DragonSoft News (intern reporter Zhang Zhang Qiu Si) worth more than 400 million Lamborghini why the license plate hidden in the luggage compartment? The original location is not installed because the license plate. At noon yesterday,hollister outlet,, near the northern city of Central Park,woolrich uomo,, a parked black Lamborghini for not listed as required according to the owner was given a warning Patrol and 6 points deduction penalty.

Yesterday the sun was shining,,peuterey outlet, people have drove Jiangbei City Central Park recreation. About 12:00,piumino moncler,, Jiangbei City Patrol platform on the surrounding parking police began a routine inspection.

"This car is good pull the wind Oh." ...... At this point in the vicinity of Central Park one side of the road,woolrich outlet,, crossing the public are surrounded by a black sports talk. Police came closer,moncler outlet online, this is a Lamborghini, the police see the front rear,nike tn requin, but found no car license plate, police then keep in the car waiting for the owner.

About 10 minutes later,moncler outlet,, a pair of young men and women came to the front of the car,louboutin femme pas cher, the young man said he was the owner. "How did your car license plate?" The man quickly open the car trunk,moncler sito ufficiale, took out two numbers, "Yu B92 ××" license plate.

"Then why do not you hang?" Asked the police,hogan italia,, the man said, this car is a Lamborghini Gallardo in December last year to buy, buy and formalities spent a total of over 400 million. However,air max femme, when you install the license plate found that the car did not set aside the front license plate location, there is no screw holes, leading nowhere plates installed.

Police on the vehicle inspection found that the car does not set aside the front license plate location,, but still can hang the rear license plate, but the man they called "forgotten."

"You put the license plate placed in the front windshield Well,piumini moncler, this can be considered to hang out Caesar." At this point,scarpe uomo hogan, there are ideas onlookers said the man is preparing to adopt the recommendation of the police but was stopped. Police said the license plate must be required to hang in a fixed position in front of the vehicle.

Subsequently,louboutin homme pas cher, the police to open a ticket to the man,spaccio peuterey, is not required to install a motor vehicle and be warned of their grades 6 points deduction.

Lamborghini Gallardo models how to install the license plate? Yesterday, the reporter contacted the Beijing Lamborghini store,scarpe hogan, the staff said,, the world of the license plate size and installation methods have different requirements, there is no uniform international standards. Lamborghini Gallardo models in the design of the license plate does not in front of a preset position,woolrich prezzi, in view of the traffic rules,piumini moncler outlet, the owner can only self drilling screws secure the license plate on the front of the eye body.