that they have been forced to nowhere

This is a people doubt Report: informer is a young man in Haikou, his father was an informer - Chengmai County Tobacco Monopoly Bureau Moumou. Report material shows that men report should include: 2011 150 father put on a large wedding table, send their daughters to a value of 730,,000 yuan of imports Kore dowry and other off-road vehicles. The man is not only in the online real name, and, respectively, to the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection,nike tn, the Provincial Procuratorate petition departments to report. As to why two years after the father reported. The man said, because the father on a selling models "obstruction" and let him "no way." Currently, relevant departments have accepted the petition of the man's report material. Yesterday morning, was also an informer Moumou reporters interviewed.

Father-daughter wedding reports put the opportunity to extort money

"I also can not just be forced to report to him. Father-son reported, this argument also does not make sense how." The day before yesterday morning, Haikou public Chongwe get Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission and the provincial procuratorate petition back to a single sector of the petition immediately after the provincial in the number of media broke the news,chaussures tn pas cher, said he reported the county as Chengmai Tobacco Monopoly Bureau Moumou father.

"There was no doubt in my mind, I was a normal person." Mr. Wei told reporters, to report their father, that they have been forced to nowhere,, just decorum.

Chongwe reporters in front,, first sitting in a chair,moncler uomo, talking excitedly place,nike tn air, and stood up. This repeated several times, he said, this time he is bent up.

Chongwe said his father to report breaches of discipline include: daughters married an upscale restaurant in Haikou spent $ 350,moncler sito ufficiale,000 to open 150 seats wedding tables,giubbotti moncler, big money; gave his daughter a value of 730,000 yuan of imports Enclave SUV as a dowry. "He placed first in the temporary home of the 50 high tables, and later went to sea feast, gifts received all woman." Mr. Wei said, went to attend the wedding of leadership staff and the parent unit of the unit where the father.

After listening to Mr. Wei's talk, let the reporter was surprised that their father married women reported big swing wedding, the wedding is the wedding of Mr. Wei and his wife married. "If not this happened recently, I reported how his father would decorum it?" Mr. Wei said.

What father among Chongwe and what happened,hogan outlet?


Decorum skin nearly a million transfer fee is the fuse

Mr. Wei told reporters that he was born in 1988,hogan sito ufficiale, and now with his wife have a child, there is no fixed occupation. The father led him to report directly to the fuse is a paved his recent transfer, the transferee will be a sum of 976,000 yuan in transfer of money remitted to his wife's account.

Chongwe said the April 15, he will be located in Haikou an estate (pavement) were transferred, the transfer of the amount of 97.6 million. "Real estate license name is my name, but it requires the transferor to the transferee spouses must sign the transfer agreement." Mr. Wei said, "my wife in the above signed,]That,woolrich donna, but only if you want to transfer money to hit on her personal account. The money to her account,, she did not give me. "

"The money is my lifeline, my family has a project start-up capital needs." Mr. Wei admitted that his relationship with his wife has been poor. Chongwe not believe his wife took the money to him, is the father, "get in the way."

"This is when I got married January 23, 2011 recorded disc,peuterey outlet, where the pendulum banquet, wedding coming up who, put the number of tables, the above is clear." Mr. Wei said. Mr. Wei also told reporters copies of relevant materials provided.

The Secretary responded


"Not so much, there is more than 20 tables."

Yesterday morning, the reporter Chongwe report the relevant circumstances, rushed Chengmai County Tobacco Monopoly Bureau,peuterey outlet milano, interviewed Secretary Moumou. For the son of the report, Director Chen more denied, or "unknown."

"150 table ah?" The reporter's confirmation,,hogan scarpe, Director Chen said, "I do not know." Then, Director Chen Xiang told reporters that, not so much,moncler donna, it more than 20 tables, "After many years, he also used to say this thing? "

For in-law reported him put on a large wedding enrichment issue,air max italia, Director Chen said he did put in temporary high home less than 20 tables, please are his family and relatives and friends. Director Chen also said that later in the sea has really put a wedding, also more than 20 tables, "I am (in the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau) has done for so long, your colleagues are within the line."

"Which hotel? I do not remember." Director Chen said. In the reporter's reminder,hogan uomo, Director Chen admitted that an upscale restaurant in Haikou put the wedding, but he denied the report's son Chongwe 150 tables.

"This I reported to the Council (Haikou Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Bureau)." Director Chen said that to put the wedding issue, he took the initiative to consult higher authorities too. "Council which department?" The reporter asked. Director Chen said it was changed to report to the Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, the discipline inspection departments over the matter.

"Oral presentation before, confiscated gifts."

"Oral or written report? Approve it?" The reporter asked. Director Chen said,hogan outlet,, just verbally say a bit,peuterey spaccio, reported 20 tables. But whether the consent of higher authorities,woolrich donna, Director Chen did not directly answer, but explained that the units themselves are not the same with other government agencies, less stringent reporting procedures.

"You are a party cadres, it should comply with the relevant provisions." Reporters asked. Director Chen did not directly answer, but denied the "put the 150 banquet tables" argument. Reporters said the whistleblower Chongwe has given reporters a wedding disc, in some cases above reflect prevailing wedding. Director Chen asked: "Which hotel banquet tables can put so much?"

Reporters learned that Mr. Wei said Haikou an upscale restaurant has more than 50 private rooms, banquet hall can accommodate 1,000 people dining. The wedding CD display, when Chongwe married, boxes and halls have guests. The Director Chen said that was just part of the box with the restaurant.

For the law to reflect its name to collect money by posing a wedding, said Director Chen said, when the wedding is not the gifts of gold. But when the reporter asked to see the gifts of gold discs circumstances Director Chen said that a friend gave individual gifts.

To give her daughter a car worth 730,moncler donna,000 yuan for a dowry,spaccio moncler,, said Director Chen denies. "He is nonsense, which I bought the car." Director Chen said, "If I send, he (should) be a very good son." Director Chen said that the son has no fixed job, he is not too original marriage satisfaction. For when the father-in-law to report with multiple properties in Lingao and Haikou, Director Chen said he had reported the case to the organization over personal property, no need to tell reporters.