I have maintained the attitude

Recently, a section titled "Two middle school teacher Zhang Mingming violence hit Qinghai Normal University Students' video in a number of sites spread, causing users attention. Qinghai Province Department of Education responsible comrades 21 pm responded, "Qinghai Normal University Affiliated Secondary School teacher and Zhang Mingming province be criticized."

Classroom teachers hit students

□ Video

Recently, the network exposed some students playing video Qinghai teacher, just a few days, nearly 500,moncler uomo outlet,000 hits. You can see from the video,, the students were playing scene took place in the classroom,http://www.xunteam.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=487375, the teacher angrily reprimanded while correcting homework while standing in front of the podium, a male student,nike tn requin, and gave the boys two hand,spaccio woolrich,http://www.0086cha.com/news/html/?345124.html, see the students have to dodge, and fan fight The other side of the face of students, in this two-minute video, the teacher gave the students a total of eight slap in the face,scarpe nike air max, during, but also pulled the boy's hand, talking about hitting the table twice,http://www.bjlkf.cn/news/html/?941801.html,hogan outlet, and finally beat the textbooks students face allowed back on after the seat.

After the video caused widespread concern,piumini woolrich, the reporter went to the second survey interview Qinghai Normal University High School, the time of occurrence in the afternoon of November 9 IV self-study course,hogan outlet milano, the picture is a school teacher in the Grade Two English teacher Zhang Mingming.

□ Survey

Batch job did not hold back angry

19 afternoon, the reporter came to interview two of Qinghai Normal University High School,chaussures tn, the school principal, said the new investigation confirmed Fung, video basically true. President,hogan, said in 2012 11 9 (Friday) fourth class is two days (2) class of self-study courses, the class to class English teacher Zhang Mingming correcting homework and check the students' English text recite situation. In the process of correcting homework and found Dawn (a pseudonym) students did not finish the job, Zhang called him before he gave the podium to ask the reason for not doing their homework, the students can not say any reason dawn, as he often does not complete the job on time, Zhang Some teachers worry, he does not control his emotions, raising his hand to play it down.

Afterward, the reporter interviewed Zhang's husband, the same teacher in the school to teach the song.

:( Teacher Zhang Song) arranged texts, who (will) come back on, her side (listen) back (text) side also face a batch job, "said the others are back to (the first) 20 lessons, I'll give you arrangement of the first few lessons you back to where the "? And he (the student was beaten) and consequently does not come back.

Although it is said that Zhang was angry, but still while listening to one side and then the other students recite these duties.

Song Teacher: Look at the job wrong mess, did not back back good jobs are so poor,http://888zrylwqszq.biz/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2310794&fromuid=32188, she was about to get angry,hogan donna, and no later hold back angry.

Was ordered to apologize closed

November 13, the school will be closed for Zhang Mingming reflect decisions made by teachers and school teachers in-depth study called "Compulsory Education Law", "People's Republic of China Teachers Law" and the "People's Republic of China on Protection of Minors Act", and enhance teachers' ethical behavior.

"Pieces of this thing should not happen, I express my deep regret and extreme regret, because of his physical and mental approach to student had an adverse impact, a serious breach of professional ethics of teachers, of fame and teachers of the school's image suffered huge damage, and here I say to the students themselves and their parents again soon 'sorry'. "This is a November 13 letter to staff and students of teacher Zhang Mingming JianTaoShu.

□ teacher

Was elected outstanding teachers

Zhang Mingming teacher 41-year-old, go to work has been teaching, students are usually very strict requirements for the back will have to memorize the words. "Zhang is very introverted, very aloof, has always been its own way,nike tn pas cher, but especially the students responsible." The school teacher said.

In the principal's office, Huang, vice president,woolrich parka, told reporters, "Zhang of the students is very strict, but also a set of teaching, it is this level of teaching, her students in the annual examination will achieve good results, 2007 also named 'honor outstanding teachers in Xining City'. "

□ School

School teachers to sign an undertaking

"Not long ago, corporal punishment of students bad incident took place in the school, all the teachers we are deeply saddened and ashamed, in this, to hurt our students and parents to express my sincere apology,air max pas cher, really saying:! I'm sorry,louboutin femme," This is the Qinghai Normal Secondary School Affiliated faculty wrote the words to all parents and students on the undertaking.

November 19, the reporter saw at the school,http://haoman.tk/read.php?tid=2824772, this undertaking is not only printed on paper circulated grade teacher read, also made in the form of panels on the school gate. Reporters saw above, there are many teacher's signature. "This morning we just had finished school undertaking the signature ceremony, requiring school teachers must be signed." Second, Qinghai Normal University High School Principal New Fung said.

□ Parents

Some comments are not

The reporter was beaten when parents of students, parents, teachers expressed understanding.

Mother of the child was beaten Wang: I saw the video, I first reaction was very angry, but I carefully listened to her (Zhang) said that every word of my son, are not saying why his son would go back So I do not have a few comments on the teacher, this is the beginning, I have maintained the attitude, I try to appease him,doudoune moncler femme, the child is relatively stable, I hope she (Zhang) after the original tube how my kids I would also like how the tube baby,hogan rebel uomo outlet, do not say let themselves go,woolrich outlet,http://www.azzeh4dev.sy/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=1330898, regardless of him.

□ Department of Education

Province criticism

Qinghai Province Department of Education attaches great importance to this incident,spaccio moncler, through understanding, the formation of the "on the Qinghai Normal University Affiliated High School English teacher Zhang Mingming second corporal punishment on students informed of events" (the "Bulletin"), is announced to the public through the news media.

The "Bulletin" stated the incident: "November 9,http://www.trendyphotoclub.com/forum/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1474690, 2012 in the afternoon study hall class IV,hogan donna, Qinghai Normal University Affiliated second secondary two (2) class to class English teacher Zhang Mingming correcting homework and check the English text to recite situation during which a student does not complete the job found, ask the students called before the podium, the student can not be justified in not complete the job when they were 'education' the students slapped that cause violent behavior in society very bad influence. "

"Briefing", said: "As a teacher Zhang Mingming,hogan scarpe, seriously violated the professional ethics of teachers in primary and secondary schools, teachers damaged the image of the people, but also to the educated has been a great physical and mental harm." "The study decision, Qinghai Normal University Affiliated Secondary School teacher and Zhang Mingming be criticized province, Qinghai Normal University High School to be responsible for the two parties to give serious treatment and Normal. "

According to CCTV, Xinhua News reported Qinghai