the cabinet is solid wood structure

Yesterday morning, Nanjing Liuhe District tragedy occurred: 7-year-old girl, Lily (a pseudonym) in the "Arts and Culture and Arts Training Center transit" suddenly unexpected calamity. Little friends while playing, suddenly fell cabinets,hogan sito ufficiale, Lily smashed in, after she died, and another one for girls suffered minor injuries. Training institutions said the incident occurred teachers are not present, the cabinet dumped unexplained reasons for the accident are conflicting. Currently, the agency has temporarily closed, the matter is still under investigation. It is understood that the agency without the Board of Education for approval, suspected of illegal school.

□ Express reporter Ma Weiwei

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Girls hit the back of the head cabinet!

Cabinet is solid wood structure, two meters tall

Arts Culture and Arts Training Center is located way off Liuhe District farms. When reporters arrived, the agency closed the glass door, only two staff at the front desk busy finishing materials, "we are here temporarily for business." One of them said. Martial arts room door is left is on the 1st, the corridor next to the sides of the classroom doors are open. Accident is located on the 2nd martial arts within the corridor, through the glass you can see, there are a large share of blood on the floor of the room in the left corner, there is a piece of white cloth and a bunch of blood-stained white rope, people worried. The cabinet has been propped up trouble, look carefully, the cabinet is solid wood structure, two meters tall.

"When a child is too miserable!" An eyewitness said yesterday around 9:00, when she saw the police cars and ambulances rushed to the scene only know 120 out of trouble,piumini peuterey, a crowd of people took to the third floor, and soon a small Girl on stretchers down, back of the head full of blood, his face pale and has been unconscious, "estimated time to die." ambulance soon arrived at the Liuhe District People's Hospital, unfortunately, the end result of his injuries the child rescue died. Accident also resulted in another six-year-old female (a pseudonym) were injured, but fortunately minor injuries,outlet moncler, was taken to hospital for treatment after leaving home in the afternoon.

Why cabinets will fall,peuterey outlet?

Police initially identified imbalance girls climbing lead cabinet

What happened at that time in the end,louboutin pas cher, that led to this tragedy? Arts Culture and Arts transit staff training institutions, said the accident girl Lily here to learn dance, arrived not long after. Yesterday morning, she and several other children playing with, running around in the hallway, and then it disappeared, the teacher did not pay attention at first. Soon, the teacher on duty heard a martial arts room next door "wah-wah" big cry, and ran over to see Lily Manlianshixue lying on the ground, who is also pressing cabinets. The teacher rushed quickly to lift the cabinet,, while calling 110,120.

Why the sudden collapse of the cabinet? Teacher training courses are the answer, "the incident is not in the scene, do not know why." In the interview,, the reporter heard a few guesses version. A public nearby,, said she asked to be a few kids in the martial arts, "hide and seek", because there is a gap between the cabinet and the wall, there are children like to hide in the back of the cupboard, so he forced to move the cabinet, resulting in cabinets overturned. However, this statement was quickly denied, some analysis, the cabinet is solid wood structure, six-year-old child simply could not move,moncler outlet, not to mention down. Another argument is climbing due. According to the injured woman grandmother, granddaughter had told her that when Lily was climbing cabinets,, cupboards sudden imbalance fall, Lily smashed in. The latter argument has been initially confirmed the police. According to police visits to understand, Lily surnamed Pan, 20, 8:00 pm Arts and passers by their parents to come to class and cultural training center,tn requin pas cher, after their parents went to work. Because class time has not arrived yet, the little girl went to the 2nd dance room to play, after a two-meter-high climbing course cabinet, the cabinet fell down, Lily was under pressure in the cupboard. Currently, the incident is under investigation.


"Arts and passers-training" are "illegal school"!

District School Board, said the center has not been approval

It is understood that Lily's father was sent here a month ago his daughter to learn dance. Arts and transit staff training institutions said they have just moved here shortly. Previously, the name of the organization is to dance and Huang Yi-Jia music studio, offering children's summer dance classes, in addition to the violin, guitar and physical classes,nike tn pas cher, start July 4 to August 17. After the incident the agency to suspend business, responsible agencies are the police station for investigation.

Liuhe District School Board Occupational and Social Studies, a responsible person, the survey found,moncler sito ufficiale, Arts and Culture and Arts Training Center did not transit through the approval, are "illegal school," so they were unable to investigate these institutions in accordance with relevant regulations. "This organization has never been reported to the Department of Education through the related materials." The official said that only legitimate educational institutions have the right to investigate and deal with them. Nanjing Bureau of Education is based on last year issued "on the issuance of" private non-academic educational institutions in Nanjing set way> and
Department of Education has issued an urgent matter of "Notice to Parents book",spaccio moncler, mainly on the matter prompted the child's parents, be sure to send their children to school training legitimate social institutions,woolrich sito ufficiale, it is understood by the Liuhe District School Board for approval There are private non-academic education institutions 11. Education will publish the list in the media and websites. Reporters found in the survey, only Liuhe District Yangtze River Road have 45 training institutions, large and small, are basically not found in the legal list.


Illegal educational institutions who should control,giubbotti moncler?

Department of Education and Industry Bureau are referred to as "unable to manage."

