ensure that at least an accessible toilet

Yesterday,hogan donna, many friends broke the news, from Nanjing to Guilin Tourism 28 with disabilities in Guilin airport denied boarding, led to a chaotic, causing many passengers stranded at the airport. Modern Express Reporter survey found that since being stranded in this incident,woolrich prezzi, there is a misunderstanding due to understand the relevant provisions of civil aviation passengers caused. Yesterday,http://www.thiefmissions.com/search.cgi, this 28 Disabled After Shandong Airlines flight where coordination, they have all boarding, fly back to Nanjing. Modern Express Reporter An Ying Mao Liping

 Friends broke the news:

Reporters Survey: Detailed policy:


28 Disabled denied boarding,louboutin femme pas cher?

Yesterday, the "@ Lafayette cat" on the microblogging "broke": Nanjing to disabled riders groups Guilin Liangjiang Airport today after a security check after he was denied boarding, from 8:00 am until 15:00. Airport due to security reasons explained with disabilities may find it difficult to escape, arrange the other passengers from boarding another channel. 28 disabled passengers to stay, there was a security aunt claimed to have been injured after an apology by a Li compensation. After negotiations, and now they have boarding.

At the same time on the microblogging site also has other friends in the micro-Bo said: "A team of visitors to Nanjing, as many people with disabilities inside with crutches,nike tn prezzo, crew boarding for safety reasons do not agree, there is no scene is chaotic. regulations,moncler milano, security can too,hogan donna prezzi, but can not check, the problem here? "

Reporters Survey:


More than three hours after being allowed to board

Yesterday afternoon, the Modern Express reporter called Guilin airport, the staff counselor's office also confirmed to reporters that it's true, the staff member said the flight number of the aircraft originally planned for SC4728 is 12:00 from Guilin to Nanjing Airlines Shandong Airlines. But yesterday afternoon, there are 28 people with disabilities boarding,scarpe nike air max, airport staff was rejected on the grounds that the airlines provide that each flight should not take more than two people with disabilities.

Reporters also learned that these passengers do not buy it, they are very anxious, but also made some irrational things. According to the site users said that people with disabilities blocked every gate, and the airport staff clashed ...... Inquiries Liangjiang airport staff said the original plan more than 12 flights have been stayed for more than three hours , three in the afternoon,parajumpers homme,http://qzxyk.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3739851&fromuid=21657, Shandong Airlines, "promoted" to allow this 28 passenger boarding disability,http://bbs.mhzw.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=730307&fromuid=69108, SC4728 flight took off.

Detailed policy:

People with disabilities have the opportunity to limit the number of


In order to safeguard their interests

People with disabilities the opportunity,nike tn air, whether it is really restricted? According to "Disabled Air Transport approach", does have such a provision. It is understood that the number of airline seats for 51-100 months when not carry unaccompanied, but the number of people with disabilities need the assistance of others more than two (including two); 101-200 a number of airline seats when not more than four ( Containing 4); 201-400 flight number of seats for a time, not more than six (including 6); the number of airline seats for 400 more,louboutin homme, not more than eight (with eight). Accordingly,http://www.ma.ccnw.ne.jp/deai/asobi/bbs2/joyful.cgi, Shandong Airlines Boeing 737-800 Aircraft Guilin Fei Nanjing, more than the number of seats 100 passengers with disabilities up to more than four. This provision, Shenzhen Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, also confirmed that there are indeed limited.

"The environment is not the same aircraft to the ground, the conditions are very special, say,http://e-learning.tsu.ge/login/index.php?item/create_form/1,nike air max, during takeoff and landing impact, low air pressure, and many cases of physical and mental condition of people have the opportunity to request." An aviation industry said, "Therefore,woolrich outlet, many airlines are actually measures to protect the rights of persons with disabilities, it is not discriminatory provisions." sources said, for very many people with disabilities, such as wheelchairs, "many people,woolrich parka, in a wheelchair After the machine, put what is a problem, encountered far flight, must also arrange to send staff, etc. These are objective reasons. "



Long flight machine should be located in a wheelchair

This year two of the country a lot of members who have to fly on a proposal to facilitate people with disabilities. Some of its members with disabilities is often fly,http://www.tremii.com, personal experience and personal experience with disabilities so that they feel in terms of flying inconvenience. For example, more than three hours on a continuous flight of the aircraft set the machine in a wheelchair,http://www.importia.com/index.php/forum/newtopic, used to prepare the mobility of the disabled toilet and other needs.

Many members have also called for the revision of the relevant provisions of the domestic airlines, add about hardware facilities,http://sauce-oyster-extract.ya-china.com,abercrombie femme, a little more sense of respect, caring for disabled passengers more and better services. For example, increasing the domestic aircraft in a wheelchair,piumini peuterey, increase male flight attendants. Try to arrange with disabilities in the front seat, easy up and down aircraft. If there is no longer a wheelchair on board,nike tn requin, flight time of flight, people with disabilities should be arranged near the toilet seat to more humane.

He Stone Mountain


Look at foreign aviation


How to do,woolrich milano?

Modern Express reporter learned that many foreign airlines not only can not limit the number of disabled passengers on board, but also to provide hardware to facilitate their travel conditions for disabled passengers. Such as the US Department of Transportation in 2009 issued "non-discrimination of persons with disabilities in air travel regulations" require airlines must ensure that at least 50% of the seats with movable aisle armrests on new aircraft; on more than one aisle aircraft, ensure that at least an accessible toilet; cabin cabin should also be ready to facilitate wheelchair disabled passengers from the aircraft or on the toilet. People with disabilities do not wear badges or other special status symbol with other travelers have a clear distinction.

Currently,hogan outlet, the three major domestic airlines have routes involving the United States,nike tn femme, on these routes China Airlines also comply with this provision,peuterey uomo, such as China Southern Airlines in Guangzhou - Los Angeles flights canceled restrictions on the carriage of passengers with disabilities receive the number, but also to prepare the machine the cabin wheelchair.