folded 800 yuan as a starting point

Southeast Network - Channel Guide March 26 (Reporter Song barracks text / Chart) Quanzhou,woolrich sito ufficiale, Fujian Anxi County chengxiangzhen recently by Village villagers call our news hotline reflect: illegal investment committee and occupy the land, orchards, forced down occupied dwellings,woolrich uomo, 100 acres of land for sale for 50 years,, without any department approval and actually stop, some villagers still do not get reasonable compensation.

Without the approval of the villagers land seizure

According to reports, the original Village villagers live off the land. By the end of 2010, the basic farmland villagers village, hilly, orchards,peuterey uomo, homestead,, houses a total of 100 acres of Area leveled unauthorized investment, sold two bosses 50 years for the development of industrial zones. Now, the two companies ware plant has already been built. Villagers petition so far, but the problem is still not resolved.

Herald reporter's reply letter to the villagers saw from Anxi County Land Resources Bureau: "chengxiangzhen by Village held on November 2,hogan 2014, 2007 villager congress agreed unanimously voted to introduce the collective farmers land shares business investment, that is, each acres of paddy land compensation paid annually Jin 700, folded 800 yuan as a starting point, and may adjust the price go up. "After two Ware Village respectively in December 2010 companies signed a" land contract ", a 73.8 acres, another 30 acres. "But without the approval of the relevant authorities, on the unauthorized expropriation of rural collective land and housing practices, contrary to the existing land laws and regulations."

People who live in the house dragged out demolitions

Villager Chen Chengwei Herald reporter,, said: "November 19,nike tn italia, 2010, the party secretary Huang Ling, with nearly 100 people, all of my family out of the house,, followed by a large excavator barbaric demolitions of houses were leveled, and furniture. daily necessities ...... all buried pressure below the village secretary also take deception,, cheated my land use permits (real estate license),hogan outlet, has yet to return. "

Chen Chengwei said: "I am the eyes have a disability, deaf mentally handicapped wife, father perennial leg ulcers, old mother,air max tn requin, a 4 3 people with disabilities, when the ancestral house demolished,hogan milano, they are being dragged out alive,scarpe gucci, so I still have no homeless, shelter rent. "Sometimes labeled as fracture actually identified as

60-year-old villager Chen Yubin reflected: "Last October 3, I went to judge the developers, developers Sumou order, Su Moupeng directs others kicked me, causing spot coma,, incontinence,hogan 2014, rib fractures, the presence of village cadres unmanned blocked. Anxi County Public Security Bureau forensic Sometimes no. "

Herald reporter from Anxi County Public Security Bureau petition response letter see: a case of you have been beaten,hogan donna, I do bureau Chengxiang police work ...... the public security organs of both sides will strive to early Sumou arrest order, subpoena.

Herald reporter asked the case to the director, he said he must deal with the suspect, but can not find one. Herald reporter, said: "New Year,parajumpers jakke salg, Sumou order came back, my messenger to the police station,, but they still can not find people."

Villagers said the mayor asking too much

Recently, the Herald reporter saw at chengxiangzhen by Village, two sanitary ware company's factories, office buildings have been built seventy-eight, plant and open spaces all with a pointed iron fence around neatly, some places still " mop-up "construction,scarpe louboutin, but did not begin production. Chengxiangzhen secretary and mayor acknowledged by the Village, 100 acres of land unallocated front-end. They Herald reporter said that at present the villagers work hard to do, they're asking too much,woolrich prezzi, coordination is not down.

Quanzhou caused by a lawyer's lawyer Su said: rural collective land into industrial land is very strict state control, project approvals,moncler donna, construction land planning permit approval of land use rights, the demolition plans and compensation and resettlement program, these must be in front of the land well.

"For the unallocated front-end," he said,abercrombie pas cher, "Land Management Law" Article 63 states:. "Farmer collectively owned land use right shall not sell,louboutin homme, transfer or lease for non-agricultural construction,woolrich outlet,," "Land Management Law" Article 81 Article: "unauthorized farmers collectively owned land use right transfer, transfer or lease for non-agricultural construction,woolrich parka, people's governments above the county level land administration department shall order rectification, confiscate the illegal income,louboutin pas cher, impose a fine."