back bags can go to school."

Asian Heart Network (Reporter Ren Chunxiang) due to congenital malformations and lower limb paralysis, 7-year-old's strong (a pseudonym) had never been born through the step of the way, thanks to my mother occasionally hold the sliding door. Today, due to prolonged bed rest, the powerful body covered with bedsores, ulcers and even at the exposed bones strong and never be crying,scarpe hogan, which makes more than his love helping people shocked, could not sad tears.

February 24,,abercrombie homme, the reporter in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University orthopedic ward to see strong,moncler outlet, he lovingly by sitting on the bed, physique looks like four or five children,, his face looks a little shy of strangers . Ward, there are a few who came to visit his caring people, with the little girl with her mother to come to the summer together Wajda strong powerful than just one day,giubbotti woolrich, she was lying on the bed, combining the two quickly conversational kicks up .

Wajda's mother summer tie together according to La? A game is "Snow White Kazakh charity website," the person in charge,moncler uomo, February 12,scarpe louboutin, she accidentally heard a taxi driver talking about the powerful thing,, she recorded in the heart. The next day,basket nike pas cher, her brother came to the help of the powerful is located in Urumqi meters Eastern reed Gou's home,basket nike tn, although psychologically prepared in advance, but entered the room, according to the pull bar or shocked: "house in cold,moncler outlet, in order to save money, they only stand for a moment the stove every day. opened a quilt a strong look,peuterey outlet, I started to cry,peuterey uomo, a lot of children who have ulcers festering bedsores, some places are exposed bone. "according to La tie said she immediately picked up the powerful, with the child's parents go out into the hospital in time, "When we go out,woolrich sito ufficiale, strong parents who do not have a penny, we take the bus and the passengers in the car donations to nearly 200 yuan money. "

Powerful father, high miles, told reporters he was to Xinjiang,,woolrich prezzi, Ningxia workers, the wife of a mental disorder, a three by his odd jobs to survive. "Powerful two and was also unable to stand, but not walk, can only sit on the bed every day." High Miles says he can not read, before children are strong grandfather doctor, more than a year ago, the powerful Grandpa died,, the child's illness will hold a child in the end is what disease he could not say.

Gui, deputy chief physician orthopedic hospital and say, strong congenital malformations,moncler sito ufficiale, dural bulging the back there due to congenital malformation and thus lead to lower limb paralysis, no sensation of movement. Because parental care is not in place,hogan outlet,, the child's buttocks,moncler bambino outlet, double hip, knee,outlet moncler, and a large area double bed sores,, pressure ulcers can lead to severe child malnutrition, if it continues to worsen may lead to sepsis infection. Therefore, "the child admission,giubbotti woolrich, we must first adjust the child's body,, such as improved after surgery. Because bedsores area,woolrich outlet online, deep wounds, surgery performed at least four or five minutes, estimated that 80,000 to 100,peuterey uomo,000 yuan cost. But surgery only heal bedsores, and congenital malformations and lower limb paralysis have been missed due to the timing of treatment, no cure. "Gui said.

Reporters learned that caring people had contributed $ 30,000 to a high of miles love money. High Miles said: "I thank the good-hearted people, I did not go to school, my son can walk dreaming, back bags can go to school."

(Original title: Xinjiang decubitus ulcers revealed a boy holding a bone-intentioned people to the hospital run)