because lives hang District

YORK, Dec. 16 hearing date from mid-October, Mr. Wang's car attached appear eight times Jihong traffic violations recorded in the same street sections,moncler uomo, each record fine hundred buckle-thirds,hogan milano, which he was confused: "It was are in accordance with the traffic police command to go, how would receive so much attached to ticket? "

According to Mr. Wang,, because lives hang District,,basket tn requin,, work units in the Nangang District, Jihong Street has become a day to go through road. 7 pm every day of his passing the road,,louboutin homme, but also often encounter road congestion. October, police began to ease traffic in traffic, will import the emergency lane to ease traffic congestion. Wang according to traffic police command, the car incorporated into the emergency lane,louboutin sito ufficiale, originally thought police under the command of error does not occur, you can post a query he found eight traffic offense records are appearing in this section.

Through online traffic offense inquiry,woolrich uomo, the reporter saw Wang's earliest record of traffic violations occurred in October 16,louboutin pas cher, after every few days will have a similar record,spaccio moncler, almost all the time happened around 7:15 in illegal places for Jihong Street whole sections of illegal content as "violation of the prohibition marking instructions" illegal eight times,moncler donna outlet, each fined 100 yuan deducted 3 points.

"I always obey traffic command and channel it,,louboutin prezzi,, how can it be considered a traffic offense? As such punishment, really too much about the deduction of 24 points." In this regard, Mr. Wang is very puzzling.

In the interview, the reporter learned that Liu is also the owner of the road there is a traffic offense records, because she found the problem relatively early so only fined twice. Then she chose to travel by traffic markings, do not follow the traffic police command into the emergency lane, so as not to encounter the same problem. While avoiding being captured,hogan donna,, but Sharon is also very confused, "do not live according to the traffic police directing traffic is not also illegal traffic police command encountered conflict with ground markings, how can I do in the end?"

In this connection, the reporter contacted the traffic offense record collection units hang traffic police brigade. A police officer told reporters the king,chaussures nike pas cher, by querying the license plate number and obtain electronic surveillance capture pictures show,scarpe louboutin, Wang record traffic violations occurred in the solid line in front of the emergency lane,piumini moncler, which belongs to the pressure line and retrograde illegal,nike tn, they were to capture electronic eye. Wang said the police officer,moncler outlet, under normal circumstances,woolrich outlet, if the same site traffic offense occurred many times,woolrich milano, the traffic police department will be notified to remind owners of the site to capture the picture does not reflect Mr. Wang is in accordance with the traffic police directing traffic offense caused,scarpe hogan, taking into account numerous traffic violations Wang buckle points more, owners can go to the police department for coordination.

On how to deal with the traffic police command on the ground marking the conflict issue raised by some owners, the city Public Security Traffic Administration official reply, in preference to the scene to direct traffic lights and signs marking control, order to avoid a possible accidental shooting, the traffic police department will When the traffic police directing the flow of traffic does not start temporary capture system to prevent and punish illegal traffic police command conflict; police need to advance the field of communication and command centers at the command of the temporary closure capture system to avoid accidental shooting electronic eye. If the owners to capture the situation encountered an error,,nike air tn requin, you can provide evidence to the collection agency coordination to solve.