by Xinhui to Guangzhou South D7710 train

● scheduled yesterday 9:07 departure from Guangzhou South Railway Station EMU twice to stop between Old Town Station jianghai,tn pas cher

● The man has been taken away by police,,hogan outlet,, the motive into the line and the police yet to disclose the specific process

Jiangmen newspaper (Reporter Yan Jian Guang) yesterday morning,,hogan donna, a man entered the Guangzhou-Zhuhai City rail line, resulting in a Guangzhou-Zhuhai rail EMU forced outage of more than 50 minutes.

According to the Guangzhou-Zhuhai track aspects informed man has been taken to the public security authorities for further investigation. At present, why the man into the line, and how to enter the line, is not clear.

Public rebellion: a half-hour train temporary parking

10 o'clock yesterday morning, the newspaper received a rebellion, said the Guangzhou-Zhuhai track somehow stopped at a train station to Jianghai between Old Town station over half an hour,,scarpe hogan, still no go.

After receiving the tip lines, the reporter went to the scene investigation,giubbotti woolrich, however, when reporters to the scene,hogan scarpe outlet,, the vehicle has been restarted,scarpe hogan, left the scene.

10:10 Xu, the reporter contacted Mr Leung passenger car, he told reporters, the car just started to enter the territory of the ancient town. "I take the 9:07 from the station to the EMU Jiangmen, Guangzhou South Station, but when the car open to Jianghai station, then suddenly stopped,, and later, to wait for a long time,giubbotti woolrich, the conductor said that the front no release signal, the car can not go. "Mr Leung said,air max femme," Under normal circumstances, less than 10 o'clock on to the Guangzhou South Railway Station,, but,piumini peuterey outlet, because of late,scarpe nike tn, I now only to the town, I want to get off Xiaolan. "

City rail communications: a man anxious to break the line driver parking

According to Mr Leung's reflected reporters after careful understanding that turned out to be a man on the Guangzhou-Zhuhai City rail line, which leads to the vehicle forced outage.

At 6:00 pm, the newspaper received a Guangzhou-Zhuhai track of information, according to the city rail introduced,woolrich outlet, at 9:13 on the 21st,louboutin sito ufficiale, by Xinhui to Guangzhou South D7710 train, running to Jianghai station to Old Town Station between when the driver found a man entering the line.

To ensure the trains and the safety of the man, the driver of emergency temporary parking. Railway Police rushed to the scene, the man away from the scene,woolrich parka, and for further investigation. 9:45,tiffany outlet, D7710 train again after two minutes by car,requin nike pas cher, train equipment protection system to alert the train stop again after the vehicle technician check that no safety issues, 9:53 trains continue to run.

It is understood that, affected by the incident, D7710 55 minutes late train to Guangzhou South Railway Station, and affect subsequent D7712 train appeared 33 minutes late.

Railway authorities launched the emergency plan, late notification information broadcast by the station car and apologized to the passengers,, and enable alternate train, instead of late trains originating from Guangzhou South Railway Station.

Railway reminder

Into the line or criminal chase

According to the "Regulations on the Protection of railway safety,louboutin femme," any person shall walk or sit on the railway line,woolrich sito ufficiale, railway transportation safety hazard. Violators will be fined, constitutes a crime,hogan sito ufficiale, be held criminally responsible.

Intercity train speed, high density, have protective fence along, do not climb,nike tn pas cher, climb or go, it will not only endanger the safety of their own lives, but also affect the operation of the train safety and order.