the food is good to eat

He loves graffiti on someone else house, for which his father had been losing money for Merkel; he would say, "Ha poke" and a joke, but also with a pair of mahjong returned to Beijing

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Quietly, it's gone, just as it quietly come. However, it left us endless joy "cloud." Spring Festival seven days a small holiday, do you have any memorable happy story? All packed packed packed together that is called "Memories" bag of tricks in it, work tired and sleepy, open one,abercrombie soldes, maybe it will give you lots of positive energy. Here,nike air max 90 outlet, the reporter who will share with you the Spring Festival, "tips" to see these stories, there is no New Year your silhouette?

Germans like to eat meat, I would be an insight into this! North drift cousin five years, met in Beijing "carrot" (Robert), 3 years ago, tied the knot this year,hogan donna, with Western style tables brother back to Chongqing New Year, the family suddenly with international standards. Years ago,nike tn pas cher, my mother learned that the couple want my cousin who lives in one week,hogan donna, so she began uneasy,,nike tn, three meals a day in the tangle of how Chinese and Western,hogan donna, make foreign friends left a deep and beautiful impression.

January 29, "carrot" arrived at Chongqing airport, Haoshua things started ..... .



Trump all changed a tone

"Carrot" in Beijing, a foreign work, despite living in China for many years, but still can not speak Chinese, but did not understand Jiliguala Chongqing, then, how to communicate? "Eat (chī) Orange (jū) sub (zī)" parents are very warm, see "carrot" took home all the fruit snacks out to entertain,hogan outlet, but an old married couple does not speak English, then blurted out loudly pronounce all Trump I snickered sake: Do you think he will be able to say something like that to understand? ! Haha.

Cousin said,woolrich donna, "carrot" good-natured, generally do not get angry, if he shortness of breath, he would say: you were jewels. Under the influence of sturdy Chongqing girl,louboutin pas cher, "carrot" will say "quest" "Well go" "Ha poke." 21:00, a man sitting together watching television,woolrich sito ufficiale, parents worry about "carrot" did not understand the Chinese will feel bored, so he wanted to turn into the English Channel, who knows the channel wrong turn, there is a TV play "Valkyrie" ..... .

For World War II,, "carrot" Although it is German, but he does not deny that aggression,chaussures nike pas cher, eight-fire Yuanmingyuan, he said German attended but never lead brother.



Meat is a staple food in addition to potatoes

Chongqing is usually open from early morning bowl of facets,hogan scarpe, our family is no exception, we all like to eat noodles. But what is the "carrot" to eat? Mom put on the table bread, crackers, milk, coffee, fruit, etc.,woolrich parka, can be "carrot" only phase of the noodles. Originally worried that he will not use chopsticks, thin noodles did not think he could stir up, but also eat whole day.

Chongqing girl eat hot peppers,, of course,, have the Romans as Chongqing son, "carrot" of pepper has become accustomed, Chongqing hot pot is a soft spot. The first meal back to Chongqing hot pot is the mother homemade "meat hot pot", mainly in meat tenderizer flicks,, not too spicy pot, adding some vegetables. Ease of use of chopsticks, "carrot", even put a slip of meat Qianfen are clamped together, just amazing.

German love meat, meat is a staple food in addition to potatoes every meal my mother as "carrot" to prepare a variety of potato dishes, pot inside potatoes, potato soup there, there is also a potato dish, and his favorite mother's signature dish "mushrooms mashed potatoes." The cousin said she had just met, "carrot", he in addition to the meat and potatoes, but do not eat vegetables and fruits, so the noodles in the dish he quietly put Wanbian.

Moreover, the "carrot" almost do not drink white water, thirsty to drink beer, get up early bedtime drink a cup, two cups can also be nothing to do. To this end, the cousin years ago sent a special trip to my house porter barrels.



Foreigners like to see play mahjong

"Carrot" hobby is graffiti, reportedly his childhood favorite painting someone's house, and even the Prime Minister Angela Merkel was not a family were also not spared,louboutin femme, therefore lost a lot of money,, "carrot" of the father, and the children Arts cells can not stifled. Now "carrot" still like graffiti, came to Chongqing in Sichuan Huangjueping he most wanted to visit the United States near the graffiti art. He tells us, because he was also on the graffiti Samsung Note2 ad advertising a small profit.

Although full of art,, but the "carrot" is still very down to earth. Under the influence of his cousin, the "carrot" of mahjong very interested just do not seen combat scenes. The home for the holiday, "carrot" finally an insight into the sisters a few sit around playing cards, "carrot" obediently sat beside his cousin, dedicated to research how to arrange mahjong and card. Be two hours later,outlet piumini, the "carrot" of attention has long been fascinated cousin win money, and became a "steward of public",woolrich uomo, and still did not learn mahjong.

Yesterday, the end of the Spring Festival holiday, "carrot" in the back to Beijing, in addition to relatives to send gifts, "carrot" also brought back to Beijing Vice mahjong,woolrich outlet, he said, some good practice this year,,spaccio moncler, next year the Spring Festival, Chongqing battles. Just a week to get along, we all like, "carrot", German cheerful personality and humor of words and deeds are very popular, just tired cousin, when a simultaneous week. Parting, "carrot," said Chongqing people are very warm,hogan uomo, the food is good to eat, but also to come back.

Yongchuan Chongqing Morning News reporter Deng Xi Reading

(Original title: German law to Chongqing hot pot noodles special love for the New Year)