This illegal social institutions have a clear division to manage? Reporter then went to Liuhe District Trade and Industry Bureau, a deputy director of the understanding of the situation,, said, "We are not in the tube." He took out a "Nanjing Bureau of Education, Labor and Social Security Bureau of Nanjing and Nanjing Business Administration joint meeting," said the State Department has not yet given the relevant regulations promulgated in Nanjing, district (county) administrative department for industry and commerce in When issued business license, "business is not included in the scope of education, vocational skills training and other content." He said superiors social educational institutions, primarily the education sector still. But this illegal educational institutions, both EDB and Industry Bureau, said, "to discipline" in urgent need of relevant documents issued its effective management.

"I want to investigate, must use the power of the parties." Liuhe District School Board grade social science official said on the matter,moncler donna outlet, they have submitted an application to the district government, hoping to unite the various departments, educational institutions for these illegal were banned. She said that some qualified educational institutions due Come Department of Education for approval as soon as possible to make their own identity,, "legalization" of the child, and socially responsible.


Counseling agencies spotty safety factor

After the tragedy, the reporter interviewed a number of Nanjing within counseling agencies,woolrich outlet, through observations, where larger scale renovation counseling agencies are in place, the safety factor is acceptable.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter visited a number of remedial classes located in Zhujiang Road subway station exit the building in the center of the dragon world. In an educational remedial classes within the decoration more comfortable within the teaching area, in addition to desks and chairs are not able to move the furniture, the floor is also covered with a carpet,peuterey prezzi, the safety factor is ideal. But various counseling agencies have an identical problem that has been set for the intensive classroom teaching space is narrow, the favorite for the more mischievous kids frolic is a security risk.

Housed in a district office located at Xinjiekou, there is a layer inside the office area leased almost all the various educational institutions. Within an advocate "one to one" teaching mode of training institutions, close to the entrance of the walls of the classroom, "Safety" on which the relevant security issues have made detailed provisions, such as small classes have with each shift supervisor; In class the way, if you want to leave the student teacher must fight report; safety inspectors checked once every month fences, fire hydrants and other security facilities.

In the "Safety Information" next to, but also posted an emergency escape map, where the escape route with arrows are marked out. Can the reporter walked into a secure channel, but found later opened the door, there is a dark one, Mo Zhuohei to turn on the lights, but found that the switch has been falling down from the wall, the wires have to take the head out and see to have been broken for a long time. Reporters then walked a few steps further was almost stumbled, had also piled a bag of trash on the ground. According to the floors of the cleaning staff,parajumpers salg norge,, when they put the garbage bag in front of focus, sometimes temporarily placed Lou Daokou will refuse.

Intern reporter Liu Jing Chen Zhijia


List of qualified private training institutions to be investigated

Director for Education at the post agency in Nanjing, said Liang Xiaofeng, precisely because the kids in the summer went fear illegal educational institutions of learning, especially in the Department of Education, Nanjing Modern Express B34 version June 20 published the "2011 the city's education system Private non-academic institutions supervision and evaluation of the results, "the announcement. People can choose one qualified school units of learning. Which reached the "qualified" standard educational institutions 356; achieve "basic qualified" have 43; rectification has 12, there are three failed to stop sponsoring 16. Write a new approval to participate in monitoring and evaluation of educational institutions 35. "All legitimate educational institutions,abercrombie homme, not only at the time of approval on fire safety house building schools have strict requirements, and there will be the city of the regular supervision of district and county." LIANG said that all social and educational institutions,woolrich uomo, like public schools, must have a safety plan. And this year is the deadline for correction of social education institutions, there is non-compliance due to housing safety agency, such agency authorities will propose appropriate requirements to ensure the safety of students.

Currently, the public can be found in the list of qualified private educational institutions by Nanjing Association of Private Education ( and other sites.

Director of Security at the Department of Education, Nanjing Zhang Xiaohui also said that during the summer Shangfudaoban children, parents at the time of registration if they have to pay attention to educational qualifications, and the environment, facilities for field trips,spaccio woolrich, concerned about whether there are security risks. Primary and secondary schools before the summer holidays have been carried out safety education for students, but for minors, hope that when school children are regularly reminded parents can pay attention to safety.

Reporters in Nanjing campus safety information online to see, as early as late June before the summer holidays, a safe place to Nanjing Bureau of Education issued a notice, in order to prevent the occurrence of accidents summer, requiring schools to focus on student drowning, traffic, fire, heatstroke and other summer theme accident-prone safety education, including summer reading safety manual,woolrich outlet, learn safety knowledge, participate in safety knowledge test, review safety incidents and found safety problems and so on. It also requires schools especially during the summer drowning prevention remind students, including increased student awareness of anti-drowning, drowning prevention, and to teach students the skills to help themselves after drowning. And every student and parent to give safety tips, cautions parents or guardians of young children to perform its regulatory responsibilities, to prevent drowning accidents. To explicitly require students to less than no security facilities, water swimming without ambulance personnel,, and not without a parent or teacher led privately swim; not allowed to swim together with the students; not swim as far as possible within a waterside play. Once students swim to timely dissuade students encounter the nearest danger to quickly call for help, please have the ability of people to rescue ambulance or call 110 for help, do not rush to rescue drowning people to ensure their own safety, to prevent drowning accidents chain .

Express reporter Huang Yan