but also forced the elderly

"I'm not sue on behalf of myself, on behalf of ordinary users Lily network,http://www.caribbeanislands.us,hogan donna, a marriage dating sites to verify the information." 38-year-old Xiaoyu (a pseudonym) voice said quietly. A pretty face was dark glasses, face masks and hats covered (see Figure). Xiaoyu Lily met online single "successful" was actually a married farmer,hogan uomo, older than fictional full big 10-year-old. Xiaoyu not cheated more than ten million of money, but also forced the elderly,peuterey uomo, had given birth to her child and a liar. After the crooks in jail, Xiaoyu paper petition "matchmaker" Lily court. Yesterday morning, Chaoyang Court hearing of the case.

Online experience, "integrity" Member

Yesterday morning, Xiaoyu friends and lawyers who came to court. Xiaoyu prepared sunglasses,woolrich outlet, masks and hats before entering the courtroom armed, people can not see her face. Lawyers who immediately reminded reporters,http://ap-class1.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1894424&fromuid=5817, "faded Xiaoyu's real name and address and other identifying information of her voice should be treated, do not let the case affect her normal life."

Xiaoyu Shuo Shi graduation. In early October 2010, divorced single Xiaoyu in Lily network registration,hogan 2014, thrice pay a "Crystal Lily" class member. In late October,louboutin pas cher,http://www.zdaiw.com/read.php?tid-37201-ds-1.html, she met online "integrity member" Jiang Haifeng. To become a "good faith member" shall upload various documents ID card,woolrich parka,http://www.prco.jp/~shake/apeboard/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=viewres&target=166369/, driver's license, real estate license, degree certificate and other documents uploaded more higher level of integrity.

Jiang Haifeng graduated from Tsinghua University, Department of Finance claimed, is chairman of the board of directors of a listed company. Xiaoyu Internet inquiries to that listed companies do have a large shareholder called Jiang Haifeng,moncler sito ufficiale, so he believed him.

Plaintiff was cheated

After love,http://www.valdrespaintball.net/cgi-bin/index.cgi,peuterey spaccio, to help purchasing the shares of a company name Xiaoyu took 10 million yuan. June 2011,louboutin soldes,http://www.fc-agency.com, Xiaoyu find myself pregnant. Jiang Haifeng has refused to get married. Jiangsu Xiaoyu came home after inquiry, that cheated, then alarm.

The investigation, is a married farmer, secondary education,hogan 2014, in addition to gender and name, he registered in the Lily network information are fictional. Jiang Haifeng use the same means to defraud a number of women who, even his wife is also coming from the Internet to cheat.

According to Jiang's wife said she also conceal the truth, she spent two years seventy to eighty million. Because a lot of women have the courage to report the final court only found Xiaoyu Jiang Haifeng, including two women, including fraud and sentenced to imprisonment for four and a half years.

The plaintiff claims abandon

The trial, Xiaoyu gave up claims to Lily 500,moncler donna,000 requests decree requires only other terms of service "Marriage can not verify the information currently temporarily" the agreement is invalid.

Xiaoyu believes Lily Jiang Haifeng data show that integrity of members,chaussures nike pas cher, it should be after Lily network information audit. She is based on the trust of Lily "integrity member", only to believe in their fabricated lies. For marriage provider of registrant verification of marital status is a basic duty.

Lawyers pointed out that Lily network in terms of service registered members, the use of "marriage can not verify the information currently temporarily" This agreement,http://bbs.b323.com/thread-66294-1-1.html, eliminating their primary responsibility should be invalid provisions. "A member of the dating sites to verify the registration status of marriage is the foundation of all the services it provides. Although we can not do one hundred percent,http://joincarpool.net/plus/feedback.php?aid=25,scarpe louboutin, but also try to verify. Lily Could not ask for marriage booklet or to provide a single proof? Because Lily network Membership is not required to provide these certificates, which led to a lot of crooks removed, so that hurt innocent women. "

The right to check the personal information website

Lily network of agents said that for marital status,moncler italia, the State did not establish inquiry channels,hogan donna, they have no right to inquire. For "Marriage can not verify the information currently temporarily" This Terms of Service is an objective representation,moncler uomo, not disclaimers.

The agent said, according to the criminal verdict shows that Jiang Haifeng time of marriage in November 2010, while he was registered at the time Lily May 11,tiffany outlet, 2008, indicating that he was unmarried state registration. Lily is difficult to do face to face for the mass of information and audit manual screening. Members should be required by law to provide truthful and complete Lily network information,hogan scarpe outlet, updated information, the plaintiff should review the information on their own marriage object. As the two sides do not agree to mediation,parajumpers norge, the court will choose a sentencing date.

Morning News reporter Yan Fei