Sad truth probation in exchange for repentance

Former president of irrefutable evidence enrichment tenderness confessed criminal facts

- Xiangtan Municipal People's Procuratorate cracked Xiaoqi Zhang large bribes documentary

Source: Hunan Radio and Television - "Legal Weekly"

"Legal Weekly" correspondent Yang Jianxing

An occupying the departmental level of university presidents, senior professors have more than forty years of teaching experience, when faced with the power of the effect should stop, but crazy money,,parajumpers jakke salg, addicted to gambling, and ultimately behind bars. November 25, 2012,peuterey donna, the Hunan Provincial Higher People's Court rejected the appeal and make the maintenance of Xiangtan City Intermediate People's Court October 14,hogan outlet, 2011 the first trial of the accused former president of Hunan University Xiaoqi Zhang guilty of accepting bribes and sentenced to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life, confiscation of all personal property judgment ruling.

Lock cases breakthrough

Since 2006, from all aspects of the report have reflected Hunan University Xiaoqi Zhang major bribery suspects, July 16,moncler parka, 2009,chaussures tn, the Hunan Provincial People's Procuratorate decided to refer the case to pay Xiangtan City Procuratorate.

When Xiangtan City Procuratorate Anti-Corruption Bureau ordered that the case has already wind everywhere, involved around activities, including Xiaoqi Zhang myself, and Snoop departments to investigate trends; some cases have involved suspects Zhang object or abroad to escape.

The characteristics of the anti-corruption police officers on the merits, the establishment of a task force to identify the existence of significant evidence Xiaoqi Zhang suspects of Duty: Xiaoqi Zhang has seven family property and real estate, valued at more than 430 million; the stock price of more than $ 2.7 million; in Beijing,spaccio peuterey, Zhongshan,moncler outlet, Guangdong, Hunan Zhuzhou and Changsha bank deposits totaling more than $ 2.1 million; Volvo sedan and Honda cars each in Taiwan. Zhang also identify new century, often leaving the Macau casino and other gambling casinos participated 20 times, lost the bet of $ 200 million.

After the pre-existence of a large collection of evidence Xiaoqi Zhang major crimes suspects,woolrich outlet, the panel analysis: a university president to his normal income is impossible to have so many assets. Investigators realized that this is a breakthrough in the case.

Irrefutable evidence of the key figures identified

However,chaussures tn, when the police officers handling direct contacts Xiaoqi Zhang and Zhang are silent,parajumpers pas cher, intellectuals face psychological concept and self-esteem, hard drives him to calm down.

In this case,scarpe hogan, the trial of two police officers to lock unlock Zhang as a key figure in the case of the mystery of a breakthrough,, through the investigation found that the unit and Zhang have long-term business of a company chairman Tanmou major bribery suspects.

After Tanmou arrested,,woolrich sito ufficiale,, investigators therefore make full use of investigative strategies cloth Yi Zhen,,moncler sito ufficiale, in the face of facts, Tanmou confessed he finally began to fight for Zhuzhou Institute of Engineering, has 44 times the Xiaoqi Zhang and his family bribery facts.

Another "key players" after his wife Wang Xiaoqi Zhang brought to justice, but also to take "Cao Ying Xu Shu into silent" strategy,, but when she learned that his beloved daughter after not being implicated in a heart remains firmly committed to the mouth from the prosecutor The spirit of the defense will be a sudden collapse,peuterey uomo, the proceeds of bribery after her husband handed the fact that their hands were confessions.

However,louboutin femme pas cher, when the investigators to produce legal documents Xiaoqi Zhang, still argue that he was just closing his "friends" thing "meaning",giubbotti woolrich, not a crime. When he learned that he and "80" female students have "absolute privacy" improper relationship between prosecutors have also been mastered, he was full of psychological defenses crumble.

Sad truth probation in exchange for repentance

Investigators insist on treating the people involved from the emotional and humane perspective. Investigators have a scout who attended Zhang served as assistant to the president of Xiangtan University. Investigators downloaded copies of a scholarly monograph and Zhang were purely academic advice from the Internet,woolrich outlet, the teachers and students get emotionally Zhang trust. This "trial units sit on students, teachers prisoner" painful scenes, let Xiaoqi Zhang began to re-examine what they have abandoned the life and values.

Meanwhile, investigators comrade greetings to him as a friend. Xiaoqi Zhang recalled: "At first investigators face,, I was very afraid that will be cursed." But the reality is completely different with his imagination, he did not suffer any injuries.

August 8, 2009,woolrich sito ufficiale, but even Xiaoqi Zhang himself does not remember what day it is,piumini moncler, but the Prosecutor's Office investigators came to the province dozens detention center, sent him a birthday cake to celebrate his 65th birthday. October 3 Mid-Autumn Festival investigators also sent a moon cake for him,negozi tiffany, this truth, this care are deeply touched Xiaoqi Zhang, he wrote "repentance" and "confession",, between the lines all showing his Bitter experience and repentant, he confessed truthfully all the crimes.