

According to police reports, the night only to trial testimony of material together, they pile up to 50 cm, after review,chaussures louboutin hommes, the eight members of the hospital owners and Zhang, Sohn men are screened out. And the police will go to another team Sohn located in Yanjiao residence under her control. Sohn opened in Liuliqiao to provide extras Wu,http://www.chrisadamsperfumes.com/index.php?item/create_form/1, who is also the police found.

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Eighty-one film base

1993,http://heriliuhui.com/news/html/?190982.html, August First Film Studio in Fengtai Yungang Zhuanghu brigade area built film base, and provide a venue for major TV drama shot Republican period. The base covers an area of 705 acres and a building area of 83,300 square meters, is the only one multi-purpose military film production base. Many have come to the base of the filming crew,http://www.zztszy.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=616960, including the "Curse of the Golden Flower," "My head of my regiment," "Founding of the Republic" and other television work.

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Quotations Baoqiang dormitory wall plastered

Reporters yesterday came Sohn rented peaceful courtyard, hospital stocked with a variety of film props and posters, but also store a large cabbage. According to Zhang Mingming, all these extras everyday life is very difficult, although the "main hospital" Guanchiguanzhu promise, but the basic meal of boiled noodles are white. For convenience, the main hospital in each hospital to store a lot of cabbage in the yard for extras consumption.

Not only eat hard, extras living environment is also very simple. In a 20 square meter room, the reporter saw a total of six bunk beds stacked. Although a cold winter, the house is still no heating. While pulling a few laundry line between beds.

Farm house into the hall, the room close to a performer Baoqiang photos posted beside many Baoqiang once said. "These quotations are Baoqiang Sohn and extras affixed to the main hospital, they often experience these extras to brainwashing by Baoqiang fame." Zhang Mingming explained.

"As long as you like, as long as the effort, and then the distant, will be successful in." This is Baoqiang once said in an interview then, and is now being posted on these extras in the room, too, and these actors Baoqiang extras like, once in each crew being removed,louboutin homme pas cher, precisely because of the success stories of these extras did not hesitate to take root in the film base, and brainwashed by Sohn and others, many people believe that they have the opportunity to become the next a Baoqiang.

"But there are lines of faceless TV drama are always opportunities Lunbu Shang these extras." Zhang Mingming told reporters that once the crew is required to show his face there any lines of extras, these "main hospital" and Sohn's men will be on their own,louboutin femme pas cher, never give chance to other extras. This is almost cut off from the other hand, these extras this is not a high chance of fame.

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End of shape career as an actor

Sohn is a 43 year Tianjin, her statement to the police had said she wanted to earn some money, but with the attitude to earn more and more began to change. Sohn claimed was originally a quite pretty actress and acted in a number of film and television work, but a car accident ruin her career,abercrombie soldes, her large doses of hormone therapy drugs,louboutin homme pas cher, resulting in out of shape can not be restored. Since then, she was cast as a deputy director,abercrombie pas cher,http://www.miaotoo.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, responsible for recruiting actors. The film base confusing extras recruited way to make her see the benefits,air jordan pas cher, so she began to recruit staff monopoly eighty-one film base extras market.

With increasing income snowballed, had planned to make some money at the base, she also changed his mind on the extras exploited to form a huge network of interests, actors company, Sohn, hospital main floor layer becomes drawn into a vicious circle. Sohn received by the large number of illegal income, but she still kept a low profile,chaussures louboutin hommes, usually open a 10 million yuan Sylphy out, she was very far away from the film base Yanjiao bought a villa. As the business matured late, Sohn only one week to film base once or twice,chaussures louboutin hommes, mainly contract and take the money.

"Trick play gangs" exploited extras monopoly crew recruitment group play skillfully set of names to benefit

Sohn, who was in the police control, this monopoly Bayi film base extras market "trick play gang" was also to find out the police, Sohn,hogan outlet 2015, who monopolize the crew stationed recruit extras, even a monopoly for the masses to order lunch business. In addition, the exploitation of the interests of the chain of extras, Sohn and hospital owners deducted the most extras salary, transportation allowance and overtime. Reporter Wang Sheng

■ monopoly to force the crew to check the terms of Overlord

Sohn stationed crew must recruit extras, extras and even to eat lunch with Sohn also must provide.

The police investigation found that Sohn requires all crew must come to the base of her arrangements of extras, crew bring your own if you have extras admission, each person will have to pay an additional fee of 50 yuan a day. The crew of the extras they could not shoot scenes in one day, so this became a crew more than one out of expenses. To remain silent film crew stationed in bases and Sohn are only signed a contract extras.

To increase revenue, Sohn also monopolized the film base business lunch, she uses Zhuanghu brigade film base security management rights, let the security gate to prevent the crew comes into the film base lunch. If the crew does not buy her lunch provided, Sohn does not allow the crew to continue shooting the film base.

All the crew can only be ordered in Sohn extras at lunch, so again Sohn also pay a food,woolrich outlet, the cost per meal extras to pay 25 yuan, while the cost of a lunch is only 10 yuan so, most of which have also been pumped Sohn.

Moreover, Sohn also founded a film base leader system,louboutin homme pas cher, the crew that day in her recruiting extras where more than 20 people each, she would assign a leader, this leader is not filming, primarily responsible for the management and mediation extras disputes, a day at an additional cost of $ 200 to be paid by the crew.

■ deductions exploited actor reward

In addition to the actor's salary deduction, Sohn also skillfully set of names from the crew there to ask the actor transportation allowance, overtime, accommodation,christian louboutin homme, etc., but also all the money into the pockets of Sohn.

After the crew agreed that the number of extras and the price is good, she will employ specific matters referred to Lee in charge. Lee will be the number of extras film base to be used every day to tell the hospital advocates a peaceful courtyard, and then notify each other through the Academy of Master Zhang, Academy of each main actor quota according to their organizational actors to film base job.

After each work by Lee Sohn trapped for most circulated hospital after the main hospital, the main hospital then trapped after minimal wages distributed according to the number of extras, extras will receive wages, and even some main hospital no extras to pay compensation, but Guanchiguanzhu.

In consultation with the crew, Sohn will ask each of extras such as travel expenses and other costs accommodation, while her hands extras are hired by her chauffeur overall pick, each farm house accommodation is also resolved to ask this fee it went into the pockets of Sohn.

Extras workday is eight hours, but a lot of the filming crew will be working overtime to beat late, Sohn also often ask for overtime pay to the crew, they will not give one point for overtime extras, but also all the stuffed Sohn and the main hospital in his pocket.

According to police investigators, Fengtai Criminal Investigation Unit, some extras will reward the work of tens of dollars a day, the last real money into their hands will probably not even 10 yuan,http://vistamenu.com/menu-dynamique-xp.html, "a considerable part of these extras have no complaints, they think it is The only way to fame. "Meanwhile, the Academy of primary and men widespread beatings extras phenomenon.

Individual and extras will take place after the main hospital in the months get compensation disputes, while the main hospital will not easily pay compensation actors, extras and only in the report, the two sides back to the police station, the main hospital will return reward drastic change attitudes get money extras will not want to be held. In this way so that long-term control of the gang led by Sohn extras market base.