and then they led back to the room Zhang.

Comic / Zhang Yongwen roommate because the elevator floor button press over and over, the property will have to be fine. But lost contact after the roommate, property room turn water power, Cui tenant asking this question.

Press the elevator button chaos property will be fined 2800 yuan

Mr. Choi, 25, rented a house in the 13-story City Garden District Jia Hao Yanta West Road, a 28-story building, as studio. Usually, some of the students to test art institutions here in his Lianbi night will live here.

At 1:00 on January 20 and more, the studio only boys Zhang, Wang and another girl. At this time,, the girls take her family to the cell door, he gave the two boys to the girls downstairs. Back, into the elevator, Sally begins with a floor to the 28th floor by floor button over and over. "We did five minutes to go home, the property is hired." Wang recalled, 2:00 pm, Zhang brought the property to the property office downstairs. Wang is not assured,,parajumpers gobi, then down the stairs too.

Wang said he went to the property to do, the staff is being criticized Zhang property, and that should be fine. Fine "based on" is Jia Hao urban garden Property Office posted in the elevator, "elevator management penalties" Article: chaos as passengers in the elevator by the elevator button,, each press of one button will follow the standard penalty of $ 50-100 .

"They want 2800 yuan." Wang said,parajumpers pas cher, when he said the staff on the property, they are students, and sometimes not so much money, and then they led back to the room Zhang.

Zhang said that because the property off the water and electricity to bring people to "make trouble"

Wang said that after January 20 morning,moncler donna, Zhang left the studio, so far not contact him. After Wang and Cui went to see the property negotiation, but insisted fine property.

"We believe that the property has no power to punish us money." Mr. Choi said that if the property threatened to pay a fine,giubbotti woolrich, the water and electricity. Later it really did. 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, Wang put two taps screwed to the largest studio, a water does not flow, a drop in the rate of about three seconds out of the water. Wang also open house all appliances can not be used.

Yesterday afternoon, Jia Hao Garden City property to do security guards,woolrich milano, Mr. Shen said, because Sally's bad attitude,peuterey uomo, they are without water fishes studio. "20 pm 3,4 points, according to the elevator that guy (Zhang) with 4,5 individuals to our control room, surrounded by 69-year-old security guard noisy." Mr. Shen said,, "the guy said, his family and relatives the Public Security Bureau. "on the 20th day, the property to do it off the electric studio, two days after the property to do a studio off the water.

However, for "Sally bring people to make trouble,louboutin homme pas cher," saying, Cui and Wang have that knowledge,nike tn, but also could not be contacted Zhang.

"Anyway, according to the elevator button is Sally, but not me." Mr. Choi said, "Why do property off my water and electricity do?" The reporter coordination, both sides said it would continue to negotiate the matter.

Property is also a means of non-target fine helpless

For the elevator posted "elevator management penalties",giubbotti woolrich, Jia Hao City Garden Property Office explained, February 2,giubbotti woolrich, 2011, which is the Xin Mao Rabbit New Year's Eve, elevator Jia Hao urban garden to death a female passenger. Since then,scarpe nike tn, they introduced this provision.

"The purpose of a fine is not, is a means." Yesterday, Jia Hao City Garden Property Office Manager say, on the one hand is to regulate the behavior of households use the elevator by a fine of this means to strengthen the elevator safety and life, but also to the personal household safety considerations. There was also a resident joke in the elevator, on the "good attitude" of the residents are generally fine money trouble, the past two years, about six people have been fined, "in my hands only had one penalty." Renxing Li said, "elevator management penalties" received after the introduction of a certain effect.

"No fines how to do it?" Another staff member Property Office Huang Xing (a pseudonym) said, "In the past there let the dog pee in the elevator, and we say that would not come to listen."

Lawyer: Property no enforcement powers

This matter,hogan outlet, Shaanxi Yongjia Thacher Ni Jinghong said Jia Hao City Garden Property Office "elevator management penalties", in fact,woolrich outlet, no legal effect.

"First, is the equal relationship between the development of the property and the owners of such regulations, the General Assembly agreed to go through the owner, or no effect." Ni Jing Hong said, "Second, the management of the property to develop their own regulations, only for landlords and tenants suitable for visiting guests not apply. "

Finally, she said, the property does not belong to law enforcement agencies,moncler outlet, there is no power to fine citizens of punishment. As for Mr. Choi's studio on the property to do water and electricity, Ni Jinghong said it is unjustified. Meanwhile, according to the "Property Law" spiritual, community property can not just emphasize the "service" on the order of the district administration should be strict in order to protect the interests of the majority of owners.

Industry argument: Property fine helpless means

Although the legal profession noted Jia Hao urban garden "elevator management penalties" is not effective, but many property practitioners expressed Jia Hao urban garden property do understand.

Economic Development Zone, a real estate customer service manager Lee said, when in the past he worked in a small property company, is also involved in the introduction of a similar "penalties." "For dog owners do not promptly clean up dog poop, the property will be punishable by a fine of $ 5 each." Lee said,woolrich donna, the property has repeatedly posted notices, writing slogans calling for clean up dog poop dog households,, but the response so few , but unfortunately they had fine. This management approach has played a certain role, but also to the relationship between the property and part owner of some opposition.

For Lee's point of view, other property manager yesterday told reporters the three district also agreed, but they also said his administration did not implement the provisions of the penalty area, "is often a fine property owners questioned, almost every time triggered quarrel We had to remind the main oversight, but very hard to manage. "A property manager surnamed Wang said.

Small Survey: Most people disgusted by ladder uncivilized

Riding on uncivilized people is how to see it? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter then interviewed 10 passersby, including nine people are uncivilized riding resented the only one that does not matter.

Travel to Xi'an, Yan'an Wang said the people,tn requin pas cher, who lived in the building drinkers often of late, actually in the elevator, "convenience", there are complaints from tenants looking for property, property each will try to find the "accident" who, but next time perhaps replaced by others, and desperation can only be labeled "Do not toilet in the elevator" prompt at the bar in the elevator outside the eye-catching. "Fines may be able to solve the problem." Mr. Wang said. Keji Road High-tech Zone, a district of owners Bai told reporters Although occupancy two years, but outside the inner wall of the cell is also covered with a layer van lift plywood. He ask the property, the property said it was in order to lift to "protect" them, Mr. Paik said:. "I also understand the practice of the property,woolrich parka, does have a child in the elevator graffito"

Who lives in a district north of the city,louboutin pas cher, Mr Suen said, they do not affect the safety of riding,louboutin soldes, he feels it does not matter.

That the property can not be punished for this behavior it? 10 interviewees, four people agreed fine, but can represent a symbolic fine, not in favor of such a high fine of 2800 yuan punishment.

The solution: it will be a good time to buy a house Terms

A property manager Qujiang district Zhou said, when the real estate transaction, developers usually publicity binding provisions, and these Terms adding accessories purchase contract. Thus, when the owners signed the purchase contract, the property on default they identify with these restrictive provisions. Zhou said, in practice, there are indeed some owners will make a smear,, spitting and other indecent behavior in the elevator,, but she and her colleagues are just out of words to persuade,, never fine, but did not dare to water and electricity, because buyers contract and the contract is not the property of such powers conferred property.

In this regard,moncler uomo, Ni Jing Hong said, pre-hiring of the property if the developer has developed such malicious use of elevators and other terms of management and punishment statute, and the owners will check the relevant regulations and documents to inform, but to live there after the owners violate these terms of the statute, it shall bear responsibility for breach of contract owners.

Community Reporter Wu Dunhuang

(Original title: Press over the 28-story elevator property will be fined 2800 yuan (Figure))