the mother went to watch the counter said

Metropolis Daily News newspaper reporter Ye Ning

Fancy a million dollars worth of watches, when the mother of 4-year-old son actually instigated "pocket" away, after being stopped to check if they quibble, "the child is not sensible,piumini peuterey, fun just to take." After the police involved in the investigation, the child tells the truth, this woman worked for a large state-owned enterprises ashamed,woolrich parka,, and ultimately to the police station to write a thousand words repentance. Yesterday,moncler outlet, the police deal with the attempted theft from the particular to the reporters,giubbotti woolrich, because the woman is considered a first offender and the crime plot,,moncler sito ufficiale, after the release of his sermon.

Watch lost mother was stopped by suspicious

6 is the Year 7, a large shopping mall on Qiaokou Wusheng people such as weaving. 8 o'clock evening, the door at the first floor heard a heated argument, the salesperson and security surrounded by a mother and son,nike tn pas cher, the young mother shouting: "Why do you stop me,air max italia, be careful to let the shop closed!" Side of the little boy scared wah-wah cry. Customers have kindly reminded: "Be careful to frighten them."

Qi Xiaoqing Qiaokou Hanzhong police station rushed to the scene, did not see a label torn OUYAD watch placed in the security room table. Li said the salesman, the customer more night, the mother went to watch the counter said, "the kids pick Dad watches", Mike took out several of the table for her to pick the most expensive worth million yuan.

"But the blink of an eye,abercrombie outlet milano, the mother and son left the counter." Li said, the most expensive on the counter that money was gone. Mike quickly recover thrust the mother and son, would they stopped,giubbotti moncler, but her mother,, who was very excited, once the Mike's jacket torn. Then there are security personnel to find the missing four-year-old boy watches pocket. And the mother explained: "The child is not sensible, fun just to take."

After the baby to find out the truth, shaking his head

Qi police this mother and son back to the police station, and got to play with the baby teddy bear, four-year-old boy told police uncle acquainted quickly,woolrich uomo outlet, quietly told Qi Xiaoqing:. "Mom let me watch pocket of" original,abercrombie pas cher,, When the mother of Zhongmou shopping with his son, ready to give her husband to buy a block table,hogan italia, see the clerk to attend to the sudden greed,woolrich sito ufficiale, deliberately said to his son, "like it in his pocket," and then quickly leave the children.

Zhongmou afterwards admitted to the police,parajumpers paris, was already like a good way to deal with, once exposed to say that they are "children do not just take sensible,scarpe nike air max, is also back." Zhongmou account,abercrombie outlet online, so the mall officials and police kept shaking his head: "! You educate a child, so he had thought about how he grew up look at his mother." At this point, Zhongmou is tears of remorse,,spaccio peuterey, writing Under Thousand repentance,, a sincere apology to the person in charge of the mall.

The investigation,hogan milano, Zhongmou work in a large company, his family was not poor,abercrombie homme, this incident was indeed a moment of greed. Qi Xiaoqing told reporters yesterday,moncler uomo,, according to the law,, Zhongmou behavior has been suspected of committing theft, consider the special circumstances and with the consent forgive the mall side, not their criminal punishment by superiors department.

(Original title: Mom hides the instigation of four children age ten thousand yuan to go watch)