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Way "is transfer" three times to endure pain and high blood pressure over 20 hours before returning to Wuhan treatment

Shennongjia scenic tourist falls were ambulance Shuaike

Way "is transfer" three times to endure pain and high blood pressure over 20 hours before returning to Wuhan treatment

Mr. Chen to 51 Shennongjia during driving, when the toilet scenic slipped cause fracture. Due to a local hospital for surgery can not only will people back to Wuhan. Unexpectedly,peuterey donna, the driver halfway "Shuaike", after the police came forward, scenic actually "reluctant" to arrange their transfer to public transport back to the Han, Chen endure pain and suffering high blood pressure for up to 20 hours before returning to Wuhan treatment.

Night fell in the area toilet

He is 56 years old,peuterey prezzi, who lives in the mountains,http://bbs.ysrxw.com/thread-563111-1-1.html,spaccio moncler, during May and his family to join a convoy traveling by car to Shennongjia. April 29,http://bbs.qdxjdmh.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=275675,louboutin homme pas cher, the team arrived Shennongjia area. 30 evening,http://www.artsc.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=5391, the team at Dajiuhu scenic settle down. About 11 o'clock that night, Chen go to the toilet, but accidentally slipped to the ground,http://bbs.zhady.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=86021, a sharp pain in his left ankle hit.

"Scenic toilet no lights,nike tn requin pas cher, wet and slippery ground." Mr. Ni fleet introduction. After the fall, Mr. Chen was rushed Dajiuhu scenic hospitals. Doctor Chen immediately to hospitals were examined, diagnosis left ankle fracture, the need for surgery.

He is suffering from diabetes,hogan uomo, blood pressure soared after the incident, cardiac function was also affected,woolrich milano, the situation is very critical. Hospitals do not have the surgery because of the conditions of the family and the team made, scenic arrangements to assist hospital staff immediately Wuhan Chen returned to undergo surgery in order to avoid delay treatment, "we did not want to be held responsible and compensation,tn air max pas cher, even let us out fares can only hope that as soon as the patient back to Wuhan. "

After send the patient back to the Han to talk about price "Shuaike"

The patient returned to see his family insists Wuhan treatment, scenic arranged for a man to open an ambulance. The two sides also talked about the costs of transport. The team said the count according to 2.5 yuan per kilometer, from Dajiuhu to Wuhan probably need more than 3000 yuan, but came to be starting, turn the scenic hospital costs rose 5,http://www.6678.in/index.php?fid=2/read.php?tid=1,000 yuan.

Wuhan tourists had an alarm, after police coordination, hospital last no fee,woolrich uomo, arrange an ambulance on his way. Around 1:00, an ambulance is on the mountains of the highway, the driver suddenly said brake the car is not very good, can not continue to send forward,air max outlet, "he said to communicate with hospitals, the leaders agreed to alternates ambulance come up. "

Shortly after the driver hang, indeed to an ambulance, but the scenic area to greet this driver but did not play and drove away. He is a few people on the bus after that,woolrich outlet, it is simply not Dajiuhu re-sent the car, but near a town called Muyu Chinese medicine hospital in an ambulance.

"The driver called 120 temporary Shuaixia put us away, we do not know his name,woolrich outlet, only that he was claiming to be the scenic staff over there."

Lasted more than 20 hours back to the Han

After entering the Chinese medicine hospital in the town of Muyu, Mr. Chen family do not trust their medical condition is very, but isolated, police seek help again. Because the team was unable to come through the scenic hands,hogan 2014, forced to abandon in the entrance area,http://www.aurosiksha.org/login/index.php?item/create_form/1,air max italia, hoping scenic heads out the matter.

Around 4:00, scenic official arrived Muyu town, a certain commitment to patient safety back to Wuhan,http://worldol.com/bbs/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, in coordination with the police. However,peuterey,http://fzxys.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3648050&extra=, until 9:00 yesterday, Mr. Chen was only sent a van bound by Enshi Yichang bus, "Yesterday morning, his blood pressure soared to 220mmHg,louboutin femme, and the pain very tough battle, can only rely on medication to reduce pain and control blood pressure, basically the whole are sleeping. "yesterday around 15:00, the bus arrived in Yichang, in the scenic arrangement of staff, Mr. Chen,woolrich outlet, who helplessly bound for Wuhan, Yichang ride by bus again.

Yesterday afternoon,abercrombie femme, the reporter contacted the National Wetland DAJIUHU surnamed Mei head,woolrich prezzi, he did have to admit this, he also said,louboutin milano, the resort does not spare car to give it away, and it is not Shuaike drivers Scenic staff.

Until 8:00 o'clock last night, reporters and Chen family ties to the Wuhan Iron and hospital patients who are just.

Trainee reporter Zhu Lei

(Original title: tourists were hurt Shennongjia scenic ambulance Shuaike)