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WASHINGTON (correspondent reporter Zhao Wei Lin Junjie Chen Mei) a 38-year-old patient Hanzhong,scarpe hogan da donna-prezzi, the two large nuts set four days in the penis,abercrombie milano, causing penile edema, pain life-threatening. Yesterday morning,peuterey spaccio, Xijing Hospital emergency department medical staff emergency treatment, spent nearly one hour, and finally with a minimally invasive chainsaw to remove the nut.

According to reports,woolrich parka, four days before the patients themselves will diameter of about 2 cm of two large nut set in the penis,,parka woolrich, leading to the gradual emergence of the tip of the penis swelling,,nike tn pas cher, pain can not be removed, resulting in difficulty urinating.

The evening of January 20,air max tn pas cher,, the man was in a hospital in Hanzhong,,moncler outlet online, the hospital failed to take a variety of ways to remove the nut,, after the local fire brigade also carried out the rescue,, but also failed. Doctors advised him to rush to a hospital for treatment.

Xijing Hospital emergency department admissions after doctors found that patients with penile edema shiny,,peuterey prezzi, some have ulcers,air max pas cher femme, distal penile enlargement has been to about 6 cm in diameter, two inner diameter of about 2 cm,woolrich roma, thickness 0.8 cm nut tightly set in roots, difficult to remove. Wen Yin,moncler sito ufficiale, director of the emergency department immediately contact the multidisciplinary consultation, and brought the fire police,woolrich donna, to discuss solutions,louboutin femme, and finally decided to use minimally invasive chainsaw,woolrich parka, cutting the nuts in a symmetrical position.

After the implementation of the penis local anesthesia,moncler outlet online, rescue personnel in the protection of steel nuts Xiadian begin surgery. Cutting process, continuous water cooling to avoid overheating caused by burns nut. After nearly one hour of effort, the nut has finally been successfully cut down one by one,scarpe hogan outlet, the color appears in patients with distal penile signs of improvement.

It is understood that the patient is married,giubbotti woolrich, we wonder why he would have such a move? Faced with the doctor asked, he chose silence. Doctors analyzed that have occurred outside the province of the metal ring,doudoune moncler pas cher, steel, screw cap, rubber bands and other penis rings set into the phenomenon, mostly for curiosity,, sexual abnormalities,hogan scarpe, if not timely removal of life-threatening.

(Original title: Men's lifeblood two sets of nuts can not take four days off)