the old lady

"You senile dementia it!" "Crazy!" A young as 8-year-old girl on a bus in Changsha directed a seven-year-old man yelled, drew next to a female passenger dissatisfaction,, shot on the spot a little girl several crazy fan a slap in the face,louboutin outlet,, the little girl face was swollen for several days. This little girl's mother looking for the name of the ruthless hands of middle-aged women: the child disrespectful, it should under such heavy-handed assault it?

8-year-old girl accused the old man was a passenger "lessons"

Although the incident has been for several days,moncler outlet, but Jie Jie (pseudonym) face bruises still not dissipated. Ms. Hou Jie Jie's mother to reporters about what had happened.

At 13 o'clock on November 22 and more, on a four-year Jie Jie from a nearby bridge market sit 705 bus to school. On the bus she was on a bus voted a $ 5 bill,nike tn pas cher, standing in the car door closed change, the driver told her children without a ticket, she said a few words, the car, a seventy-year-old woman immediately answered. Jie Jie began.

"The elderly nagging for a long time,spaccio woolrich, said my kids,," annoying "," Ms. Hou said, "my kids on top of her a few words, said she was senile dementia, neuropathy, and said to the driver of the complaint, in my child out copy of the complaint, when the phone book, a middle-aged woman next to another suddenly slapped my kids face, slapped several times,basket nike tn requin, "Jie Jie burst into tears before her nagging old woman hurried to persuade middle-aged women:." Do not hit children ! "

Jie-jie cried in Zhangmu dam stop the car to go to school,peuterey uomo, find a teacher to her mother telephoned her mother to take her to a nearby hospital. "Start the doctor thought it was our parents fight,scarpe louboutin, say start too hard ......" Ms. Hou said voice choking.

The little girl afraid to go to school by bus

Reporters contacted the 705 bus driver Zhang master, Zhang master introduced, the old lady, Jie Jie,spaccio woolrich, followed by middle-aged women in a different platform cars. When the child was playing he was driving, he thought it was the parents in the education of their own children. "After the incident Jie Jie are afraid to take a bus to go to school themselves, we are adults sent, his face bruised today not eliminate, the hearing was also affected, but fortunately slowly restored." Said Ms. Hou , Jie Jie also know that they are wrong,peuterey uomo, should not have to talk to the old man, but it was playing, children will certainly leave a psychological shadow. "Whose child is not made mistakes? Can educate her children was wrong. I wanted to find the sister to ask, why fight my child,, why start so heavy?" Hou said Ms. Jie Jie told her the beating of Ms. 40 years old, said Changsha, then a stop dam also camphor car. (SanXiang)

Monitoring Record

1 minute beaten three ears

Reporters at the 705 bus fleet to see the day's video of a larger volume can only hear a few words.

13:36:35,scarpe hogan, Jie Jie standing next to the bus waiting to close coin box change.

13:37:05, the bus driver saying "kids do not buy a ticket," the little girl has a conflict, say "ah ah",, sitting in the first position on the front door. A woman sitting with her white hair in a row, separated by a position, they said a few words. Video of the old lady's voice is hard to hear.

13:37:18, Jie Jie back on the old lady said aloud, "I'm afraid you ah."

13:37:44,piumini moncler, Jie Jie for Granny swore,hogan sito ufficiale, "Are you afraid of Alzheimer's chant."

13:39:20,woolrich parka, Jie Jie bus sat by the middle position,hogan donna, the left side of the front seat next to the car.

13:39:46,scarpe hogan outlet, Jie Jie and next to a female passenger from the conflict, Jie Jie loudly say "to you tube,,peuterey outlet, ah,spaccio woolrich," they began to quarrel. After a few seconds, the female passenger sitting Jie Jie dumped a slap in the face,peuterey prezzi, and in a minute or so later, the female passenger to stand up and fight Jie Jie twice in the face. Jie Jie tried to fight back with an umbrella, after the third was beaten,,abercrombie outlet italia, Jie Jie burst into tears.

13:41:32,giubbotti moncler, next to persuade passengers to stop, hit the female passenger on the train passengers seem to tell the process of conflict, said one, "she scolded elderly Alzheimer's," the little girl followed refute "Alzheimer's how, not ah . " A minute later, the bus reaches the next station, the little girl has to say, "Why hit me,," and then get off at three.

(Original title: 8 year-old girl old curse "dementia" is a passenger even slapped lesson)