Schilling's chest just hit the edge of the bed

Yangzi Evening News (Reporter correspondent Zhang Guoqiang Yang sweet child) a woman and her husband had a dispute,,louboutin homme,, hit the chest by her husband, but her breast is the result, actually played chest deformation.

June 2007,nike tn femme, without telling his family Schilling Sunan woman breast surgery done. Lin after surgery in strict compliance "after notice," there is no marriage has been uncomfortable,parajumpers jakke salg, very good shape. Recently, due to the end of her husband to socialize more,hogan uomo prezzi, drink more,louboutin pas cher, and Schilling returned home after an argument,interactive hogan, they also move from the hands of the husband toward Schilling Schilling's chest hit the punch, and violently a push, Schilling's chest just hit the edge of the bed, crying angrily Schilling bed,parajumpers paris,, suddenly found the left breast deformation,woolrich uomo,, and seemed to be two,piumini moncler, one Seeing this, Ms. Lin and her husband anxious,hogan scarpe, and finally came to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University.

Shen dry admissions,louboutin, director of plastic surgery to repair after a careful examination, turned out to be injected breast breast Schilling years ago,,piumini moncler, and now due to external forces,nike tn, part of the contents of free injection into the surrounding breast. To this end, said Shen,moncler outlet online, director of surgery can inject something original complete removal,outlet moncler, and can be very good to restore the original shape. Now,moncler uomo, after surgery, Schilling chest has been restored intact.

For this reason,scarpe nike air max, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University,, plastic cosmetic restoration department director Shen dry reminder, if a beauty agency tell you what their bodies can do cosmetic surgery,, you can be sure to be careful. Because medical beauty also different levels of management,,moncler milano, different levels at different levels of medical cosmetology institutions undertake medical cosmetic items. For example,scarpe hogan outlet, reducing the cheekbone surgery, mandibular angle surgery, angioplasty and other upper and lower jaw Breast reduction surgery,air max tn requin, angioplasty and other abdominal wall can only be provided with medical cosmetic or plastic surgery department of three general hospitals or three orthopedic hospital to complete.

(Original title: The husband punched woman breast deformation)