Humou violation of road traffic regulations

Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporter Sun Zhaoyun

Were jailed for two years and then fucking

Real perpetrators jailed for three years

Zhu fucking paid the price because four months of freedom, and Qionglai court that Humou is known perpetrators and their false proof cover, have constituted the crime of harboring. In September,moncler sito ufficiale, the court sentenced Zhu QIONGLAI 2 years in prison.

Humou violation of road traffic regulations, major traffic accidents, causing one death, and bear full responsibility for the accident, and after Traffic Accident, traffic crime has also been sentenced to three years in prison.

He obviously is not an accident perpetrators,spaccio moncler, but he was in a car accident fucking real perpetrators, the two sides also wrote 100,louboutin femme,,000 IOU as fucking remuneration; after fucking success, staged by being shut four months; but the thing forever, accident victims People also come to him claim,, the court also compensate hundreds of thousands.

Just when the courts to enforce civil compensation cases, the relevant material is fucking discovered the truth.

Yesterday, the Chengdu Business Daily reporter was informed that make Qionglai court,hogan donna, who has been in prison for fucking guilty of concealing the murder,tn pas cher, jailed again for 2 years; while the real perpetrators of the accident did not escape the penalty of the law, committing traffic crime,louboutin femme pas cher, was 3-year sentence.

Markets butt

"Driver" was sentenced to four months detention

Yesterday afternoon, the Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Lai Daoqiong and Lai Shilin town Qiong Yu kain, saw what had just picked vegetables uncle home. He is the uncle of one of the victims of this accident, he burly, just needs a cane to walk.

He said the February 22, 2011 morning,moncler sito ufficiale, he rode a tricycle to Linqiong town battery good new markets selling vegetables Lane West. He was sitting on a tricycle when hard finishing vegetables, an oncoming van, only two or three meters. Time to dodge the van hit the tricycle,, "I was Zhuangfei, falling back of the head and lower back hurt too much." Later,woolrich sito ufficiale, the van has stumbled forward and opened more than 10 meters, hit a few people stopped .

Uncle Ho was taken to the hospital,woolrich donna, because the fracture was identified as ten disabled, until March 28, 2011 was discharged. During hospitalization, he spent a total of more than 18,000 yuan for medical expenses.

Later, he learned that the van driver was Zhu, and the owner ordered him to court for compensation. Uncle Ho court sentenced awarded more than 23,000 yuan. At the same time,, the court Panpei other victims total more than 20 million. At this point, Zhu also found guilty of traffic accident crime,air max outlet italia, the court sentenced to detention for four months. After the incident, Zhu took the initiative to advance the more than 11,000 yuan, but then how many times to find Zhu uncle, but because the money has not been repaid Zhu.

In desperation, apply to the court to enforce what uncle.

Wanted, during the execution of court,,hogan uomo, there was an unexpected scene ......

Found IOU

Staged car accident who revealed the secret

November 22, 2012,louboutin soldes, police officers executed a search Zhu went to the court house. At this point, Zhu has been released from prison. In his home, a judge found Humou execution Zhu had issued IOUs repentance and, according to the above contents, police suspect Zhu allegedly staged, ordered the police to review these materials are transferred.

Zhu after learning of the situation,louboutin femme, coupled with numerous experiences of finding themselves the victim for money, this year January 11,moncler donna outlet,, Zhu gave himself.

Originally,moncler uomo outlet, Zhu drove to the day of the incident that sent markets sweet potato powder,chaussures louboutin, when he crossroads in good new cell delivery outside off, he took his cousin Humou driver's license, he wants to touch the car,moncler donna outlet, started the van ultimately resulting in one death, five people were injured. After the incident,, Humou ran away.

Because Humou no driver's license, and hurt a lot of people,woolrich donna outlet, after the two of them talk, it is HuMou Zhu fucking, but he told Humou asked for 100,louboutin femme,000 yuan as compensation of his criminal responsibility.

After that, they both operate in Zhu met tofu processing room. Zhu stated requirements Humou after the accident,, and assume financial liability for the accident. Humou an agreed course, wrote the judge found the execution of repentance and goes to $ 100,spaccio moncler,000 promissory note.

Zhu is not due to traffic perpetrators, in July this year, the court revoked QIONGLAI traffic accident Zhu guilty of criminal judgments.